Illicit Relationship Chapter 22

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At that time, he only smiled at her and did nothing to her. He just wanted to know where his mother limit was.

Seeing her son didn't say or do anything to her, she was unhappy. She was already full of lust and wanted to do shake-shake-ah thing with him as soon as possible but not only he didn't grant her wish, he even teased her.

After couldn't hold back anymore, she decided to do everything by herself. She immediately sat on his legs and using her right hand, she opened the zipper of his trousers.


The sound of zipper echoed in her ears and not long after that a huge erect dick could be seen.

The moment she saw his huge erect dick in front of her face, she began breathing heavily while opening her mouth widely.

At that time, because she wanted him inside her so badly, she didn't intend to do warm-up like they usually did.

The only thing on her head was how to make his dick inside her as soon as possible, penetrate her pussy with his huge dick, marking her womb and cum inside her womb.

Seeing how hard his dick was, she knew that her wish will be fulfilled soon. She only needs to place his huge dick on her entrance vagina and pushed it, after that she will feel the heavenly pleasure again.

Imagine about that heavenly feeling, her thong became wetter from her love juice, making her crotch sticks closely to her thong.

She didn't bother to take off her clothes or her thong anymore because on her head was already full of heavenly pleasure.

She touched her thong that stick closely to her crotch and moved it to the other side. She then rubbing the tip of his dick in her pussy entrance several times before taking his dick inside her pussy.

" ohhh.. " she moans loudly

Without waiting for a second, she moved her hip up and down while her hands were on his chest.

" Tian.Tian..Tian.ahh.Tian.... " she let out multiple moans as she moved her hip.

Feeling great from how his mother clench her pussy muscles while she moved her hip, he couldn't hold anymore and began moving his hip following his mother's rhythm.

" Tian, ah.mother is going to die from this pleasureah... my son dick is the best.ahhhI love my son dickahh " she said when she felt her son begin moving his hip, making his dick reached the deepest part of her pussy.

" ahh... Tianahh...ahh...mother can't hold it anymoreahh..." she moans louder and louder.

Couldn't bear the pleasure she had when his dick was hitting her womb every time he trusts, she fell on his chest while he still kept moving his hip

" ahTian..ah..it's so good.ah. having sex with you is the bestahhh..mother want to feel this every day....ahhh. " she moans as to let him do as he wishes with her body

"ahmotheris.cummmming.ahhhhh...cummminggggg..... " she said as she raised her head.

after she finished her cum, her body began twitching nonstop because of pleasure.

Feeling his dick inside her pussy was moving again, she moans softly " ahhhno way.....again. "

He was using her body as he pleases and she couldn't do anything because she already couldn't move her body anymore.

A few minutes later he felt that he was about to cum so he moved his hip faster

"..ahahahahah..ah.... " she moans with hoarse voice.

" mother, I am cumming..... " he said as he cum inside pussy.

Looking at his mother that still need time to go again, he started to smirks and said " aunt, come here. I know you are watching us the whole time "

Then a beautiful woman walking toward him " Tian. Aunt,how about tomorrow? We can have sex as long as you want tomorrow"

" no, I want to do it right now. " he said as he grabbed her slender long arms

" kyaaa " she was surprised

Then he had a battle with his aunt.

two hours later

" Tian, you're beast " said his mother

" yea, how could you have so much stamina? " said his aunt

" it's secret. " he said as he winked.

he then hugged his mother with his right hand while his aunt with his left hand. He felt like he was in heaven that night.


" today is the final day, I need to become champion. I need that money for my business." he said as he tidied up his clothes " look like I need to use my trump card "

After they had breakfast, he immediately left, and of course, he didn't forget about a good morning kiss with his aunt and mother.

while Xiao Tian had a happy face, there was someone that had a worried face and that someone was none other Ye Qingyu.

" are you going to work like that ? " asked Ye Xueyin worriedly

" This is because of your son big sis. " Ye Qingyu said when she felt sore in her pussy " I have an important meeting today "

" Alright, just be careful. " said Ye Xueyin

"ok " said Ye Qingyu as she walked weirdly

After she arrived at the company, she began to worry. She is a manager, what will happen if her subordinate know that she couldn't walk properly because she had sex yesterday.

She tried walking properly while gritting her teeth, trying her best to bear the pain and not showing it on her face.

every step was like torture for her but she kept enduring it because she didn't want to become a bad manager that giving her subordinate a bad example.

She walked step by step while bearing the pain. She walked slower than usual, making her subordinates looking at her but at that time they only think that she was checking their work quality.

Finally, after bearing with a lot of pain, she passed by her subordinate workplace and immediately heading toward her room.

After she saw there was no one around her, she began walking weirdly again while she cursed her nephew " that brat, I told him not to did it and he still did it. it's so hurt down there. what should I do in the meeting today "

" ehh, so yesterday you had wild sex until you can't even walk properly " a voice rang out
for visiting.

Ye Qingyu felt her blood freeze when she heard that " what are you saying manager Qing ?"

Ye Qingyu didn't need to turn her head to know who said it because she was already familiar with the voice.

That voice was coming out from Su Qing's mouth, a manager from design department. She also came from Beijing to Shanghai at the same time as Ye Qingyu so she already familiar with her.

" don't pretend to be stupid. From what you say and from how you can't walk properly, I knew that you had wild sex last night right ? " said Su Qing " Is he that good? "

" I don't know and don't care. " Ye Qingyu said as she tried to run from that place

" heyyy. Who is it? we just come here a few days ago and you already like this. Is it your boyfriend or one night stand? " asked Su Qing curiously

hearing that Ye Qingyu immediately covering her ears and said " I can't hear you. "

" I never hear you have a boyfriend in Beijing and I'm sure the reason you come back here was because of your big sister and your nephew, right? " said Su Qing " so from that I already assume that you did one night stand, right? "

Ye Qingyu was surprised and shout " I never do one-night stand " not long after that, she began regretting it and hope everyone didn't know that she was the one who shouts earlier

" ah so it's a boyfriend. " said Su Qing in surprised

" shut up. It has nothing to do with you " said Ye Qingyu

"don't be shy my friend. Next time introduce your boyfriend to me alright " said Su Qing as she smiled

Ye Qingyu was stunned when she heard that

How could I tell you that my boyfriend is my nephew, Ye Qingyu could only sigh at that time.

Su Qing immediately run and shouted " our goddess Ye Qingyu has a boyfriend. our goddess Ye Qingyu has a boyfriend. our goddess Ye Qingyu has a boyfriend "

Ye Qingyu wanted to dig a hole and hid inside it when she heard what Su Qing says.

Ye Qingyu could only sigh

Well, at least, with this they would not bother me again after they knew I have a boyfriend. Thought Ye Qingyu

she then continued walking toward her room

And thus the entire company knew that their goddess Ye Qingyu has a boyfriend, the girls have a happy face and congrats her while a lot of men had a dark face and gritted their teeth
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