Illicit Relationship Chapter 185

181 I Want You To Raise My Status From Mistress To Wife. Hehe

\"Fei, how is our clothing design advertisement on TV?\" Xiao Tian, who was sitting on the couch with Shi Fei's head resting on his lap, asked curiously.

Because the last three days Xiao Tian rarely came to his company, he didn't know about the progress of their clothing design ads on TV.

\"Everything works smoothly. In a few days, our clothing design ads will be shown on three TV channels,\" yesterday, Shi Fei wanted to tell him about this good news, but because they acted lovey-dovey the moment they met, she forgot about it.

\"Three TV channels?\" Xiao Tian was pleasantly surprised after hearing her words because he thought their clothing design would only be aired on one TV channel.

\"Yes. That was because Miss Yun Xin Er told that person to show our commercial on three TV channels.\" Shi Fei nodded her head.

'Yun Xin Er did that?'

Upon knowing about this, Xiao Tian suddenly desired to meet Yun Xin Er so that he could thank her. However, because today he wanted to work at his company, he changed his mind and decided to meet her another day.

\"Well done, Fei\" Xiao Tian, who was stroking her hair, smiled softly. \"I'm fortunate to have a mistress and employee like you.\"

\"Hehehe\" Shi Fei was pleased when Xiao Tian praised her. She suddenly thought that all the hard work she had done up to now was commensurate with the results. \"I will help you to become the wealthiest person in Shanghai, no, I mean, in the whole of China. Hehe\"

At this time, Xiao Tian only looked at her softly. He then realized that she has been working hard, and not only that, she also tried her best always to make him happy.

For this reason, Xiao Tian wanted to give her something. \"Fei, what do you want?\"

\"I want you to raise my status from mistress to wife,\" Shi Fei answered instantly.

\"Hahaha,\" Xiao Tian couldn't help but laugh after hearing her words. \"If so, you need to work harder. Haha,\"

\"Un. I will work harder\" Shi Fei raised her arms and made fighting hands \"I won't give up until I become your wife.\"

Then Xiao Tian and Shi Fei were talking, joking, and flirting for about thirty minutes before finally, they began to work.

Time went by quickly, and without realizing it, it was already time to go home. And when Xiao Tian was about to head to Shi Fei's office, she immediately opened his door.

\"Little brother, it's time to go home,\" Shi Fei, who was happy because she could see him again after working hard, smiled cheerfully.

The corner of Xiao Tian's lips twitched when he saw her walking closer toward him.

'Fei, you forgot to knock on the door.'

Of course, Xiao Tian didn't say it and only smiled at her. \"Un. It's time to go home.\"

But when Xiao Tian was about to rise from his seat, Shi Fei immediately sat on his lap with her back facing him, \"Huft. I'm tired.\"

\"Thanks for the hard work\" because Shi Fei was sitting on his lap, Xiao Tian decided to keep sitting on the office chair.

Shi Fei then leaned her head on his left shoulder and said, \"Ahh. Sitting on your lap after working hard feels so good.\"

'It seems like you really love spending time with me, Fei.'

Xiao Tian then wrapped his arms around her waist and said, \"Do you want to go home immediately or sta-\"

Before Xiao Tian had finished his words, Shi Fei immediately said, \"No. I want to stay like this for fifteen minutes.\"

\"Alright\" because Shi Fei was sitting on his lap and he also placed his head on her shoulders, Xiao Tian was able to smell the fragrance of her body, \"I really like the fragrance of your body, Fei.\"

When Xiao Tian smelled the scent of jasmine, freesia, and rose every time he breathed, he felt calm, and the tiredness in his body significantly reduced.

\"Hehehe\" because in the past Xiao Tian told her that he loved the scent of her new perfume, Shi Fei decided to wear it every day, hoping that it could make him want to always be near her.

Shi Fei then slowly closed her eyes, and because she felt comfortable sitting in his embrace, she fell asleep.

\"Fei, why are yo-\" when Xiao Tian noticed that Shi Fei was sleeping, he didn't finish his words and only smiled.

'It seems like she is really exhausted.'

At first, Xiao Tian wanted to say that they should go home immediately, but when he saw the tiredness on her face, he decided to stay for another ten minutes.

Seconds turned into minutes, and without realizing it, it was already ten minutes, but Shi Fei was still sleeping.

Because he didn't want to wake her, Xiao Tian carried her in princess style and headed to his car. After opening the car door, Xiao Tian put her on the passenger seat carefully. Then Xiao Tian drove the car toward her apartment.

After several minutes of driving, they finally reached her apartment, but Shi Fei was still sleeping deeply. At this time, Xiao Tian was wavering whether he should wake her or not.

But after realizing that she was exhausting, Xiao Tian decided to wait until she woke up.

'What a sexy lady.'

Xiao Tian, who was seeing her sleeping face, smiled softly. At this time, Xiao Tian didn't do anything and only looked at her.

And after several minutes of sleeping in Xiao Tian's car, Shi Fei slowly opened her eyes. She was a little shocked when she knew that she was in Xiao Tian's car. \"Sorry little brother, I fell asleep. Let's go home now.\"

\"Fei, we are already in front of your apartment,\" Xiao Tian said as he smiled.

Because earlier, Shi Fei was still half-sleep, she thought they were about to go home. And after realizing that they were in front of her apartment, Shi Fei got out of the car.

Xiao Tian also came out of the car and approached her. When he was in front of her, Xiao Tian embraced her before finally kissed her forehead, \"Don't stay up late, understand?\"

\"Un\" Shi Fei nodded her head before walking toward her apartment.

At this time, Xiao Tian didn't immediately get into his car; instead, he kept looking at her.

When Shi Fei was walking toward her apartment, she suddenly stopped her footsteps and turned around. \"Little brother.\"

After shouting, Shi Fei ran toward Xiao Tian, and when she was in front of him, she immediately jumped on him.

Her action surprised Xiao Tian a little. Luckily he caught her on time. \"What is it?\"

Shi Fei didn't answer him and only looked at him in the eyes. After looking at his eyes for about five seconds, Shi Fei cupped his face and kissed his lips.

At this time, they didn't close their eyes; instead, they looked into each other's eyes. And even though they had kissed for about seven seconds, neither one of them showed a sign of stopping.

If other people were looking at them at this moment, they would think that Shi Fei and Xiao Tian were lovers who had just met after being separated for a long time.

They really enjoyed what they were doing and were not afraid to be seen by others, as if the world only belonged to both of them.

Because Xiao Tian thought that they had kissed for quite a long time, Xiao Tian broke the kiss and put her down, \"That's enough, Fei.\"

Even though Shi Fei still desired to kiss him again, she didn't do that because he said that it was enough for today. \"Little brother, when will you sleepover in my apartment?\"

\"Sorry, Fei. I can't do that now, or in the near future,\" Xiao Tian knew that his words would make Shi Fei sad, but he had to say it because he didn't want to see his mother sad again.

'Now that I think about it, why is mother so clingy? Last time, she even cried because she didn't see me for a day.'

Xiao Tian was curious as to why his mother behaved like that.

Is it related to our family's past? I think I need to think of a way to change her clingy behavior. Xiao Tian thought to himself.

When Xiao Tian noticed a hint of sadness on her face, he embraced her and said, \"if I have a spare time tomorrow, I will come to the company so that we can meet again.\"

Even though Shi Fei was still sad, but the sadness on her heart significantly reduced after being hugged by Xiao Tian, \"Un, I understand.\"

They were hugging for about twenty seconds before finally, Shi Fei halted the hug and walked toward her apartment. This time, Shi Fei didn't stop her footsteps and kept walking toward her apartment.

After seeing Shi Fei entered the apartment building, Xiao Tian got into his car and drove away. And after several minutes of driving, Xiao Tian finally arrived at his home.

Without waiting for another second, he came out of the car and dashed to the living room. \"Mother, aunt, I'm home.\"

Of course, like she usually did, Ye Xueyin immediately ran toward her son after hearing his voice. \"Welcome home, Tian.\"

After putting his mother on the couch, Xiao Tian kissed his aunt's cheeks and said, \"I'm home, my beautiful aunt.\"

\"Welcome home, Tian,\" Ye Qingyu replied as she smiled.

Upon hearing her son's words, Ye Xueyin pulled his clothes and said, \"Is mother not beautiful anymore?\"

Xiao Tian then sat next to his mother and said, \"Of course mother is still beautiful. In my eyes, mother is the most beautiful person in the world.\"

\"Hehe\" Ye Xueyin was pleased by her son's words.

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