Illicit Relationship Chapter 19

16 How Dare You

" Tian, let's rest for a while. " she said abruptly

" what is it aunt ? are you tired ? " he asked

They were only walking for a few minutes so he was surprised when she asked him to rest.

" did you have a lot of work today? " he asked her

She suddenly stopped her footstep and nodded " un, aunt had a lot of work today and went to many places so aunt's foot is hurt a lot "

hearing that. he looked at her foot and sighed " aunt, your high heels is too high, with how busy you were today, it's no wonder your foot is hurt."

She didn't answer him at this time. she also didn't expect today was a busy day for her because, on her schedule, today was a normal day but suddenly a lot of important business partner changed their meeting schedule to today and she also had to check the store development too.

He squatted down and took off her high heels then massaged her feet gently.

" is it hurt here ? " he asked as he massaged her ankle gently

looking at how he treats her, she covering her mouth and giggled " hihi "

Hearing her giggle, he looked at her with puzzlement " what is it, aunt? your feet are hurt and you can still giggle? "

" no. aunt just surprise that you can behave like a gentleman too" she said

At this time he only sighed and continued massaging her feet. After massaging her feet for a few minutes, he took off his shoes and put his shoes on her feet.

" There is a public seating near here. Let's rest there " he said

" un. hehehe " she nodded

She was happy at how he treats her right now, making her can't stop smiling. He then carried her high heels on her left hand and walked barefoot.

After arriving at public seating, he helped her sit on the public seating.

" is it better ? " he asked as he looked at her

" un. It's better right now " she said as she nodded

" wait here, I'll buy ice to compress aunt' feet to reduce the bruises. " he said

He turned around and wanted to walk but suddenly he felt his aunt was pulling his jacket. He turned around and said " what is it aunt ? do you need something else? "

" hurry up and come back. " she said

He flicked her forehead gently and looked at her lovingly " un. Just wait here and don't go anywhere, understand? "

" un. understand " she smiled beautifully

He immediately looked for the nearest ice seller but at the same time, there was a brown-haired man looking at Ye Qingyu.

a lustful smile appeared on the brown-haired man face and his eyes turned lustful too as he looked at Ye Qingyu. after licking his lips, he walked toward Ye Qingyu and said " beautiful. Are you alone? let big brother accompany you "

" Who are you? Leave me alone " said Ye Qingyu angrily

" ehh. No need to be angry beautiful. Big brother won't do something bad to you. It's a pity to let a beauty like you sitting alone here. " said brown-haired man with lustful eyes

" leave me alone.. and I'm not alone, my boyfriend is with me. he'ill come here soon " she said angrily

She is a proud woman so she didn't fear him but because her feet were hurt at that time, what she could do was limited so she could only try scaring the brown-haired man, hoping he will leave her quickly.

" don't lie beautiful. I know you're alone " said brown-haired man as he laughed

The brown-haired man grabbed her hand and said " ahh. What a soft and beautiful arms "

" let me go. " Ye Qingyu said as she tried to let her hand go but because the difference in strength she couldn't let her hand go.

" shhh. Don't be afraid " said the brown-haired man as he sat next to Ye Qingyu while still rubbing her hands. He forcefully holding her hands and laughed evilly.

At that time, there was a young man who looks at the brown-haired man, the young man eyes were full of killing intent. Yes that young man is Xiao Tian

Xiao Tian walked toward brown-haired man and said coldly " what are you doing to my woman? "
for visiting.

Hearing a cold voice, the brown-haired man turned around and looked at Xiao Tian " your woman? Hahahahaha "

" honey." said Ye Qingyu as she looked at Xiao Tian

Xiao Tian immediately grabbed the brown-haired man's hand that grabbing Ye Qingyu's hand hard, making he brown-haired man's hand hurt before letting Ye QIngyu' hand go.

" you... " said the brown-haired man

Xiao Tian ignored the brown-haired man and looked at Ye Qingyu lovingly " it's alright, love. leave this to your me. It will over in no time "

" un " she nodded

At this time, she didn't know why she feels safe when she heard Xiao Tian's words. She felt like everything will be fine when Xiao Tian was around.

Xiao Tian then looked at the brown-haired man and said coldly " leave before you regret it "

The brown-haired man laughed and said " what? you, a young man want to act like a hero in front of me? "

" I'll count until three and if I finish count until three and you still here.. hehehehe " Xiao Tian smiled evilly.

" You want to beat me so you can look like a cool man. " said brown-haired man as he laughed

" three " said Xiao Tian as he was throwing out his fist. He didn't bother to count 1 or 2, he immediately went to 3 because he won't forgive someone who tried harassing his woman.

The brown-haired man got hit on his face by Xiao Tian. He looked at Xiao Tian and said angrily " how dare you "

The brown-haired man threw a punched toward Xiao Tian's face but Xiao Tian avoided it easily.

Xiao Tian moved to the other side and attack brown-haired man's epigastrium using his knee.


water splashed out of brown-haired man's mouth

Xiao Tian didn't stop there, he then kicked the brown-haired man's chin, making the brown-haired man flew in the mid-air.

When the brown-haired man landed on the ground, Xiao Tian stepped on brown-haired man's stomach very hard.


blood splashed out of brown-haired man's mouth again.

Xiao Tian stepped on brown-haired man's stomach very hard again.


blood splashed out of brown-haired man's mouth again.

Xiao Tian stepped on brown-haired man's stomach very hard again.


blood splashed out of brown-haired man's mouth again.

Ye Qingyu who saw that had a terrifying face. She had heard that Xiao Tian beat the thugs when he was helping Ling Xing Xue but she didn't know that he was very good at fighting, the brown-haired man was beaten by him so quickly.

And what more was, her nephew was so cruel at beating the brown-haired man. She didn't expect, on her nephew's beautiful smile that he always shows to her, there was a cruel character hidden on it.

" sto.p " said the brown-haired man with terror on his face

Xiao Tian then stepped on brown-haired man' face with his barefoot and said coldly " you're lucky because today I'm in a good mood so I only beat you lightly if my mood is bad today, you'll not end up like this "

Hearing Xiao Tian's words, the brown-haired man felt his blood freeze.

You call this lightly? you're cruel man, you know? I already lost a lot of blood because of you.

" leave. " Xiao Tian said coldly

With all his strength, the brown-haired man stood up and left.

after that, Xiao Tian looked at his aunt and smiled " love. sorry for making you wait so long "

Looking at her nephew's smile, Ye Qingyu was stunned.

You just beat people until that people lost a lot of blood and you can still smile as if nothing happens?

" What is it love? " he asked curiously.

He then took the ice he had left on the ground and said, "Let me put this ice on your feet to reduce the bruising"

" un " she nodded.

After she felt her feet was better and think that it was enough, they decided to go home by taxi and after a few minutes, they arrived at their house.

after arriving at home, they saw Ye Xueyin was sitting in the terrace.

When Ye Xueyin saw her son was carrying his aunt's high heels and her little sister was wearing her son shoes, she asked curiously " eh. What happened? "

" aunt's feet are hurt because she wears high heels on a busy day " he explained

Looking at how her son treats her little sister well, a smile appeared on her face as she thought about something interesting.

" so enviable. Mother want Tian to treat mother like that too. Mother will hurt her foot now " said Ye Xueyin

" nnoooooo mother. Don't do itttttttttt " he shouted.
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