Illicit Relationship Chapter 228

222 You Are Lying To Me

Even though Liu Ning was still injured, she still tried to think of what had happened in her family.

'Someone is suddenly slandering Feng Ao's company today. And not only that, he even has pictures of me and Xiao Tian. Who sent the photos to him? Is everything that is happening today related to one another?'

Because everything happened in a day, Liu Ning couldn't help but think that everything was planned by someone who wanted to destroy her family.

'But who did all of this? Are these all the actions of Feng Ao's enemies?'

When Liu Ning was thinking about what was happening in her family, Jingjing suddenly entered the patient room. "Lady Liu, how is your wound?"

"It's fine," Liu Ning gave Jingjing a short answer.

Jinjing didn't mind her short answer because she knew that Liu Ning was not in good condition. "Don't worry. Your husband will get the punishment he deserves."

At this moment, Liu Ning didn't answer her and only looked at the sky through the window. She still found it hard to believe that everything happened so fast.

Jingjing could only sigh seeing Liu Ning's condition. "Lady Liu, after you feel better, please follow us to the police station because we need you t-"

But before Jingjing had finished her words, suddenly a police officer entered the room. "Miss Jingjing, we have arrested the suspect, and now he is at the police station."

Hearing this, Jingjing immediately said, "Good. Let's get back to the police station."

However, when Jingjing was about to walk out of the patient room, Liu Ning said abruptly, "Wait! Take me with you too. I want to see the suspect."

"Are you sure? Does your condition allow you to leave the hospital?" Jingjing inquired.

Liu Ning immediately got out of the bed and said, "I'm fine. It's just a small wound."

Because Liu Ning wanted to go to the police station with them, Jingjing didn't refuse Liu Ning's wish, "Alright."

Then they traveled to the police station. They immediately headed to the interrogation room after they arrived at the police station.

As soon as Liu Ning stepped into the interrogation room, she was shocked when she saw the suspect's face. "Da Gui?"

Hearing that Someone calling his name, the suspect raised his head and looked at the source of the sound, "Big sister Liu Ning?"

Liu Ning suddenly felt dizzy when she knew that the suspect was Da Gui, the kind young man, who was none other than her late boyfriend. "Youyou are the one who did all of this?!"

Even though Jingjing knew that Liu Ning was familiar with the suspect, she still pretended to be surprised, "Oh! Lady Liu, you know him?"

"Yes." Liu Ning nodded her head, "He is the younger brother of my late boyfriend. Before his big brother dies in a car accident, I was his big bro-"

"My big brother did not die in a car accident, but killed by Feng Ao," Da Gui shouted loudly, "It's because that bastard wants to snatch you from my big brother. That's why he killed big brother."

"What?!" Liu Ning's legs suddenly turned shaky after hearing Da Gui's words. "Da Lei is killed by Feng Ao?"

"Yes. That's right! My big brother didn't die in a car accident, but he was killed by that bastard Feng Ao." Da Gui was furious every time he remembered about Feng Ao.

After their parent passed away, his big brother always took good care of him. And even though they were not rich, but they lived happily.

Da Gui was even happier when his big brother was dating Liu Ning because not only was she beautiful, but she was also a kind lady.

In the past, Da Gui couldn't wait for his big brother to marry Liu Ning. He was sure that their family would become the happiest family ever.

However, all of his dreams were shattered into pieces when his big brother suddenly passed away in a car accident.

Da Gui lost everything. He even attempted suicide several times before finally, he decided to find out the cause of his brother's death.

Did his big brother really die in a car accident, or was he killed by someone?

With this on his mind, Da Gui didn't try to commit suicide anymore; instead, he started to investigate the cause of his brother's death. And a few months ago, he finally found out that Feng Ao was the reason for his big brother's death.

Da Gui tried to kill Feng Ao several times but always failed. And because he was from a lower-class family, he was unable to pay a hitman to kill Feng Ao.

"Nono. You are lying. You are lying to me!" Liu Ning still couldn't accept what she was hearing. All of this was too sudden for her. That was why she tried to deny everything. "Feng Ao is Da Lei's best friend. He will never kill his own best friend."

When Jingjing saw that Liu Ning was about to fall to the floor, she immediately grabbed Liu Ning's shoulders and made Liu Ning sit on the chair.

"It's the truth!" Da Gui was furious when Liu Ning still didn't want to accept that her husband was the reason why his big brother was killed in a car accident. "And not only that, do you know what he did to his ex-wife? Hahaha. It makes me want to kill that bastard every time I remember about him."

At this time, Da Gui's eyes gleamed with terrifying sharpness. From the expression on his face, everyone could tell that he really wanted to kill Feng Ao.

No, maybe, if Feng Ao was in his hands, he would torture Feng Ao until Feng Ao wished that he died. In the past, he thought that Feng Ao was a good man because he often helped them and hung out with them.

He just didn't expect that because of a woman, Feng Ao would kill his best friend.

"Do you have proof of that?" Jingjing inquired.

"I have." Da Gui answered instantly.

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