Illicit Relationship Chapter 20

17 First Day Of Competition

Tit. Tit.. Tit. Tit. Tit. Tit. Tit. tit

Aa alarm sound echoed in Xiao Tian's bedroom. Hearing the alarm sound, Xiao Tian opened his eyes and saw his aunt sleeping naked on top of him while his mother slept naked on his right side.

Yesterday night, after they had dinner and watched TV in the living room, they did the shake-shake-ah because his mother was still jealous of how her son treated his younger sister yesterday.

His mother kept asking him to kiss her as an exchange. Of course, he accepted it with a huge smile so they kissed a lot that night.

From when they watched TV until finally, TV was the one watching them because, in the middle of watching TV, they kept kissing until didn't care again about TV anymore.

From the normal kisses until it turned to passionate kisses and from the passionate kisses until they had sex.

At first, only Xiao Tian and his mother that had sex but because of how wild his mother was, adding how loudly his mother moans were, Ye Qingyu who was watching TV suddenly got horny and finally joined them at the end.

After his mother can't go anymore, his aunt took over her position and they continued to have sex until they finally stopped when they were satisfied.
for visiting.

When Xiao Tian and his aunt stopped having sex, his dick was still inside her pussy. It was her safe day so he didn't bother to take out his dick and kept his dick inside her pussy.

At that time they were in the spoon sex position and neither one of them wanted to separate from each other so they chatted while he was still inside her.

They were really enjoying the closeness as they talked when still connected. They were talking about a lot of thing like how their relationship or about future goals.

They talked for quite a while and every so often, if his dick started to go soft, he would move a little deeper or she would clench her vagina muscles just a little bit to regain his dick hardness.

Once a while he also playing with her nipple to help his dick hard. At that time they felt closer and he also could feel that she was starting to fully open her heart to him.

When they wanted to sleep, he grabbed her waist and put his aunt on top of him while they still connected and they began to sleep.

" it's already 06.00 a.m " he said as he rubbed his eyes.

He immediately woke up after he heard the sound of alarm echoing in his bedroom.

" what is it Tian? " asked his aunt while still closing her eyes

" Aunt, wake up. Today is the first day of competition. I have to go early so I can prepare myself " he said as he looked at his aunt's face.

" oh. alright " she opened her eyes and ready to get up

" hmm " she moans when she gets up, feeling that his dick was coming out from her pussy. Even though his dick was already soft, she can still feel it because they were connected so she let out a soft moan when she gets up.

After that, his aunt and mother left his bedroom and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast while he takes a shower.

" I need to do my best today. " he said as he looked at himself in the mirror.

He was wearing a dark grey shirt and jeans. The shirt was really fit on his body, he looked mature and hot with those clothes, added with a middle-length shaggy hairstyle with bangs, He looked breathtakingly handsome.

When he was coming out of his bedroom, Ye Qingyu, and Ye Xueyin looked at him with open mouth

" as expected, my son is good-looking and mature. " said Ye Xueyin proudly

Ye Qingyu didn't want to admit it but he looked more handsome than usual and he also looked mature too at that time.

" Tian, breakfast is ready. Eat first so you have the energy for the competition " said his mother as she smiled

After that, they had breakfast together. After he finished eating, he stood up, wanted to immediately go to the competition place but he suddenly stopped his footstep and turned around

" oh I forget something " he said as he walked toward his mother and his aunt

" hmmm " Ye Qingyu was surprised when he suddenly kissed her lips but she didn't reject it and immediately kissed him back.

" my son is such a beast " said Ye Xueyin as she giggled

" Is that so? then I'll gladly become a beast " he said as he broke his kiss with his aunt and immediately kissed his mother lips.

" hmmm " Ye Xueyin let out a soft moan when her son kissed her.

He then put his tongue into her little mouth and she accepted it. Not long after that they even began kissing passionately. And after a minute, Xiao Tian and Ye Xueyin broke their kiss.

" Alright, I've taken the thing that I forgot," he said before he left.

" bad boy. " said his mother as she looked at her son's back when he left.

" How could your son become a beast, big sis? He isn't like that in the past " said Ye Qingyu

" In the past, we always teased him every day, you even teased him all the way like, after you showered, you pretended to drop your towel in front of him and showed him your naked body. I think he can't take it any longer so he did what he wanted to us " said Ye Xueyin

" is that so? so you are saying, we're the cause of his behavior today? " asked Ye Qingyu

" maybe, but everything has already happened, it's too late to come back to the become like a normal family again because we've done forbidden thing " said Ye Xueyin

" yea, it's because we lost in lust at that time. I already told you, big sis, it was a bad idea to tease him " said Ye Qingyu

" well he was so cute in the past so I can't help but wanted to tease him. you even started copying me and teased him too " said Xueyin

" well, looking at how cute he was, how big sis always teased him and how he blushed every time big sis tease him, I also can't help but wanted to tease him too. " said Ye Qingyu

" ahh. now he is already leveled up from cute to become beast " said ye Xueyin " well let's stop talking about it "

" un. You're right " said Ye Qingyu


Xiao Tian now sitting on the waiting room, there were at least a thousand people that participate in this competition.

After waiting for around five hours finally his number was called and he immediately stood up and came inside the audition room.

When he was inside the audition room, the room is around 8x8 square meters with a grand piano in the middle of the room. There were three judges, two middle-aged men, and a middle-aged woman. They sat in the red chairs with one long table in front of them. there were mineral water and a box of cakes on the long table.

The middle-aged men ware wearing blue clothes and black clothes, while the middle-aged woman was wearing red clothes. They looked so elegant with their branded clothes.

" wow, you're a handsome young man. " said the middle-aged woman judge when she saw Xiao Tian

" thank you. " said Xiao Tian as he smiled

" Please remember your age. " said blue clothes middle-aged man as he laughed

" is it wrong to call him handsome when he is really handsome ? " said the middle-aged woman judge

" hahaha. No, of course not. Ah if you like him, why don't you become his sugar mommy? " said black clothes middle-aged man jokingly

" that's right. " said blue clothes middle-aged man as he laughed

" boy, do you want to become her white boy ? " asked black clothes middle-aged man jokingly as he pointing his finger toward the middle-aged woman judge.

At this time Xiao Tian only smiled, he wanted to keep his cool to impress them.

" Alright, let's stop here. What's your name, young man ? " said the middle-aged woman judge

" Hello, judges, my name is Xiao Tian, number 666. " said Xiao Tian

After Xiao Tian introduces himself, the entire area dropped into silence.

The middle-aged woman said in surprised " Xiao Tian? "

" Xiao family? what is Xiao family doing here? " asked blue clothes middle-aged man

" young man, are you from Xiao family ? " asked black clothes middle-aged man curiously

When they hear of Xiao name, the first thing they remember was Xiao family, one of the biggest family in Shanghai with their companies net worth multi-billion RMB.

When Xiao Tian introduced himself, he knew that their reaction would be like that, that why the owner of the original body wanted to change his family name from a long time ago but for some reason, the department of population and civil registration always made it difficult for him and his mother to change his family name.

Xiao Tian immediately answered " no, I'm not from Xiao family. If I'm from the Xiao family, I won't be here right "

" That's right, if he were from Xiao family, there is no way they want to attend this competition because in their eyes this kind of competition is not worth in their attention. " said blue clothes middle-aged man.

" and the prize for the champion only 200,000 RMB, for them 200.000 RMB is nothing maybe they even didn't know about this competition because it's not worth their attention. " said black clothes, middle-aged man.

" Alright, let's begin, there are a lot of people waiting outside. " said the middle-aged woman

Xiao Tian immediately walking toward the grand piano and sit on the chair, preparing to play the piano.
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