Illicit Relationship Chapter 223

217 Thank You For Today

After buying fruit, Xiao Tian and Liu Ning went to his shop.

Liu Ning immediately got out of the car and headed to her car after they arrived at Xiao Tian's shop. But when she was about to go home, suddenly her car wouldn't start.

Of course, Xiao Tian knew that her car wouldn't start because it was his idea to make her car wouldn't start. But because he didn't want her to be suspicious of him, Xiao Tian pretended not to know. "Lady Liu, what's wrong?"

"I don't know." Liu Ning kept trying to start her car but still, the car engine wouldn't start. "Earlier, my car is fine, but why doesn't the engine start?"

Even though Xiao Tian had no idea what Zhao Sheng had done to her car, but he was grateful to Zhao Sheng because of him, everything would go smoothly. "Let me check the engine."

"Un." Liu Ning nodded her head.

Xiao Tian pretended to repair the engine, and after several seconds touching the machine, Xiao Tian said, "Lady Liu, try turning on the engine again."

Liu Ning did what she was told, but still, the car wouldn't start. "It's still won't start."

Xiao Tian then walked toward her and said, "Lady Liu, I'm not good at repairing cars, so I don't know why the car won't start."

After hearing his words, a complicated expression appeared on her face. "What should I do?"

"How about I drive you home and tomorrow, I will call a mechanic to repair your car. It's almost evening now, so I think you should leave your car in my shop for today." Xiao Tian tried to give her an excuse so that he could drive her home.

After thinking for several seconds, Liu Ning finally agreed. "Alright."

'Good. That is the answer I want.'

Xiao Tian was pleased when Liu Ning agreed to his idea.

Then they went to her house. Because her home was located in Wanhui district, it took them fifteen minutes to arrive at her house.

Liu Ning's house was big, with a blue iron fence as high as two meters standing firmly in front of her home. And not only that, but her house also has a big front yard with several small trees growing on the ground.

'I need to find an excuse to make her invite me into his house, even if it's only for a short time.'

Because he wanted to put mini spy cameras in her house, Xiao Tian began to think of reasons he had to use so that he could enter Liu Ning's home.

'Luckily, my husband is not at home.'

After Liu Ning got out of the car, she was wavering whether she should invite Xiao Tian into her house or not.

When Xiao Tian saw the expression on her face, he knew that he had to say something, or his plan would be ruined. "Lady Liu, may I use the bathroom?"

"Un," Liu Ning nodded her head.

Then Liu Ning guided him to the bathroom.

Because Liu Ning was thirsty, she headed to the dining room to drink.

Realizing this, Xiao Tian immediately went to the living room and guest room to put the mini spy cameras in a hidden place.

And after he was sure that they wouldn't find it, Xiao Tian immediately said, "Lady Liu, I'm leaving."

Hearing his words, Liu Ning immediately headed to the guest room. And when she saw Xiao Tian in the guest room, she smiled and said, "Thank you for today."

"Un." Xiao Tian nodded his head. "You can take your car tomorrow morning."

"Alright." Liu Ning answered.

After that, Xiao Tian went home.


After taking a shower and wearing clothes, Xiao Tian took his smartphone and laid down on the bed. He suddenly wanted to tell Zhao Sheng that everything was going smoothly, and they had to carry out the next plan immediately.

With this on his mind, Xiao Tian called Zhao Sheng.

"Yo, Xiao Tian. How is our plan?" Zhao Sheng said after picking up the phone.

"Everything went according to our plan." Xiao Tian answered. "Let's meet at University Garden tomorrow. We will carry out our main plan tomorrow."

"Good. I've been waiting for this for a long time." Zhao Sheng answered happily.

"Alright. I will hang up now." Xiao Tian then hung up the phone.

Because Xiao Tian rarely spent time with his mother and aunt, he immediately headed to the living room so that he could spend time with them.

That night, they spent time in the living room until 11:30 pm before finally, they slept in Xiao Tian's room. Of course, they had sex before going to sleep.


The next day in the morning, after Xiao Tian had breakfast with his mother and aunt, he immediately went to the University Garden.

He was shocked when he saw Zhao Sheng sitting with Lan Ruoxi on the wooden bench.

"Lady Lan, what are you doing here?" Xiao Tian asked curiously.

"I heard from young master Zhao that you two want to carry out your main plan today. That's why I came to your campus with young master Zhao." Lan Ruoxi answered as she smiled, "I want to take part in this plan as well."

Hearing her words, Xiao Tian looked at Zhao Sheng. Xiao Tian didn't expect that Zhao Sheng would bring her with him. But when Xiao Tian saw Zhao Sheng shaking his head, Xiao Tian understood that Lan Rouxi came to his campus by herself.

Why does she always want to be part of our plan? Xiao Tian thought to himself.

Seeing the expression on Xiao Tian's face, Lan Ruoxi stood up and said, "What is wrong, young master Xiao? Don't tell me you don't want to let me take part in your plan?"

Because Xiao Tian thought that she would be useful to him in the future, he decided to follow her wish. "No. I'm only surprised that lady Lan wants to take part in our plan again."

"I'm glad to hear that." Lan Ruoxi answered as she smiled.

"Xiao Tian, are you sure you want to discuss our plan here?" Zhao Sheng asked abruptly.

"No." Xiao Tian knew that University Garden wasn't a good place to discuss their plan.

"How about we go to my bar?" Lan Ruoxi said.

Xiao Tian and Zhao Sheng thought that it wasn't a bad idea to discuss their plan in her bar. That was why they immediately agreed.

"Alright." Xiao Tian and Zhao Sheng said in unison

Then they traveled to the Red Flower Bar.

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