Illicit Relationship Chapter 207

201 Is That A Bad Idea?

"Sigh.." Ye Qingyu could only sigh, seeing the behavior of her big sister and nephew. Because Ye Qingyu knew that there was no point in telling them to wear clothes at that time, she decided to ignore it.

Then Xiao Tian sat on the left side of his mother and said, "Aunt don't make a face like that. Earlier you saw our naked bodies, right? So what is the difference?"

"It's different because earlier, we were having se-" Ye Qingyu didn't finish her words and sat on the chair, "Forget it. Let's eat while the food is still warm,"

"Un." Xiao Tian and Ye Xueyin nodded their heads.

Then they began to eat, and of course, they also talked about many things.

After having breakfast, Xiao Tian immediately said, "Aunt, can you take a day off for today?"

"Why?" Ye Qingyu had no idea as to why her nephew suddenly wanted her to take a day off for today.

"Today, I want us to spend time together all day." today, he planned to spend all day with his mother, but in his view, it would be better if they could spend time with Ye Qingyu too.

"Yes, Qingyu. Take a day off for today. Let us spend time together all day," Ye Xueyin also had the same thoughts as her son.

Ye Qingyu still hadn't answered and only looked at them. But because her big sister and nephew wanted to spend time with her, Ye Qingyu decided to follow the wishes of the two of them, "Alright. I will call the company later."

Xiao Tian was pleased when he knew that his aunt agreed to spend time with them. Then he rose from his seat and dashed toward his aunt before kissing her right cheek, "Perfect,"

"Good." Ye Xueyin smiled happily because it had been a long time since they spend time all day together. The last time they spent time together was before Ye Qingyu was transferred to Beijing. That was why Ye Xueyin couldn't help but smile happily.

"So, what are we going to do today?" Ye Qingyu inquired,

Because Xiao Tian didn't have a plan, he looked at his mother and asked, "Mother, what are we going to do?"

"I don't know," Ye Xueyin answered as she shook her head.

At this time, Ye Qingyu looked strangely at them, "You said that you want us to spend time together, but here, neither of you has a plan of what you want to do for today,"

Ye Xueyin then touched her chin and began to think about what they would do for today. And as if she found a brilliant idea, she immediately looked at them and chirped, "How about we watch TV all day?"

'Mother, you want us to watch TV all day? It's a terrible idea!'

Xiao Tian shouted in his head.

Black lines formed on Ye Qingyu's face after hearing her big sister's words.

When Ye Xueyin noticed the expression on the faces of Xiao Tian and Ye Qingyu, she asked them, "Is that a bad idea?"

'Of course, it is.'

Xiao Tian immediately answered in his head.

However, because he didn't have the heart to say it, Xiao Tian gave his mother a better idea, "It's a good idea, but from my point of view, it will be better if we spend time together outside, not at home. For example, we can go somewhere, and in the afternoon, we can make barbeque chicken in the backyard,"

"Good idea." Ye Xueyin answered happily.

"I agree with it," Ye Qingyu nodded her head.

"Alright, let's take a bath first." Xiao Tian said

"Un," Ye Xueyin rose from her seat and grabbed her son's right hand, "Tian, let's take a bath together,"

"Alright," Xiao Tian nodded his head.

But when Xiao Tian and Ye Xueyin were about to walk out of the dining room, Ye Qingyu immediately spoke, "Wait,"

Xiao Tian and Ye Xueyin stopped their footsteps and turned around.

"No sex in the bathroom." When Ye Qingyu saw her big sister and nephew walking out of the dining room hand in hand, she suddenly thought that they would do something in the bathroom later.

"Ehhh! But I plan to have sex with Tian in the bathroom," Ye Xueyin gave her little sister an honest answer

"Yes. I also have plans to have sex with mother in the bathroom," Xiao Tian added.

"We just had sex a few minutes ago, and you two want to have sex again?" Ye Qingyu could hardly believe what she was hearing. She didn't expect that they had plans to have sex again in the bathroom.

'Don't both of you love sex too much?'

The reason Ye Qingyu forbid them to have sex in the bathroom was that she believed that it would take a long time for them to finish having sex later. Ye Qingyu really wanted to spend time together with them. That was why she wanted them to go somewhere as soon as possible.

Xiao Tian and Ye Xueyin looked at each other before finally they nodded their heads and answered in unison, "Alright."

Then they headed to the bathroom, and after several minutes, they finished taking a shower. After dressing up, they immediately went to the zoo.

The reason they decided to go to the zoo was that they hadn't been there for a long time. At the zoo, they saw various kinds of animals.

Of course, they didn't forget to take a picture with the animals too. At that time, they were very much enjoying themselves, and without realizing it, it was already 03:00 pm.

Because they wanted to grill barbeque chicken, they immediately went home. Along the way, they talked about what they had done at the zoo earlier. And because they really enjoyed themselves, they planned to go to the zoo again in the near future.

After several minutes of driving, they finally arrived home. With a smile on their faces, they got out of the car and entered the home.

And because they wanted to make barbeque chicken immediately, they brought all the ingredients for barbeque chicken to the backyard.

Without waiting for another second, they began to make barbeque chicken. While Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin were grilling barbecue chicken, Xiao Tian prepared the place to eat. And after that, Xiao Tian helped his mother and aunt grilling barbeque chicken.

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