Illicit Relationship Chapter 187

183 Nine Out Of Ten

Only by hearing the voice, Zhao Sheng knew that it was Lan Ruoxi, but even so, he still turned around to see her.

As for Xiao Tian, even though he had no idea who the owner of the Red Flower Bar was, he suspected that the person who had just spoken was the one who wanted to be introduced by Zhao Sheng to him.

And what Xiao Tian had guessed was right when he saw Zhao Sheng approaching her. Without waiting for another second, Xiao Tian also walked closer toward them.

'Nine out of ten.'

It was the first words that came to Xiao Tian's mind when he saw the woman around thirty-one years old in front of him.

She was a tall and beautiful lady. Coupled with her sexy body, she was like a succubus who could make any man adore her and willing to do anything just to be able to spend a few minutes with her.

She was wearing a white long, cheongsam dress with a grey furry scarf on her neck. Her soft willow-like arms were exposed outside, and an open fork extended till her waist at the side of her skirt, exposing her snow white and slender thighs.

At first, Lan Ruoxi thought that Zhao Sheng came to the bar because he needed something from her, but after seeing Xiao Tian, she understood what he wanted, \"Oh! Isn't this young master Xiao?\"

\"Good morning, beautiful lady. I'm Xiao Tian\" Xiao Tian introduced himself while also showing his dazzling smile to her.

Upon hearing Xiao Tian's words, Lan Ruoxi smiled a little before she stopped, \"I didn't expect that playboy will hang out with other playboy.\"

\"What do you mean by that, lady?\" Xiao Tian pretended that he didn't understand what he was hearing.

Lan Ruoxi took two steps forward and brought her face closer to Xiao Tian's right ear, \"Don't pretend that you know nothing. Oh! I forget about this. Even though 'lady' sounds sweet in my ears, but I'd prefer it if you called me big sister.\"

\"Big sister?\" Xiao Tian was dumbfounded after hearing her words. Even though Zhao Sheng called her big sister, but for Xiao Tian, addressing someone in their early thirties as a big sister was a bit too much.

Xiao Tian could understand that sometimes his mother also referred to herself as a big sister, but it was only switch-roles, and she also rarely did that.


Even though Lan Ruoxi spoke near Xiao Tian's right ear, but Zhao Sheng was able to hear it because she didn't whisper to Xiao Tian.

\"Yes. call me big sister.\" Lan Ruoxi then showed Xiao Tian a sexy pose, \"Aren't I still beautiful and young? Like someone in their early twenty.\"

Because Xiao Tian didn't want to address someone in their early thirties as a big sister, he also said close in her right ear, \"What is the difference? Someone in their early twenties can also be called a lady. Ah! If you want me to see you as a young girl, how about, I call you little Ruoxi?\"

Of course, Xiao Tian didn't intend to call her little Rouxi; he just wanted to play with her.

'What?! You want to call her little Ruoxi?'

Zhao Sheng then remembered the time when he addressed her as little Rouxi in the past. At that time, Lan Ruoxi immediately threw out her fist toward him, which was followed by a kick. And because in the past, Zhao Sheng was unable to beat her, he had no choice but to call her big sister.

'Hehe. Something interesting is going to happen.'

Zhao Sheng thought that Lan Ruoxi would also do the same thing that she did to him in the past. For this reason, Zhao Sheng looked at them with starry eyes.

Lan Ruoxi smiled a little and turned around before walking forward, \"Because it's the first time we meet, I'll let it slide. Alright, let's head to the VIP room. This is not the right place to chat.\"

'Eh! What is this?'

Zhao Sheng was astonished when Lan Ruoxi did nothing to Xiao Tian.

Because everything was different from what Zhao Sheng had expected, he walked next to Lan Ruoxi and complained, \"Big sister Ruoxi, why didn't you beat him up? This is unfair to me. In the past, you immediately beat me the moment I called you little Ruoxi.\"

Then Xiao Tian walked next to Zhao Sheng and tapped his shoulders, \"Zhao Sheng, what do you mean by that? Of course, it's different because I'm more handsome than you. Isn't that right, lady Lan?\"

Zhao Sheng was unhappy by that and immediately shouted, \"Fuck you, Xiao Tian. From today onward, we are not friends anymore,\"

\"Hahaha,\" Xiao Tian laughed.

Seeing how they behaved, Lan Ruoxi smiled a little because she thought that they were interesting young men.

Because the VIP room was on the second floor, it took them more than a minute to reach there. And when they were about to enter the VIP room, Xiao Tian saw four men in black guarding in front of the room.

After entering, Xiao Tian was satisfied with the room. The circular room looked a bit like a bright, stylish UFO, and its DJ booth, which was part of the VIP area, was located right in the middle of the space.

Not long after they sat on the couch, two women came with beverages in their hands. And after putting it on the table, they immediately left.

\"So, how could you two become friends?\" Xiao Tian and Zhao Sheng were from different class family, so Lan Ruoxi was curious how the two of them became friends. \"Don't tell me the reason the two of you can be friends is that you two previously seduced the same woman?\"

At this time, Xiao Tian didn't know what to say, so he looked at Zhao Sheng because he wanted to know what Zhao Sheng would say at a time like this.

When Zhao Sheng noticed that Xiao Tian was staring at him, he started to smirk, \"Well, it's because I'm a kind man who always helps others in need. That was why the moment Xiao Tian saw me, he immediately begged me to be his friend. Isn't that right, Xiao Tian?\"

Xiao Tian suddenly realized that it was wrong for him to let Zhao Sheng answer her question. \"He is talking nonsense.\"

Zhao Sheng then patted Xiao Tian's shoulders and laughed, \"Haha. Don't be shy, my friend. It's fine because everyone thinks so too,\"

Seeing Zhao Sheng's behavior, Xiao Tian didn't bother explaining it because he knew it would be of no use.

\"It seems like young master Zhao Sheng is pleased to be friends with young master Xiao because I have never seen young master Zhao this happy before\" of course, Lan Ruoxi knew that Zhao Sheng was talking nonsense. She even suspected that it was Zhao Sheng who wanted to befriend with Xiao Tian. \"So young master Xiao, how many girlfriends do you have right now?\"

\"I only have one because I'm a loyal person,\" even though Xiao Tian guessed that they wouldn't believe his words, but he still decided to lie to them.

\"Hahaha,\" Zhao Sheng laughed loudly after hearing Xiao Tian's words, \"If you have one girlfriend, that means the world will come to an end soon.\"

\"Hey, I'm different from you, who changes girls every day\" Xiao Tian tried his best to make himself look good in front of them.

\"Aren't you now seducing Feng Ao's wife because he has made your girlfriend sad?\" of course, Zhao Sheng wouldn't let Xiao Tian looks good in front of them because Zhao Sheng believed that Xiao Tian and he had the same character.

\"Oh! What is this?\" Lan Ruoxi was surprised after hearing Zhao Sheng's words, \"Young master Xiao is seducing someone else's wife?\"

At this time, Xiao Tian realized that he made the wrong move earlier, but because he had said that, he could not take his words back.

\"It's like this, big sister Ruoxi\" Zhao Sheng then began telling Lan Ruoxi about everything, but he didn't tell her about Xiao Tian's plan.

After hearing everything from Zhao Sheng, Lan Ruoxi spoke, \"So it's like that. You two sure are interesting young men,\"

\"Hahaha,\" Zhao Sheng laughed.

\"So, what are the other reasons you two came here? Not just introducing young master Xiao to me, right?\" Lan Ruoxi inquired.

\"There is no other reason.\" Zhao Sheng spoke and paused for a second before he continued, \"I only want to introduce Xiao Tian to you. And if he has a problem in the future, I hope you can help him.\"

\"Well, as long as it's within my reach, I will help young master Xiao\" actually, Lan Ruoxi had guessed that Zhao Sheng would say something like this. But because he liked Xiao Tian's behavior, she agreed to help Xiao Tian in the future.

\"Perfect,\" Zhao Sheng was pleased after hearing her words. Then he turned his head and looked at Xiao Tian, \"In the future, if you need help, you can come to me or big sister Ruoxi.\"

\"Alright\" at this time, Xiao Tian was grateful to Zhao Sheng because of Zhao Sheng, now he has a person who could help him in the future.

After that, they talked for about an hour before finally, Xiao Tian and Zhao Sheng returned to the Sky University.

After Xiao Tian finished all classes, he bought cakes before going home.

\"I'm home,\" Xiao Tian said when he was in the living room. He then put the cake on the table and sat next to his aunt.

\"Whoa, it's a cake.\" Ye Xueyin said happily when she saw the cake on the table.

\"Yes. Let's eat it together,\" Xiao Tian said.

\"Un\" Ye Xueyin nodded her head.

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