Illicit Relationship Chapter 193

189 Let Me Embrace You Before Going To Campus

After they finished eating breakfast, Xiao Tian immediately said, "Mother, aunt, tonight I will return very late or maybe go home tomorrow morning,"

"Again?" because last night her son returned very late, Ye Xueyin was unable to spend time with him. That was why she intended to lovey-dovey with her son tonight, but after hearing his words, she was sad because she knew that she couldn't spend time with him again tonight.

Upon seeing the sadness on his mother's face, Xiao Tian rose from his seat and approached her, "Mother, I'm sorry. I'm swamped with work right now. But don't worry, I promise that I will spend more time with you if I'm not busy anymore."

"Alright," although she was saddened by it, Ye Xueyin didn't forbid her son to do what he wanted.

"Thank you, mother," Xiao Tian kissed his mother's forehead before approaching his aunt, "Aunt, I will miss you to death, so let me kiss you too."

But when Xiao Tian was about to kiss Ye Qingyu's cheeks, she pushed his face away and said, "Stop it. it's cringe,"

Black lines formed on Xiao Tian's face after hearing his aunt's words. "Aunt, you don't love me anymore?"

"I still love you, but I don't want to hear these cringe words right now," Ye Qingyu answered without looking at her nephew's face.

"If so, let me kiss you before leaving," it had been a day since he last kissed his aunt. That was why Xiao Tian wanted to kiss her before going to campus.

And like she usually did, Ye Qingyu only looked at her nephew and said nothing. But of course, she wouldn't refuse him again if he wanted to kiss her.

Then Xiao Tian made his aunt sat on his lap and said, "If you don't want me to kiss you, at least let me embrace you before going to campus."

When Ye Xueyin saw her little sister sitting on her son's lap, she suddenly wanted to do that too, "Tian, mother also wants to sit on your lap."

"Mother, I can't do that because I want to embrace aunt right now," even though he also wanted to let his mother sit on his lap, but because this time he desired to hug his aunt, Xiao Tian had to refuse it.

"Alright" because she couldn't sit on her son's lap, Ye Xueyin kissed his cheeks before heading to the bathroom to take a shower.

"We can't stay like this for too long because aunt has to go to work" Ye Qingyu let her nephew do what he wanted because, actually, she also desired to feel the warmth of his embrace.

"Un" Xiao Tian nodded his head.

They remained in the same position for about fifteen minutes without saying a single word because they only wanted to feel the warmth of each other's body.

After several minutes, because his aunt has to go to work, Xiao Tian stopped hugging her. And not long after Ye Qingyu went to work, Xiao Tian also traveled to the campus.

Because today Xiao Tian had many classes, he was only able to leave campus at 4:30 p.m. And because he wanted to spend time with Lin Xing Xue and Shi Fei, he went to his company.

After spending time with them, Xiao Tian took a shower before driving them home. And because Lan Ruoxi said that Liu Ning was at Red Flower Bar, he immediately traveled to Red Flower bar because it was a perfect time to improve their relationship.

And when he entered the bar, Xiao Tian saw Liu Ning drinking alone in front of the bartender. Without waiting for another second, Xiao Tian walked toward her.

"Give me the same drink as the woman next to me," Xiao Tian said to the bartender.

Hearing a familiar voice, Liu Ning turned her head toward Xiao Tian. And when she saw him, she was a little shocked, "Mr. Xiao Tian?"

"Lady Liu, we meet again." Xiao Tian suddenly felt guilty when he saw the sadness on her face.

"You also come to this bar?" at first, Liu Ning thought that she would drink alone tonight, but she didn't expect that she would meet Xiao Tian again at the bar.

"Yes. Sometimes I come to this bar" because Xiao Tian couldn't tell her that the reason he came to the bar was because of her, he decided to lie to her.

"Oh!" Liu Ning drank the Negroni in her glass again.

"Lady, you look sad. Do you have a problem right now?" of course, Xiao Tian knew that she had a problem because he was the person who made her like that. But because he wanted her to think that they met by coincident, Xiao Tian decided to pretend as if he knew nothing.

Liu Ning didn't answer him and only drank the Negroni again. It was a family problem so she couldn't tell anyone because she didn't want other people to know about her family's problems.

Because she didn't want to tell him about it, Xiao Tian decided not to ask anymore, "Don't be sad, lady Liu. There must be a way in every problem, so stay strong."

"Thank you for the kind words, Mr. Xiao Tian," Liu Ning said without looking at Xiao Tian.

"Alright. Because Lady Liu is sad right now, the drink is on me." Xiao Tian said as he smiled.

"Eh!" Liu Ning was shocked after hearing his words.

"Treat it, as if I want to cheer you up and also for our friendship," Xiao Tian raised his glass and looked at Liu Ning.

Liu Ning then raised her glass too and looked at Xiao Tian. And after that, they drank the Negroni at the same time. They began to talk while also drinking. But Liu Ning still didn't want to tell him about her problems.

Xiao Tian was fine with it because she still wanted to talk to him. They kept drinking and drinking until finally, Liu Ning was drunk.

"Lady, you should stop drinking now." Xiao Tian said with a worried face.

"Hehe. I want to drink until morning, so I won't stop." After saying that, Liu Ning drank the Negroni in her glass again.

Because Xiao Tian wanted to keep her safe, he still accompanied her. And not long after that, Liu Ning was unable to drink anymore.

Seeing this, Xiao Tian made her stop drinking and brought her to the hotel. Of course, Xiao Tian didn't have bad intentions towards her or want to take advantage of her. The reason Xiao Tian took her to the hotel was that if he drove her home, she would be suspicious of him later.

Because Xiao Tian didn't want her to have wrong ideas about him, Xiao Tian put her on the bed before he tucked her.

And after that, Xiao Tian decided to sleep on the couch.


In the morning.

'Ahhh. My head hurts so much.'

Liu Ning felt as if her head were going to explode after she opened her eyes.

'Where am I?'

Liu Ning was shocked when she found out that she was in an unfamiliar room. And she was even more surprised when she saw Xiao Tian sleeping on the couch.

'Xiao Tian? Why is he here?'

Liu Ning immediately looked at herself because she wanted to know whether she was naked or not. And when she saw that she was wearing clothes, she was relieved.

Even though she had problems with her husband, but sleeping with another man was something that she didn't want to do.

That was why she sighed in relief when she knew that nothing had happened to her. Then Liu Ning tried to remember what had happened to her last night.

But all she knew was, she was drunk when she had a drink with Xiao Tian at Red Flower Bar last night. Apart from that, she didn't remember anything.

And when she learned that Xiao Tian didn't take advantage of her last night, a soft smile spread across her face. Because of that, Xiao Tian's good reputation significantly increased in her heart.

She was sure that if it were another man, they would take advantage of her. That was why Liu Ning felt lucky that last night, she drank with Xiao Tian and not anyone else.

Upon seeing Xiao Tian's sleeping face, Liu Ning got out of the bed and approached him.

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