Illicit Relationship Chapter 227

221 Why Did All Of This Happen To Me?

With an angry face and photos in his right hand, Feng Ao entered his home. From his face, everyone could tell that he was furious. Due to anger, his face turned red as if it were a volcano that was about to erupt.

While at the same time, two police cars arrived at Feng Ao's home. The cops immediately got out of the vehicle and approached Lan Ruoxi's people.

"Good afternoon, Miss Jingjing." one of Lan Ruoxi's people said when she saw four police in front of her.

"Good afternoon." Jinjing replied. "So, what should we do this time?"

"We will enter the house and arrest Feng Ao after he commits domestic violence," one of Lan Ruoxi's people said

"Alright." Jinjing answered.

As soon as Feng Ao was in the guest room, he shouted angrily. "Liu Ning, you slut! Where are you?"

Because Liu Ning wasn't in the guest room, Feng Ao immediately headed to the living room.

Liu Ning, who was hearing her husband calling her, rose from the couch and walked toward him, "Feng Ao, why are yo-"

However, before Liu Ning had finished her words, Feng Ao slapped her face hard, making her fall to the floor, "How dare you have an affair with another man behind me? I treat you well and give you money every month, and this is how you repay me?"

Liu Ning had no idea why her husband suddenly behaved like that. She never had an affair with another man, and here, the first thing her husband did after returning home was to accuse her of having an affair.

This made Liu Ning furious and unable to control her anger. She immediately stood up and shouted back. "I've never had an affair with another man! It's you who is having an affair with another woman!"

* Slap...

Because Feng Ao was unhappy with her words, he slapped her in the face, making her fall to the floor again.

"You said that you have never had an affair with another man?!" Feng Ao then threw the photos of her with Xiao Tian to her face, "Then, what is this?"

Liu Ning's eyes widened in surprise when she saw the pictures of her and Xiao Tian in Shanghai Aquarium. She had never thought that someone took pictures of them at that time.

'Who did this?'

Because in the pictures, Liu Ning and Xiao Tian were hugging each other, she didn't know how to explain it to her husband.

"I've never cheated on you. He is my friend!" even though Liu Ning had guessed that he wouldn't believe her, but she was still trying to tell her husband that she had never had an affair with another man.

And like what Liu Ning had guesses, Feng Ao was getting angrier after hearing her words. From the expression on his face, everyone could tell that he didn't believe it.

Without caring about her condition, Feng Ao pulled her hair and said, "Friend?! Bullshit! Do you think I'm a three-year-old kid who you can fool? Everyone who has eyes can tell that you are cheating on me! Do friends hug like that? And not only that, you even went to Shanghai Aquarium with him alone. What is this if not cheating?"

"I NEVER CHEATED ON YOU," Liu Ning shouted loudly.

Because Liu Ning still didn't want to admit that she was having an affair, Feng Ao slapped her face harder than before, "Admit it, you slut!"


Due to how hard Feng Ao slapped her in the face, Liu Ning's head hit the floor. At this moment, blood was dripping down from her head and the corner of her lips.

However, Feng Ao didn't feel sorry for her; instead, he grabbed her hair again. "Slut, this is a punishment for cheating on me!"

"Hahahaha." Instead of crying, Liu Ning was laughing loudly. However, her laughter was like the laughter of the devil. Everyone who heard the laughter would immediately be afraid and think that it was not a burst of human laughter, but laughter from the devil. "Feng Ao, so what if I have an affair? You are also having an affair with another woman, right? If you can do that, why can't I? Yes. You're right. I have an affair with him. We even slept together yesterday. And he is better than you on the bed. Hahaha."

Because her mind was in a mess, Liu Ning didn't care about her reputation anymore. She knew that whatever she said, Feng Ao would never believe her.

So, instead of begging him to believe her, Liu Ning decided to annoy him. She had tried her best to protect their families, but Feng Ao, on the flip side, still wanted to destroy it.

And with how he was treating her right now, Liu Ning no longer cared about their families. She even began to regret marrying him.

"You!" Feng Ao raised his right hand and was about to slap her in the face again.

However, before he could slap her in the face, Liu Ning laughed and said, "Haha. What? You want to slap my face again? Do it! Slap me in the face until you are satisfied because, after this, you will not be able to touch my body anymore."


As soon as Liu Ning finished saying that, Feng Ao gave her a big slap on the face. However, because Feng Ao was grabbing her hair, she didn't fall to the floor like before.

"It's time now." one of Lan Ruoxi's people said. "Miss Jingjing, we will take our leave now."

"Alright." Jingjing nodded her head before looking at the other police, "Let's make our move now."


The door was thrown open roughly.

Then the police immediately headed to the living room. And when they saw Feng Ao beating Liu Ning cruelly, Jinjing said, "Police! Don't move!"

One of the cops rushed toward Feng Ao and immobilized him. This made Feng Ai furious, "What is this? Why are you all doing this to me? What did I do wrong?"

Jingjing walked toward Feng Ao and stopped in front of him, "You have committed a crime."

"What crime?" Feng Ao found it hard to believe what he was hearing. Today, someone was slandering his company, and here, the cops suddenly arrested him and stated that he had committed a crime.

"What crime?" Jinjing patted Feng Ao on the face before pointing her index finger toward Liu Ning, "You ask me what crime did you commit? Look at your wife? Now tell me, what crime did you commit?"

Upon hearing her words, Feng Ao knew that he had committed a crime, so he didn't know what he should say at this time.

Jingjing was surprised when she knew that Feng Ao didn't try to defend himself anymore. "Not only did you commit domestic violence, you even selling contaminated products."

"I don't sell contaminated products!" Feng Ao shouted loudly. "Someone is slandering my company."

"Bring him to the police station." Jinjing then looked at Liu Ning. "Let's go to the hospital first. We need to treat your wound."

Because Liu Ning's head was bleeding, Jingjing had to bring Liu Ning to the hospital first before taking her to the police station as a victim.

After they arrived at the hospital, the nurse immediately bandaged Liu Ning's head to stop the bleeding.

Liu Ning, who was sitting on the hospital cot, began to think about what had happened to her family today. She didn't expect that her family would get destroyed in a day like that.

'Why did all of this happen to me?'

Liu Ning looked at the sky through the window.

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