Illicit Relationship Chapter 21

18 So Will You Kiss Me Or Not?

Xiao Tian played the famous song very well in front of the judges. There were no mistakes in his play. It was like the creator himself that played it.

Before they know it, the judges were closing their eyes as they enjoyed the tune that he plays.

Looking at the judges enjoying his play, Xiao Tian had a smile on his face because he had succeeded in impressing them.

After he finished playing the piano, the judges opened their eyes, and a smile appeared on their faces.

"Wow! Well done young man." the middle-aged man who wore navy black long sleeves shirt said

"Yes. You did a good job. I enjoyed it." the middle-aged man who wore navy blue long sleeves shirt said

"Well done, young man. Now you have to wait for the results." the middle-aged woman said, "Because this is not a big competition, we'll select the top ten today. The top ten will have one more competition to determine the top three champions in this building, but the final will be held on the second floor."

"The results will be out tonight, so don't forget to check it on the website." the middle-aged man who wore navy blue long sleeves shirt said.

"Thank you." Xiao Tian said as he bowed slightly to the judges.

After that, Xiao Tian left the competition room. He went straight home because there was nothing to do here anymore.

After arriving at his house, Xiao Tian had lunch, then changed his clothes and went to his mother's coffee shop.


He opened the shop's door and saw many costumers enjoying their coffee.

"Tian, how is it?" Ye Xueyin asked.

"The results for the top ten will be announced tonight. If I enter the top ten, I'll have one more competition to determine the top three champions" Xiao Tian explained

"So, what do you think? Are you able to get into the top ten?" Ye Xueyin asked.

"Of course." Xiao Tian said proudly

Hearing Xiao Tian's words, Ye Xueyin giggled and said, "You look confident."

"Well, we'll see the results tonight," Xiao Tian said

"So, do you have to go to that place again to see the results?" Ye Xueyin asked.

"I can see the result on the website." Xiao Tian answered.

After that, Xiao Tian helped serve the customers as usual. Time went by quickly, and it was already 05.00 p.m. It was time to close the shop.

After closing the shop, Xiao Tian and Ye Xueyin went straight home. Today Ye Qingyu will be late, so only Xiao Tian and Ye Xueyin were at home.

After dinner, Xiao Tian went out to his house backyard while carrying mats, portable lamps, and pillow.

After arranging everything neatly, Xiao Tian lied down, and he looked at the sky.

"Sigh! Tonight, there was no moon, and the stars were not as many as usual," Xiao Tian mused.

Not long after that, Xiao Tian heard a footstep coming closer toward him, and from the sound, that person was running toward him. However, Xiao Tian didn't bother to see who that person was.

That person was none other than Ye Xueyin. She ran while holding her smartphone. After she was close to Xiao Tian, she immediately prone on top of Xiao Tian.

"Uakkk!" Xiao Tian widened his eyes when his mother suddenly jumped on him

"Tian, mother had checked on the site and saw the results. Your name is there. You're in the top ten." his mother said as she smiled happily

"A! Is that so?" Xiao Tian said with a flat voice

Hearing his flat voice, Ye Xueyin thought he was unhappy, so she immediately asked, "Are you not happy?"

Xiao Tian was confident that at least, he could be the top three, so he wasn't surprised when Ye Xueyin said he was in the top ten.

"I'm happy, so will you give me a kiss on the lips?" Xiao Tian touched Ye Xueyin's cheeks and smiled beautifully.

Hearing her son's words, Ye Xueyin immediately answered, "You...Hmm! Bad boy! How could you ask that to your mother?"

"Before you're my mother, you're my lover." Xiao Tian said as he smiled

Upon hearing Xiao Tian's words, Ye Xueyin immediately said, "Before you're my lover, you're my son."

"So. My girlfriend has dared to talk back to me, huh." Xiao Tian said as he pinched her nose

"You.... bad boy." Ye Xueyin said while rubbing her nose

"so, will you kiss me or not?" Xiao Tian asked again

She turned her head and said, "No! I won't kiss you!"

Hearing Ye Xueyin's words, Xiao Tian touched her cheeks and made her face him.

After looking at each other for several seconds, Xiao Tian brought his face closer to her face and kissed her lips.

What he didn't expect was Ye Xueyin immediately responded to his kiss. There was not the slightest of rejection. She even started kissing him passionately like a lover in love.

"kyaaa.." Ye Xueyin was shocked when she found out Xiao Tian's hands raised her skirt to her waist.

However, Ye Xueyin immediately ignored it and continued kissing her son again.

As Ye Xueyin kissed Xiao Tian, she suddenly felt his cock was fully erect. Ye Xueyin immediately broke the kiss and said, "Are we going to do it here?"

"Of course," Xiao Tian said as he played with her pussy through her thong from above her ass.

"Ah. It feels good My son is playing with my pussy againAh. "Ye Xueyin moaned.

Her thong immediately became wet, and love juice began dripping on her thigh. for visiting.

As Xiao Tian played with Ye Xueyin's pussy through her thong, Ye Xueyin suddenly kissed him again. She moved her head and touched Xiao Tian's cheeks, kissing Xiao Tian's lips from the left and right side passionately.

Enjoying the kiss, Xiao Tian stopped playing with Ye Xueyin's pussy and hugged her hips.

However, after Xiao Tian stopped playing with her pussy through her thong, Ye Xueyin started moving her hips, rubbing her pussy on his cock through their clothes.

Ye Xueyin broke the kiss and said "Tian, mother can't hold back anymore"
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