Illicit Relationship Chapter 213

207 As I Thought You Are Indeed A Sweet Talker

Because they were enjoying themselves, they didn't realize that it was already 03:30 pm. Due to this, Xiao Tian thought that it was time to stop skating, "Lady Liu, let's stop here for today."

"Alright," because Liu Ning was getting better and better at skating, she didn't want to stop. But she realized that they had been skating for quite a long time. That was why she thought that it was enough for today.

Because Xiao Tian knew that she was able to skate to the rink wall by herself, he wanted to let go of her hands, "I will go and tell Zhao Sheng and Mo Lian first,"

However, before Xiao Tian could let go of her hands, Liu Ning held his hands tightly as if she didn't want to separate from Xiao Tian.

"Xiao Tian, don't let go of my hands," when Liu Ning realized what she had just said, she lowered her head, "What I mean is.mm..you know,.I want you to help me reach the rink wall first,"

When Xiao Tian saw the expression on her face, he couldn't stop giggling. And because he wanted to tease her, Xiao Tian brought his face closer to her right ear and whispered, "I won't let go of your hands, ever."

Even though Liu Ning knew that Xiao Tian was only teasing her, but she was still shy after hearing his words. She didn't expect that a man, who was younger than her, dared to tease her.

And because she was the older one, Liu Ning behaved as if she wasn't shy at all, "Hehe. Now you dare to tease me, huh?"

"I, Xiao Tian, am a man who dares to do anything," Xiao Tian said proudly, "Alright. Hold my hands and never let it go,"

Liu Ning smiled when she noticed that Xiao Tian still wanted to tease her, "You should say it to your future girlfriend, not to me. Hehe,"

'But you will be my girlfriend in the future,'

Xiao Tian answered in his head.

Of course, Xiao Tian didn't say it to her because he knew that it was too soon to say it to her, "We don't know what will happen to us in the future. Maybe our relationship will change too in the future. Hehe,"

"Change?" because Xiao Tian still wanted to tease her, Liu Ning decided to follow his game, "Yes. Our relationship will change too, but that only changes from friend to best friend, right?"

'It's from friend to lovers,'

Once again, Xiao Tian shouted in his mind.

After they reached the rink wall, Xiao Tian looked at her and made a sad expression, "You won't let go of my hands, right?"

When Liu Ning saw the expression on Xiao Tian's face, she covered her mouth and giggled, "If I don't let go of your hands, I won't be able to step out of the rink,"

Liu Ning found it funny that Xiao Tian behaved as if they were lovers who were about to break up.

"Hehe," Xiao Tian smiled, "Alright, I will tell Zhao Sheng and Mo Lian first,"

"Un," Liu Ning nodded her head.

After that, they changed back to their clothes and immediately left. And because they previously agreed to go on a picnic on the Shanghai River, they bought food, fruits, and beverages before finally traveling to the Shanghai River.

By the time they arrived at Shanghai River, it was already 04:10 pm, so they immediately looked for a good place to picnic.

And after walking for about fifteen minutes, they finally found the best place for them. The place was clean, with only a few people around it.

Without waiting for another second, they immediately arranged everything neatly. At this time, Zhao Sheng was sitting on the left side of Mo Lian, and on the opposite side of them were Xiao Tian and Liu Ning.

Because Xiao Tian knew that Liu Ning still hadn't had lunch, he gave her a sandwich, "Lady Liu, here, eat a sandwich,"

Liu Ning took the sandwich with her right hand and smiled, "Thank you,"

"Xiao Tian, you look like a boyfriend who is spoiling your lover." because Zhao Sheng wanted to help Xiao Tian to get closer to Liu Ning, he decided to tease them.

"Is that so?" Xiao Tian knew that Zhao Sheng wanted to help him. That was why Xiao Tian didn't try to deny it.

Not bad, Zhao Sheng. Xiao Tian thought to himself.

"Yes. You are like a person who just dated her," Zhao Sheng said and paused. After that, he looked at Liu Ning and continued, "Lady Liu, it seems like my friend here has a crush on you. In our campus, many girls want to get close to him but he treats them like air. And here, he is treating you nicely,"

After hearing Zhao Sheng's words, Liu Ning suddenly remembered the moment when Xiao Tian kissed her lips.

Until now, she had no idea as to why Xiao Tian suddenly kissed her because, with his handsome face and popularity, Liu Ning was sure that he was able to kiss a lady prettier than her.

'Does he really have a crush on me?'

After hearing Zhao Sheng's words, Liu Ning couldn't help but think whether Xiao Tian has a crush on her or not.

"Young master Zhao, Xiao Tian is a gentleman. That's why he is treating me nicely," Liu Ning then looked at Xiao Tian, "Isn't that right?"

Because it was a perfect time to tease her, Xiao Tian, who was sitting on Liu Ning's right side, whispered, "But, what if everything Zhao Sheng just said is true?"

At this time, Liu Ning didn't know how to answer him. She only stared at Xiao Tian without saying a single word.

Seeing the expression on her face, Xiao Tian laughed loudly, "Hahaha. Lady Liu, you should look the expression on your face. Hahaha."

Realizing that Xiao Tian was indeed teasing her, Liu Ning hit his shoulders and pretended to be angry, "Xiao Tian, you should not do this to an older person!"

"Eh! Are there rules that say I can't tease older people?," even though Liu Ning was hitting him, Xiao Tian didn't do anything and just kept laughing.

"There is," Liu Ning tried to defend herself, "I created it just now,"

"What?" Xiao Tian didn't expect that she would say something like that, "You just created it?! If you can create universal rules, then I will create new rules too, right now. So, from now on, there is a rul-"

But before Xiao Tian had finished his words, he was interrupted by Liu Ning.

"No, you can't create new rules!" Liu Ning knew that Xiao Tia wanted to make rules that would definitely benefit him. That was why she immediately interrupted him, "The only person who is allowed to create new rules is only me,"

"How could that be?" Xiao Tian did not want to yield to Liu Ning, "We are the same, so if you are allowed to create new rules, then that also applies to me,"

"No! It's because I'm a special person," of course, Liu Ning also didn't want to yield to Xiao Tian.

Zhao Sheng, who was seeing this, laughed and said, "You two are like lovers who are fighting,"

"Shut up!" Xiao Tian and Liu Ning said in unison,

"Eh!" the corner of Zhao Sheng's lips twitched when Xiao Tian and Liu Ning told him to shut up at the same time.

"Hahaha," Xiao Tian laughed happily.

"Hehehe," Liu Ning also laughed cheerfully.

Because Xiao Tian and Liu Ning didn't want him to disturb them, Zhao Sheng held Mo Lian's left hand and said, "Little Lian, feed me a sausage roll,"

"Alright young mas-"Mo Lian stopped her words and corrected it, "What a spoiled boyfriend,"

Zhao Sheng then ate the sausage roll happily, "Of course, because my girlfriend is so beautiful,"

When Xiao Tian and Liu Ning saw what Zhao Sheng and Mo Ling were doing, they looked at each other for about five seconds.

And because Xiao Tian also wanted to lovey-dovey with Liu Ning, he took a scotch egg and said, "Lady Liu, eat this,"

Liu Ning was shocked when she knew that Xiao Tian wanted to feed her. However, she didn't do what she was told and only looked at him.

Because Liu Ning only looked at him, Xiao Tian put the scotch egg in front of her mouth, "Lady Liu, open your mouth,"

Liu Ning was still looking at him before finally she opened her mouth and ate it, "What is this? Don't tell me you want to lovey-dovey too,"

"Yes," Xiao Tian gave her an honest answer before showing her an envy expression, "I'm very envious of them, so I want to lovey-dovey too,"

"Hehe," Liu Ning could not believe that the famous handsome young man would say something like that. And because she wanted to cheer him up, Liu Ning took a sausage roll and fed him, "Here, eat it,"

Without waiting for another second, Xiao Tian opened his mouth and ate it, "This sausage roll become more delicious when a beautiful woman is the one who feeds me,"

"Hehe. As I thought, you are indeed a sweet talker," Liu Ning covered her mouth and giggled.

Then they began to talk about many things, and because of this, the relationship between Liu Ning and Xiao Tian had gotten closer than before.

And because they were enjoying themselves, they didn't notice that it was time for the sunset. Then, they stopped talking and enjoyed the beautiful scenery in front of them.

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