Illicit Relationship Chapter 189

185 Mr. Feng Do You Want To Come To My Room?

\"Lady Ruoxi?\" Xiao Tian found it hard to believe what he was hearing, \"How come?\"

\"She said our game is interesting\" earlier, when Zhao Sheng wanted to look for a woman who would seduce Feng Ao, Lan Ruoxi suddenly called him, saying that she wants to take part in the game.

At first, Zhao Sheng refused because he thought that Feng Ao didn't have the qualifications to touch Lan Ruoxi. But because she insisted that she wanted to take part in their plan, Zhao Sheng finally agreed.

Black lines formed on Xiao Tian's face after hearing Zhao Sheng's words. \"Well, because that is what she wants, I don't mind it.\"

When Xiao Tian and Zhao Sheng was about to enter the bar, they saw Guang Song standing in the entrance.

\"Young master Zhao, young master Xiao, big sister Ruoxi is waiting for you two in the guest room,\" Guang Song said when Xiao Tian and Zhao Sheng were in front of him, \"Let me guide you two to the guest room.\"

Then the three of them headed to the third floor. They kept walking until finally, Guang Song stopped in front of the door, which was guarded by two men in black.

\"Big sister Ruoxi, young master Xiao and young master Zhao have arrived,\" Guang Song said after knocking on the door.

Not long after that, a beautiful mature woman wearing a tight red dress with an open fork extended till her waist, came out of the room, \"Young master Xiao, young master Zhao, please come in.\"

Then Xiao Tian and Zhao Sheng entered the guest room. The guest room was around 5x5 meters, with luxury items adorning the entire room.

After Xiao Tian sat on the couch, he immediately asked, \"Lady Lan, do you really want to do that?\"

\"Of course. Your game seems interesting, so I want to take part in it\" at first, Lan Ruoxi only wanted to know what they would do toward Feng Ao, but because of boredom, she decided to take part in their game.

\"Big sister Ruoxi, I'm sure he will take advantage of your situation later. Are you fine with that?\" Zhao Sheng inquired,

Lan Ruoxi smiled and covered her mouth, \"Young master Zhao, you don't need to worry about that.\"

When they were talking, suddenly, the sound of someone knocking on the door could be heard in their ears.

\"Big sister Ruoxi, the target has just arrived and is in the VIP room right now\" the sound of a female voice from the opposite side of the door could be heard in their ears.

\"Alright,\" Lan Ruoxi answered before looking at Xiao Tian and Zhao Sheng. \"Let me do my part right now.\"

Then Lan Ruoxi walked out of the room and headed to the VIP room. When she was in the VIP room, she saw Feng Ao drinking with women on both of his sides.

Lan Ruoxi then walked toward Feng Ao elegantly, causing all the males in the VIP room to look at her.

\"Good evening Mr. Feng. May I sit here?\" Lan Ruoxi said as she smiled beautifully. Then she looked at the women, who were sitting on both of his sides.

Even though Lan Ruoxi only stared at them without saying a single word, they understood that she wanted them to leave immediately.

And because they didn't want to offend their boss, they immediately left, leaving Feng Ao and Lan Ruoxi alone.

\"Lady Lan?\" Feng Ao said in surprise. Even though Lan Ruoxi rarely appeared on the public, but due to her pretty face and sexy body, everyone knew who Lan Ruoxi was.

Because of this, Feng Ao was surprised and happy at the same time when Lan Ruoxi suddenly appeared in front of him.

\"Mr. Feng, thank you for always coming to my bar.\" From her subordinates, Lan Ruoxi knew that Feng Ao regularly came to the Red Flower Bar. That was why she used this as an excuse to meet him.

Feng Ao was pleasantly surprised when he found out that Lan Ruoxi knew about him. Every day, many people from various families came to the Red Flower Bar, from middle-class families to upper-class families, but still, Lan Ruoxi chose to meet him.

Realizing that Lan Ruoxi was still standing, Feng Ao immediately rose from the couch and invited her to sit with him, \"Lady Lan, please sit down.\"

\"Thank you, Mr. Feng,\" because Lan Ruoxi wanted to seduce Feng Ao, she chose to sit next to Feng Ao.

Her action greatly surprised Feng Ao, but of course, he didn't say anything; instead, he was pleased by this. Because Lan Ruoxi was sitting very close to him, he could smell the fragrance of her body.

This almost drove him crazy and wanted to touch her body immediately, but he didn't dare to do that. And when he noticed that many men looked at him with envious eyes, Feng Ao felt proud and smiled happily.

Because Lan Ruoxi wanted to get him drunk, she poured a campaign into a glass and gave it to Feng Ao, \"Mr. Feng, please drink this.\"

\"Thank you, lady Lan\" of course, Feng Ao accepted it happily because the famous Lan Ruoxi was the one who poured the campaigns.

\"Mr. Feng, how is your business?\" Lan Ruoxi opened the topic of conversation.

After putting the glass on the table, Feng Ao smiled and answered, \"Everything is going well, lady.\"

Because Feng Ao's glass was already empty, Lan Rouxi poured the campaigns again. \"Oh, I'm glad to hear that. I hope your company will grow bigger in the future,\"

\"Thank you, lady Lan\" Feng Ao was pleased after hearing her words and immediately drank the campaign again. \"How is the bar, lady?\"

\"Everything is going well too,\" Lan Ruoxi answered as she smiled.

Then they kept talking about many things, and of course, Lan Ruoxi kept pouring the campaign in Feng Ao's glass.

And not long after that, Lan Ruoxi noticed that Feng Ao was already drunk. Seeing this, she started to smirk, \"Mr. Feng, do you want to come to my room? We can continue our talk there.\"

Of course, Feng Ao understood what she meant by that. With the happiness on his face, Feng Ao answered, \"Sure.\"

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