Illicit Relationship Chapter 202

197 I Do Love You

Ye Qingyu, who was sitting on the left side of her nephew, kept holding his hands and leaning her head on his left shoulder.

At this time, all the tiredness on her body disappeared without a trace. And not only that but she also suddenly felt that her body was full of energy as if she had just returned from a long vacation.

When Ye Qingyu noticed that there were only a few people around them, she kissed her nephew's left cheek for about three seconds before finally stopping the kiss.

Xiao Tian, who was looking at the river in front of him, turned his head to the left side and smiled happily, "Aunt, please kiss my lips too,"

Even though he had no idea as to why his aunt suddenly kissed him, Xiao Tian didn't ask anything about it; instead, he wanted her to kiss him again.

At this time, Xiao Tian thought that she wouldn't kiss his lips because she was a shy person. It was true that she just kissed him, but Xiao Tian believed the reason she dared to kiss him was because she only kissed his cheeks, not his lips.

For this reason, Xiao Tian wanted to tease her by asking her to kiss his lips in a public place.

After making sure that no one was paying attention to them, Ye Qingyu turned her body to face him. And without giving him a chance to say anything, Ye Qingyu cupped his face before finally pressing her lips against his lips.

Because what she did was different from what he had thought, her action surprised him a little. And even though Xiao Tian believed that no one was paying attention to them, he was still delighted by this because it was infrequent for his aunt to kiss him on her own accord.

And what made him happier was that she kissed him in a public place without him asking her to do that.

After Ye Qingyu broke the kiss, she returned to her previous position and immediately held his left hand again.

When Xiao Tian remembered the softness of his aunt's lips, suddenly a desire to kiss her lips again arose within him. With a burning desire in his body, Xiao Tian lifted her face with his right hand.

However, when he was about to kiss her lips, Xiao Tian stopped moving his face the moment he saw her dark grey eyes as if he was hypnotized by her beautiful eyes.

Even though Ye Qingyu knew that her nephew desired to kiss her lips in a public place, she didn't try to avoid it. She was even ready to welcome the kiss earlier.

But when she noticed that her nephew stopped moving his face and looked at her eyes intently, she also did the same thing.

"Qingyu, you're so beautiful," Xiao Tian said from the bottom of his heart. At this moment, one by one, everything disappeared in his eyes until finally, only Ye Qingyu was in his eyes.

Earlier, Ye Qingyu wanted to ask why he suddenly stopped moving his face. However, before she asked him about it, her nephew suddenly said something that made her think of herself as one of the happiest women in the world.

For this reason, Ye Qingyu's face blossomed into a smile. "Thank you,"

At this moment, Xiao Tian had forgotten that he wanted to kiss her lips earlier. Coupled with him seeing a beautiful smile on the face of the lady that he loved dearly, made Xiao Tian unable to move his body and only stared at her beautiful face as if the person in front of him was an angel who descended from the highest heavens. And after looking at her for about fifteen seconds, Xiao Tian's body moved on its own.

His action much surprised her because she thought he would kiss her again, not to hug her. Of course, Ye Qingyu wasn't disappointed with this because being embraced by her nephew was one of the things she wanted the most in the world.

"I love you, Qingyu." Xiao Tian embraced her tighter, "I do love you,"

Ye Qingyu was pleasantly surprised by his words, and slowly a soft smile spread across her face, "Me too. I love you too, Tian."

Xiao Tian then stopped embracing her and kissed her forehead, "Thank you,"

Ye Qingyu stroked his hair before finally, she kissed his forehead too, "Promise me that you will never hurt big sister and me. If you do that, I will give you everything I have."

"I promise. I promise that I will never hurt you both." Xiao Tian nodded his face. "Can I hug you again?"

Ye Qingyu didn't answer him and only looked at his face because usually, if her nephew wanted to embrace her, he never asked and immediately hugged her. That was why Ye Qingyu didn't say anything to him, because she could hardly believe what she was hearing.

However, because she loved being hugged by her nephew, Ye Qingyu immediately rose from the public seating and sat on his lap facing each other.

Without waiting for another second, Xiao Tian wrapped his arms around her waist and placed his head on her shoulders. The warmth of her body, and the fragrance of her body, made Xiao Tian feel that he was the luckiest man in the world.

Not only was she beautiful, but she also loved him unconditionally. This made Huang Chen, or now known as Xiao Tian, could hardly believe that all of this was real, not illusions or dreams.

At this moment, Ye Qingyu no longer cared whether people around them were looking at them or not because all she wanted to do was embrace her nephew and enjoy it wholeheartedly.

It was also the same for Xiao Tian. He didn't care about all the people around them as if the world belonged to them, and everyone else was only hitchhiking in their world.

'Qingyu, you and Xueyin are the most important people in my life, and it will never be replaced as long as my life is still in my body. For the happiness of you two, I am willing to do anything, even if I have to lose my life in order to make it happen.'

For the second time in his two lives, Xiao Tian was willing to sacrifice his life for the sake of other people.

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