Illicit Relationship Chapter 191

187 You Were Amazing Last Nigh

\"This asshole squeezed my breasts earlier.\" her eyes gleamed with terrifying sharpness as she stared at Feng Ao, \"I really want to cut off his arms right now.\"

\"What?\" Zhao Shen said in surprise. \"He dared to take advantage of you?\"

'Lady Lan, you were seducing him earlier, so you should know that something like that could happen to you. You can't blame him because any man will do the same if the woman who seduces them is a fine lady like you.'

Xiao Tian could only sigh after seeing hatred in her eyes. Before she seduced Feng Ao earlier, Xiao Tian wanted to tell her that she had to prepare herself because he knew something like that would happen to her. However, because she immediately went to meet him, Xiao Tian didn't have time to warn her.

\"Lady Lan, that has happened, so we can't do anything about it\" Xiao Tian sat next to her, \"Do you want to torture him?\"

\"Forget it\" even though Lan Rouxi wanted to torture Feng Ao, but she knew if she did that, she would ruin their plan, \"Let's move to the next plan,\"

\"Alright,\" Xiao Tian nodded his head.

But because Xiao Tian and Zhao Sheng were still in her room, Lan Ruoxi said seductively, \"Young masters, why are you still in my room? Don't tell me you want to see my naked body?\"

Hearing her words, Xiao Tian cleared his throat and stood up, \"Zhao Sheng, let's get out.\"

After Xiao Tian and Zhao Sheng walked out of the room, two women entered Lan Ruoxi's bedroom; one of them was holding a camera in her hands.

As soon as the women were in Lan Ruoxi's room, they undressed Feng Ao, leaving him with nothing. After that, they laid him on the bed.

Of course, before putting Feng Ao in the bed, they took a few photos of him sleeping on the floor, naked because Lan Ruoxi thought it could be their backup plan.

Without waiting for another second, Lan Ruoxi also took off her clothes, leaving only bra and her sexy black panties. Then Lan Ruoxi placed her head on his chest while intertwined her legs with his.

\"Now, you can take a picture of us\" after saying that, Lan Ruoxi pretend as if she was sleeping happily on Feng Ao's chest.


One of the women began to take a photo of Lan Ruoxi and Feng Ao. She took a few pictures from various angles to find the best photo.

After seeing the result of the pictures was perfect, she said, \"Big sister Ruoxi, I'm finished taking pictures.\"

\"Good!\" Lan Ruoxi was satisfied after seeing the pictures. Then she got out of the bed and put on her clothes before walking out of the room.

After entering the guest room, Lan Ruoxi said, \"Young masters, I've done my part, and I will send the pictures to his wife tomorrow morning,\"

Because she didn't want Xiao Tian or Zhao Sheng to see the pictures, she decided that she would be the one who sends the photos tomorrow.

\"Alright,\" Zhao Sheng and Xiao Tian nodded their heads.

Then they talked for about two hours before finally Xiao Tian and Zhao Sheng went home.


The next day in the morning, because Lan Ruoxi wanted Feng Ao to think they had sex yesterday, she returned to her room and pretended to sleep on his chest.

At 06:00 am, Feng Ao opened his eyes. He was shocked when he saw Lan Ruoxi sleeping on his chest, wearing only bra and panties.

'Eh! What is this? Lady Lan is sleeping on my chest? And she is only wearing bra and panties?'

Feng Ao tried to remember what happened last night, but he only remembered that he was walking toward Lan Ruoxi's room with her, and after that, he was unable to remember anything.

'Wait! Don't tell me, Lady Lan and I had sex last night? But why can't I remember anything?'

Feng Ao really wanted to know what had happened between them last night. And when he noticed that he was naked, he suddenly believed that they had sex last night.

Thinking that he had sex with the famous Lan Rouxi, a proud smile appeared on his face. At this time, he wanted to tell everyone that he had sex with Lan Rouxi, the beautiful and sexy woman, who was adored by many men in Shanghai.

When Feng Ao was in excitement, Lan Rouxi pretended to wake up, \"Good morning, Mr. Feng. You were amazing last night.\"

After hearing her words, Feng Ao became even more convinced that he had sex with Lan Ruoxi last night. And even though he had no idea what had happened to them last night, he decided to pretend that he remembered everything, \"You were also great lady Lan.\"

Lan Ruoxi wanted to laugh loudly when she learned that Feng Ao thought that they had sex last night.

But because she didn't want him to know that last night nothing had happened to them, Lan Ruoxi decided to keep on pretending, \"I didn't know that you have a great technique. You even made me cum many times, and I felt sore down there right now.\"

Because Lan Ruoxi didn't want him to touch her body anymore, she immediately got out of bed and put on her clothes.

\"Hahaha,\" Feng Ao laughed loudly when he thought that he had made Lan Ruoxi satisfied with his skills in bed.

After putting the clothes, Lan Ruoxi looked at him and said, \"Mr. Feng, I still have something that I need to do, so I will take my leave.\"

\"Alright,\" Feng Ao nodded his head.


While at the same time, at Feng Ao's house, there was a packet in front of the door. Not long after that, one of the housemaids saw the package. And when she found out that it was for Liu Ning, she immediately brought the packet to Liu Ning.


\"Madam, there is a package for you,\" the housemaid said,

After Liu Ning took the packet, she sat on the bed.

'There is no sender's name and address.'

Because Liu Ning was curious, she immediately opened the packet, and when she saw the package, she was shocked and angry at the same time.

The packet was photos of his husband sleeping with another woman. But because the face of the woman was blurred, Liu Ning had no idea who the woman was.

'So, this is the reason you rarely spend time with me in the past six months?'

Liu Ning was furious and threw the pictures to the bed. In the past, because her husband rarely spent time with her, she suspected that her husband had another woman, but because she didn't want to destroy their family, she pushed that thought.

Now that there was evidence that her husband had another woman, she was sad and wanted to slap her husband's face.

Liu Ning closed her eyes, tears falling down her cheeks, but she didn't say a single word.


At Xiao Tian's home.

\"With this, it will be easier for me to seduce her\" Xiao Tian, who was laying down on the bed, mused.

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