Illicit Relationship Chapter 204

199 Aunt Lets Do A French Kiss Before Sleeping

After they had sex in Xiao Tian's room, they laid down on the bed.

"Hufthufthuft It was amazing," Ye Xueyin, who was lying down on the right side of Xiao Tian, smiled happily.

After dinner, they immediately headed toward Xiao Tian's room and had sex there. They had sex in Xiao Tian's room for about one and a half hours. And like usual, Xiao Tian made them unable to move their bodies when they were having sex with him.

"Yes. It was amazing," of course, it was amazing because Xiao Tian was able to have sex with two beautiful ladies at the same time.

At this time, Ye Qingyu didn't say anything and was trying to catch her breath. Her body was still weak, and even though she said nothing, but there was a satisfied smile on her beautiful face.

Because Xiao Tian still wanted to feel the warmth of his aunt's body, he turned his head to the left side and said, "Aunt, I want to sleep while staying connected to you,"

Ye Qingyu didn't answer him, but she immediately crawled to the lower part of her nephew's body and gave him a blowjob.

Xiao Tian was pleased when he saw his aunt giving him a blowjob. Lately, even though his aunt's behavior was still the same as before, but now every time he asked her to do something, she immediately did what she was told.

After her nephew's massive cock was fully erect, Ye Qingyu stopped giving him a blowjob. And because her pussy was still wet, she immediately stood on her knees above his huge cock before finally, lowering her body slowly.

"Ahh." Ye Qingyu cried out seductively when she felt her nephew's huge cock little by little entering her vagina.

After Ye Qingyu felt that her nephew's cock had reached the deepest part of her pussy, she bent over before finally, she rested her body on top of him.

Even though Xiao Tian wanted to move his waist, but he didn't do that. And because he tried to push that thought, he immediately wrapped his arms around her waist and embraced her a little tight.

Ye Xueyin, who was seeing her little sister resting on her son's chest, looked at them with eyes full of envy, "Tian, what about mother?"

"Mother, come here." Because Xiao Tian couldn't put his mother on the top of his body too, he wanted to let her sleep close to him.

"Alright," Ye Xueyin moved her body close to her son's body until their bodies touched each other. "Qingyu, you're fortunate because Tian is treating you specifically right now."

"Big sister, if you wan-"before Ye Qingyu had finished her words, he was interrupted by Xiao Tian.

"Aunt" Xiao Tian only said one word, but a sad expression suddenly appeared on his face.

When Ye Qingyu noticed the expression on her nephew's face, she realized that she wasn't thinking about his feelings earlier. "Big sister, I want to sleep on his chest today,"

"Un," even though Ye Xueyin wanted to sleep on the top of her son's body, but she had no intention to disturb them.

Ye Xueyun already felt happy because she could lie near her son. And when she remembered tomorrow she would spend time with her son all day, it made her happier.

"Why are you smiling, mother?" Xiao Tian thought his mother would be sad, but he was wrong because she smiled happily right now.

"Nothing," Ye Xueyin smiled while shaking her head.

Because his mother didn't want to tell him, he didn't ask about it anymore, "Let's sleep now,"

Because Ye Xueyin was unable to sleep on her son's chest, she grabbed his right hand, which was on her little sister's waist, and embraced it tightly, "I want to sleep while hugging your right arm,"

Xiao Tian let his mother do whatever she wanted because he could still embrace his aunt with his left arm, "Alright,"

"Hehe," Ye Xueyin smiled happily when her son let her do whatever she wanted.

When Xiao Tian was about to close his eyes, suddenly an interesting idea came to his mind. With this idea, Xiao Tian looked at his aunt and said, "Aunt, let's do a French kiss before sleeping."

And as Xiao Tian had guessed, his aunt didn't answer him and only looked at him. But to his surprise, she immediately kissed his lips before finally, putting her tongue into his mouth.

Actually, Xiao Tian was only joking, but because his aunt was kissing him, of course, he welcomed it happily. Then Xiao Tian and his aunt had a passionate kiss for about forty seconds before finally, she broke the kiss and leaned her head on his chest again.

Ye Xueyin had no idea that her son and little sister would have a passionate kiss before sleeping. And because of this, she also desired to do a French kiss with him. "Tian, mother also wants to do a passionate kiss with you,"

"Alright, "of course, Xiao Tian agreed with his mother's idea because, in his view, only a fool would refuse to do a passionate kiss with a gorgeous lady like his mother.

Then Xiao Tian and his mother had a passionate kiss for about a minute before finally, she broke the kiss and returned to her previous position with a smile on her face.

After that, they slept.


The next day in the morning, Ye Qingyu was the first to wake up. Actually, wanted to go to the kitchen to cook breakfast, but when she saw her nephew's sleeping face, she decided to do that later.

Ye Qingyu's face broke into a soft smile when she saw her nephew's sleeping face. Using her right hand, Ye Qingyu rubbed his right cheek gently.

After rubbing her nephew's cheeks for about fifteen seconds, Ye Qingyu leaned her head on his chest and made a circle on it.

Not long after that, Xiao Tian finally woke up. And when he saw what his aunt was doing, Xiao Tian smiled and said, "You're already awake?"

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