Illicit Relationship Chapter 224

218 You Two Are Indeed A Devil In Disguise

After they arrived at the Red Flower bar, they immediately headed to the private room. The room was big, with many luxury items adorning the room.

After they sat on the couch, Lan Ruoxi, who was curious about their main plans, asked, "So, can you tell me about this main plan now?"

Xiao Tian looked at her for several seconds before he finally said, "Domestic violence and the downfall of Feng Ao's Nature Juice company."

Lan Ruoxi was a little shocked by his words. "Domestic violence? You want to make Feng Ao commit domestic violence?"

"Yes. I need it because I want to add fuel to the fire." Xiao Tian gave an honest answer. "Because with that, his company will go bankrupt instantly."

"But isn't that too much for her? You feel sorry for her?" Lan Ruoxi didn't expect that Xiao Tian would use Liu Ning to that extent. She thought they only wanted to teach Feng Ao a lesson.

"Pity her? Heh! I never care about her in the first place so why should I pity her? Sure, she is a pretty lady, but so what about it?" Xiao Tian shrugged his shoulders. "Let me tell you something, lady Lan. I, Xiao Tian, will do anything to get whatever I want. In my eyes, men and women make no difference. As long as they are useful to me, I will use them to achieve my goals."

"Damn right, my friend." Zhao Sheng laughed as he patted Xiao Tian's shoulders. "I think so too. We are indeed people who are destined to be friends. We have so much similarity."

At this moment, Lan Ruoxi realized that the young masters in front of her were dangerous, and what made it more dangerous was that they were handsome young men who often smiled and behaved kindly to other people.

If she hadn't heard it from their mouths, she would never have thought that under their brilliant smiles, they were an evil side of them that was hidden.

Actually, she pitied Liu Ning for being used in their plan, but Lan Ruoxi knew that she couldn't change their plans. "So, what do you want to do with Feng Ao?"

"I'm going to messing up his company." Xiao Tian answered instantly.

"How?" Lan Rouxi asked curiously. Feng Ao's company was quite big, so it would be hard to turn his company upside down.

"Easy." Xiao Tian spoke and paused for a second before he continued, "Let me ask you a question, lady Lan. What do you think the most threatening thing for a drink or food company?"

Liu Ning thought for about five seconds before she finally answered, "Competitor?"

Blacked lines formed on the faces of Xiao Tian and Zhao Sheng after hearing her words.

Seeing the expression on their faces, Lan Ruoxi asked curiously, "Am I wrong?"

"It's not wrong, but competitor is not the most threatening thing for a drink or food company." Xiao Tian answered before looking at Zhao Sheng. "What is your answer, Zhao Sheng?"

"Safety hazard." Zhao Sheng answered instantly

"Correct." Xiao Tian gave a thumb up to Zhao Sheng. "Most company downfall is not due to a competitor but a big long last scandal."

Lan Ruoxi suddenly understood their main plans. "Like food poison?"

It seems like these young masters are successful in their business for a reason. Lan Ruoxi thought to herself.

"Yes." Xiao Tian and Zhao Sheng nodded their heads.

Xiao Tian then continued explaining his plan, "Food and drinks are noticeable by average person, so if news about contaminated products is to be discovered, it will cause the stock to plummet. Worse case, it can affect related companies."

Lan Ruoxi touched her chin and asked, "So you two want to make up rumor to ruin Feng Ao's company?"

"Yes." Xiao Tian answered. "With how Shanghai right now, with just half a day, we can make all the people in Shanghai know that Feng Ao's Nature Juice is contaminated."

"And what do you mean by adding fuel to the fire earlier?" Lan Ruoxi inquired.

Xiao Tian didn't give her an answer; instead, he laughed evilly.

Because Xiao Tian didn't answer her, Lan Ruoxi looked at Zhao Sheng. When she saw Zhao Sheng laughing too, she was dumbfounded.

However, she suddenly remembered something, "Wait, don't tell me."

"Yes. What you think is right. And to make my plan flawless, I've already put mini spy cameras in their home." even though Lan Ruoxi didn't finish her words, Xiao Tian understood what she wanted to say. "When Feng Ao is furious because his company is in a mess, we will send pictures of his wife and me to him. I'm sure when Feng Ao saw the pictures, he would get angrier and return home to teach Liu Ning a lesson for cheating on him."

"With the problem he faced, at least, Feng Ao would slap her face or maybe more than that. Hahaha." Xiao Tian laughed evilly, "After that, we can upload a video of him committing domestic violence on the internet. With this, his company will go bankrupt, and maybe he could even go to prison because of that. Isn't my plan perfect?"

Lan Ruoxi didn't expect that Xiao Tian would have a plan like that. She thought that his plan was perfect, but remembering that Liu Ning would get beaten by her husband due to Xiao Tian's plan made Lan Ruoxi feel sorry for her.

Lan Ruoxi suddenly remembered something important in his plan, "Wait. If you send the pictures of you and his wife to him, won't that make your good reputation ruined?"

At this time, Zhao Sheng immediately gave her an answer, "I've edited Xiao Tian's face in these photos so they wouldn't know that it was Xiao Tian."

"Aren't you two being so cruel to Feng Ao?" Lan Ruoxi didn't know why the young masters in front of her were so cruel to Feng Ao. Their original plan was only to help Lin Xing Xue get her daughter back, so why did they need to do everything to that extent.

"Lady Lan, you don't know what he did to my little Xue?" actually, Xiao Tian didn't want to ruin Feng Ao's company, but after knowing what Feng Ao did to Lin Xing Xue, he decided to teach Feng Ao a big lesson.

"What did he do to your lover?" Lan Ruoxi asked curiously

Xiao Tian looked at her for three seconds before he finally answered, "You don't need to know about it."

Because Xiao Tian didn't want to give her an answer, Lan Ruoxi looked at Zhao Sheng and asked, "Young master Zhao, can you tell me about it?"

And like what Xiao Tian did, Zhao Sheng also refused to tell her about it. "Sorry. I can't tell you about it."

Then they discuss their plans for another hour before they finally made their move. And because they needed more people, Zhao Sheng and Lan Ruoxi brought their people with them.

"Is everything ready?" Xiao Tian sent a message to group chat.

"News editor is ready." Zhao Sheng sent a message to group chat.

"News stations are ready." Lan Ruoxi sent a message to group chat.

"Victim is ready." Mo Lian sent a message to group chat.

"Good! Let's make our move now." Xiao Tian sent a message to group chat.

Then the victims bought Nature Juice and drank it. Several minutes later, the victims fainted, and at that same time, Zhao Sheng's people took the victims to the hospital.

And when reporters found out that there were victims of poisonous drink, they immediately went to the hospital. Then news about contaminated Nature Juice flooded the news station.

"Breaking news, several minutes ago, there are some people who are poisoned after drinking Nature Juice, and now they are being treated in the hospital." a beautiful female TV anchor said.

"According to the recent reports, there has been a widespread incident of drink poison due to Nature Juice. Currently, there are thirteen civilians hospitalized." another female TV anchor said.

People who saw the news were outraged. They didn't expect that Nature Juice was contaminated. Many people who wanted to buy Nature Juice, suddenly decided not to buy it.


"I'm sure, Feng Ao is furious right now. Hahaha." Xiao Tian, who was sitting on the couch, laughed happily.

Little Xue, you will be able to get your daughter back soon. Xiao Tian thought to himself.

"Haha." Zhao Sheng also laughed happily, "He certainly would not have thought that we are the cause of everything."

Lan Ruoxi giggled as she looked at Xiao Tian and Zhao Sheng. "You two are indeed a devil in disguise."

"What are you talking about, lady Lan? How could a handsome young man like us be a devil in disguise?" Xiao Tian answered before turning his head toward Zhao Sheng, "Isn't that right, Zhao Sheng?"

"Yes. You are damn right, my friend." Zhao Sheng nodded his head as he laughed, "We are a good person."

Hearing their words, Lan Ruoxi rolled her eyes.

'If you two are a good person, then the other person is a saint.'

She found it hard to believe that Xiao Tian and Zhao Sheng dared to call themselves good people after ruining Feng Ao's company due to a small matter.

"So, when will you send the photos to Feng Ao?" Lan Ruoxi inquired.

"Not now. Wait for about two hours after that we will send the pictures to him as a gift." Xiao Tian thought that it would be better to send the picture of him and Feng Ao's wife later because he wanted to depress Feng Ao first before giving Feng Ao another problem.

"What a cunning devil." Lan Ruoxi stated.

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