Illicit Relationship Chapter 203

198 Now Its Time To Have Sex

Ye Qingyu and Xiao Tian remained in the same position for about fifteen minutes. In those fifteen minutes, none of them said a word.

"Tian, I want to see the river," even though Ye Qingyu said that, but she was still embracing her nephew tightly as if she didn't want to separate from him.

"Alright." because his aunt kept embracing him, Xiao Tian knew that she wanted to look at the river while feeling the warmth of his body.

This made Xiao Tian pleased because he also didn't want to stop hugging her. While still embracing his aunt, Xiao Tian rose from the public seating.

And because he didn't want his aunt to fall to the ground, he moved his hands from her waist to her buttocks. Then Xiao Tian walked toward the safety fence before finally leaning his back on it.

Even though they were unable to enjoy the same scenery, but Xiao Tian didn't mind it because what was important for him was that he could embrace his aunt.

Xiao Tian and Ye Qingyu then talked about many things for about half an hour. And of course, they were laughing and joking together too.

Even though Xiao Tian still wanted to spend time alone with his aunt, but because they have been in Shanghai River for quite a long time, Xiao Tian thought that it was time to go home, "Aunt, let's go home,"

"Un," Ye Qingyu nodded her head.

Without putting his aunt down, Xiao Tian walked toward his car. And after placing his aunt on the passenger seat, Xiao Tian got into the car and drove away.

Along the way, Xiao Tian and Ye Qingyu talked about many things again. And without realizing it, they arrived home.

After Xiao Tian parked the car, he immediately got out of the car and dashed to the other side of the vehicle so that he could open the car door for Ye Qingyu. And without waiting for another second, Xiao Tian carried her in a princess style and entered the house.

Ye Qingyu was pleased by this and couldn't stop smiling. But the smile was frozen on her face when she saw her big sister sleeping on the couch without wearing a T-shirt.

Then when Ye Qingyu noticed that the hem of her big sister's skirt was on her waist and she was also not wearing panties, Ye Qingyu looked at her nephew intently. "You should put big sister in her room after satisfying yourself with her body, not letting her sleep on the couch like this."

"Aunt, you get it wro-" but before Xiao Tian had finished his words, he was interrupted by his aunt.

"Don't try to defend yourself, young man," at this time, Ye Qingyu thought that Xiao Tian left her big sister in that state after he had sex with her big sister. "You should treat big sister better next time. Do you understand?"

"I understand," actually Xiao Tian wanted to tell his aunt that his mother was still awake after he had sex with his mother, but because he thought that his aunt wouldn't believe his words, Xiao Tian didn't try to explain it anymore.

After putting his aunt down, Xiao Tian squatted down and touched his mother's hands, "Mother, wake up."

After rubbing her eyes, Ye Xueyin looked at her son and said, "Tian, you are already home?"

"Yes. I'm already home," Xiao Tian nodded his head, "Why did you sleep on the couch?"

"I fell asleep." actually, Ye Xueyin only wanted to lay down on the couch for a few minutes after having sex with her son, but suddenly she fell asleep.

Upon hearing her big sister's words, Ye Qingyu realized that she wrongly accused her nephew. Not only was he not angry, but he also accepted all the accusations as if he had done wrong. This made Ye Qingyu suddenly feel guilty toward her nephew.

"Mother, you shouldn't sle-" before Xiao Tian had finished his words, he was interrupted by his mother.

"Tian, let's have sex again. And because Qingyu is already home, let's do a threesome." Ye Xueyin grabbed her son's hands and looked at him with shiny eyes.

The corner of Xiao Tian's lips twitched after hearing his mother's words. This time, he really lost for words.

"Big sister, you should put on your T-shirt first," actually Ye Qingyu was also shocked after hearing her big sister's words, but she pretended as if she heard nothing.

Ye Xueyin ignored her little sister's words and made a sad face, "Tian, you don't want to have sex with mother again?"

Upon knowing his mother really wanted to have sex with him again, Xiao Tian could only sigh, "Alright. We will have sex again later."

"Yay." Ye Xueyin was pleased and smiled happily after hearing her son's words.

Because Xiao Tian knew that his aunt still hadn't had dinner, he went to the dining room.

At this time, Ye Xueyin and Ye Qingyu had no idea as to why Xiao Tian suddenly headed toward the dining room.

But when they saw that Xiao Tian returned to the living room with food and a glass of water in his hands, they thought that he wanted to have diner in the living room.

After Xiao Tian sat on the left side of his aunt, Xiao Tian said, "Aunt, AAA."

When Ye Qingyu knew that her nephew wanted to feed her, she looked at him for about three seconds before finally she opened her mouth and ate the food.

"How is it?" Xiao Tian smiled happily when he saw his aunt consuming the food.

"It's delicious," Ye Qingyu said as she nodded her head.

When Ye Xueyin saw her son feeing her little sister, she immediately sat next to him and said, "Tian, feed mother too?"

At this time, Xiao Tian still hadn't said anything to his mother and only looked at her. But when he saw his aunt nodding her head, Xiao Tian immediately fed his mother too, "Here, open your mouth."

With a smile on her face, Ye Xueyin opened her mouth, "AAAA."

Xiao Tian couldn't help but smile when he saw his mother's cute behavior. After a brief moment, they finished eating the food.

At this time, Ye Xueyin rose from the couch and raised her right hand high, "Now, it's time to have sex,"

Black lines formed on the faces of Xiao Tian and Ye Qingyu after hearing Ye Xueyin's words.

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