Illicit Relationship Chapter 2

2 Going Premium

Hello, Shooting_Star here

I want to tell you all that, well, how should I put it in words..... Actually, I had no idea that my novel went premium today.

In my view, I still have to wait until next month because my contract for going premium is still not approved by Wuxiaworld. (I've filled the premium form fromNovember)

This novel is free up to chapter 109 before going premium but is open until chapter 86 after going premium.

I know that all of you are disappointed with this, but to be honest, I also desire this novel to be premium for a long time ago. (I'm curious what it feels like if my novel become a premium)

I've lost five people after 7 hours of being premium and don't know how many people will remove this story from their library later.

I want to say thank you for reading this novel to readers who have removed this novel from their library. For readers who still want to continue reading my novel, thank you very much, and I hope I will not fail you later.

Oh! for readers who are questioning whether this novel has Netorare or not, the answer is NO. There will be no Netorare in this novel.

I don't know what else to write, so I'll end it here.

Thank you for reading this announcement for visiting.

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