Illicit Relationship Chapter 190

186 In My Room You Can Do Whatever You Want With My Body

Because Lan Ruoxi wanted to make him think as if she was really into him, she hugged his right arm as they headed to her room.

Her action made Feng Ao even sure that they would have sex in her room later. Remembering that many men wanted to sleep with her but didn't have the opportunity to do that, Feng Ao felt like he was above all of them.

'You think that I will sleep with you? You don't have a qualification to do that. Just be thankful that I'm embracing your arms in front of other people, because, after tonight, you won't have the opportunity to do this again in the future,'

Of course, Lan Ruoxi only said that in her mind because she didn't want him to know that she was setting him up.

When Lan Ruoxi noticed the happiness on Feng Ao's face, she smiled a little and said, \"Mr. Feng, what are you thinking right now?\"

\"Lady Lan, I will not disappoint you and make you satisfied\" because he believed that they would have sex in her room, Feng Ao was unable to control his words anymore.

He really thought that I would sleep with him. Lan Rouxi thought to herself.

Lan Rouxi brought her face closer to his right ear and whispered, \"I hope it's not just empty words.\"

\"Don't worry, lady Lan. I'm good in bed,\" because in the past six months, he often had sex with different women. Coupled with them always praising him after having sex, Feng Ao was sure that he could satisfy Lan Ruoxi in bed later.

\"Oh! It seems like you have a lot of experience with women. This makes me wonder about your technique in bed.\" even though Lan Ruoxi didn't want to have this kind of talk with Feng Ao, but because she didn't want to fail in seducing him, she chose to follow his words, \"But Mr. Feng, I'm not your ordinary fuck girls, you know. Until now, no one has been able to satisfy me in bed, so I really look forward to your great technique. I hope you can make me satisfied later,\"

\"Is that so? Then I will be the first man who will satisfy you. Hehehe. Lady Lan, you will not be able to forget me after tonight,\" Because they were talking about sex, it made Feng Ao even hornier. For this reason, he suddenly squeezed her right breast with his left hand.

\"Ahhh,\" Lan Ruoxi let out a fake moan before removing his right hand from her breasts, \"Mr. Feng, not here. You have to hold back or else; everyone will look at us,\"

'This asshole dares to squeeze my breasts? If not for the sake of seducing you, I would have cut off your left arm right now,\"

Lan Ruoxi looked at Feng Ao coldly for a second before she smiled again, pretending that she likes what he was doing.

Not long after that, they were in the elevator. But when Lan Ruoxi wanted to select the floor, Feng Ao cornered her against the elevator walls panel and slammed his hands against the wall.

Because Feng Ao was already horny, coupled with him believing that Lan Ruoxi would accept whatever he would do to her, he immediately brought his face closer to her face.

But when Lan Ruoxi saw his face getting closer to hers, she put her index finger on his lips to stop him from kissing her, \"Not here, Mr. Feng. My room is on the third floor so you have to wait a little more. In my room, you can do whatever you want with my body,\"

\"Lady Lan, there is no one here, so it's okay because no one will know about this.\" Of course, Feng Ao still tried his best to kiss her because he didn't want to waste a fine lady in front of him, even for a second.

\"Mr. Feng, you have to be patient.\" After saying that, Lan Ruoxi pressed the buttons.

Because they were heading to the third floor, it only took a few seconds before they reached the third floor.

At first, Lan Ruoxi wanted to knock him out after they were in her room. But because he kept trying to do something to her, she immediately hit the backside of his neck the moment they came out of the elevator, making Feng Ao faint in less than a second.

When two of her bodyguards, who were guarding her room, saw Lan Ruoxi, they immediately dashed toward her.

\"Take him to my room, and after that, call young masters Xiao and Zhao to my room too,\" Lan Ruoxi said while looking at Feng Ao in disgust.

\"Yes, lady Lan,\" her bodyguards said in unison.

After they entered her room, they threw Feng Ao to the floor, without caring whether he would get hurt because if it or not.

\"This bastard really knows how to take advantage of beautiful woman,\" Lan Ruoxi, who was sitting on the bed while looking at Feng Ao in disgust, said coldly.

After a brief moment, Xiao Tian and Zhao Sheng reached Lan Ruoxi's room.

\"Lady Lan, young master Xiao Tian, and young master Zhao Sheng have arrived,\" one of the bodyguards said.

Hearing this, Lan Ruoxi opened the door, \"Young master Xiao, young master Zhao, please come in,\"

Then Xiao Tian and Zhao Sheng stepped into her room. Lan Rouxi's room was around 5x6 meters with a queen-size bed, which was located at the center end of the room.

On the right side of the bed, there was a dressing table with a cupboard next to it. And in front of the bed, there was a 30-inch TV with AC above it.

On the left side of the bed, there was a chair and table with mountains of books on it. And next to it, there was a door to the bathroom.

At this time, Xiao Tian and Zhao Sheng were standing in front of unconscious Feng Ao.

Even though it was only a second, Xiao Tian noticed the look of hatred in her eyes. \"Lady Lan, did he do something to you?\"

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