Illicit Relationship Chapter 184

180 How About We Eat Together?

\"Lady, we meet again,\" Xiao Tian said as he smiled. Of course, Xiao Tian behaved as if they had met at the restaurant by coincident because it was impossible to tell her that he had been waiting for her for about fifteen minutes.

At this time, Liu Ning was wavering whether she should sit with Xiao Tian or not. Two days ago, Liu Ning had not had the chance to thank him after Xiao Tian helped her from the thugs.

And because Xiao Tian left immediately after helping her, Liu Ning often thought of him and also hoped they could meet again so that she could thank him.

Now that Xiao Tian was in front of her, Liu Ning completely forgot to thank him because she was pleased to meet the person who had helped her from the thugs.

Of course, Liu Ning wasn't in love with Xiao Tian. She was only delighted to meet her benefactor. \"Mr. Xiao Tian, did you come to this restaurant alone?\"

\"Yes. I came alone,\" because Xiao Tian didn't want Liu Ning to know that the reason he came to the Sea Restaurant was to meet her, Xiao Tian immediately gave her an excuse. \"After I finished my morning class earlier, I immediately came to this place because I heard that this restaurant has delicious food. I just didn't expect that I would meet you again, lady.\"

Liu Ning suddenly remembered that she still hadn't thanked him for helping her two days ago. Without waiting for another second, she bowed slightly and said, \"Thank you for helping me from the thugs two days ago,\"

\"It's my pleasure to help you, lady. Sorry for immediately left because, at that time, I had an important meeting at my company,\" even though the reason he immediately left after helping her was because of the plan, but he still gave her an explanation so that she wouldn't think badly of him.

\"It's fine.\" It was true that Liu Ning was a little sad when Xiao Tian immediately left. However, because she met Xiao Tian again, she didn't care about it anymore.

\"Lady, did you also come alone?\" of course, Xiao Tian knew that she came to the restaurant alone because, from the information about her, her husband rarely spent time with her in the last six months.

But because Xiao Tian wanted to act as if they had met by coincident, he asked whether she come alone or not.

\"I also came alone,\" Liu Ning answered as she smiled.

When Xiao Tian realized that Liu Ning was still standing in front of him, he stood up and approached her, \"Because we came to this restaurant alone, how about we eat together?\"

Even though Liu Ning was pleased that her benefactor invited her to eat together with him, but she didn't immediately accept it, \"But I'm a married woman. Do you still want to eat with me?\"

\"Of course. For me, it's an honor to be able to eat with a beautiful lady like you,\" Xiao Tian touched the backside of her shoulders and invited her to sit down.

\"Mr. Xiao Tian, I'm happy that you invite me to eat together with you but.\" Liu Ning didn't finish her words and looked at his right hand, which was touching the backside of her shoulders.

Liu Ning wanted to say that he shouldn't touch her because she was a married woman, and they were not close to each other either. However, because she didn't want him to feel offended, Liu Ning didn't finish her words on purpose.

Even though Liu Ning didn't finish her words, Xiao Tian was able to understand that she didn't want him to touch her.

Because Xiao Tian respected Liu Ning, he immediately removed his right hand from the backside of her shoulders, \"Sorry, lady. I didn't mean to disrespect you. I just want to invite you to sit down with me.\"

\"It's fine,\" Liu Ning knew that Xiao Tian had no bad intentions when he touched the backside of her shoulders. That was why she immediately forgave him.

\"Mr. Xiao Tian, why didn't you come with your girlfriend?\" Liu Ning, who was sitting on the opposite of Xiao Tian, asked curiously.

\"I don't have a girlfriend,\" Xiao Tian said with a sad face. Because he intended to seduce her later, Xiao Tian decided to lie to her.

\"Really?\" Liu Ning asked in surprise.

Even though he made a sad face as if he really didn't have a lover, but Liu Ning didn't believe his words. Xiao Tian was handsome, young, and successful person, so there was no way a woman would not be attracted to him.

Because Liu Ning didn't believe him, Xiao Tian had no choice but to keep lying, \"Actually I had a girlfriend, but we broke up before the summer holiday. That's why I came to this restaurant alone,\"

\"Oh!\" after hearing his words, Liu Ning began to believe him, \"That girl must be regretting her decision now.\"

\"Well, we broke up, so I don't really care about her now.\" Xiao Tian spoked and paused for a second before he continued, \"Oh, Right lady. Earlier, you said that you're a married woman, so where is your husband?\"

\"He is working now, so he can't accompany me to eat at this restaurant,\" of course Liu Ning didn't tell Xiao Tian that her husband rarely spent time with her in the last six months because it was a family problem. Not something that she could talk with everyone.

\"Your husband must be one of the lucky men because he has a beautiful lady like you as a wife,\" because Xiao Tian was trying to seduce a married woman, he couldn't behave aggressively and needed to do everything carefully.

\"Mr. Xiao Tian, you do seem to have a glib tongue. Hehe,\" Liu Ning giggled while covering her mouth.

\"But I only stated the truth.\" like when he seduced a married woman in his past life, the first thing he needed to do was tell her that she was beautiful.

After that, he only needed to be a good listener, make her feel comfortable around him, makes her laugh, invite her to hang out, and make her feel special. Those were some things that need to be done to succeed in seducing a married woman.

And because it was the first time for them to talk with each other, Xiao Tian decided not to do everything at once.

Xiao Tian suddenly remembered that he still hasn't asked her name. \"Lady, I suddenly remember that I still don't know your name. May I know your name?\"

\"Ops! From earlier, we are talking without introducing ourselves first\" Liu Ning then extended her right hand to do a handshake with Xiao Tian, \"Liu Ning.\"

Xiao Tian also extended his hand and did a handshake with Liu Ning, \"Xiao Tian.\"

Liu Ning smiled and immediately said, \"I know,\"

Of course, Liu Ning knew about him because almost all the people in the whole of China knew about him, including Liu Ning.

Liu Ning even became one of his fans when she learned that Xiao Tian built his company from scratch and succeeded in a short time. For this reason, she was delighted when she knew that the person who helped her from the thugs was none other than her idol.

Not long after that, the waiter came with his order. And because Liu Ning still hasn't ordered anything yet, she immediately ordered salt and paper crab with a vanilla milkshake.

After the waiter left, Xiao Tian and Liu Ning began talking again.

And because Xiao Tian wanted to eat together with Liu Ning, he didn't eat his food.

Liu Ning kept saying that it was fine if he wanted to eat first, but Xiao Tian still chose not to eat his food. For this reason, she decided to just talk to him.

At that time, they were talking about many things, and between their conversation, Liu Ning often laughed or smiled happily.

Because she really enjoyed talking with Xiao Tian, Liu Ning even forgot that she was chatting with someone she had just met.

Thirty minutes later, the waiter came with her order. And after the waiter put the food and drink on the table, he immediately left.

Then Xiao Tian and Liu Ning began to eat their food, but even though they were eating, they didn't stop talking as if they were good friends who had not spoken for a long time.

Not long after that, they finished consuming the food. Xiao Tian and Liu Ning talked for another ten minutes before finally, Liu Ning went home.

At this time, Xiao Tian still hasn't asked for her phone number because, in his view, it was still not the right time for that.

'It's still 02:00 pm.'

Because Xiao Tian didn't have a class anymore, he decided to go to his company. After he arrived at his company, Xiao Tian immediately headed to his office.

\"Fei\" Xiao Tian said when he saw Shi Fei walking toward her office.

Upon hearing a familiar voice, Shi Fei turned around. And when she saw that it was Xiao Tian, Shi Fei rushed toward him.

\"Little brother, I'm lonely.\" Shi Fei said while hugging him.

Xiao Tian raised her face and said, \"Did little Xue work at the cosmetic shop today?\"

\"Un\" Shi Fei nodded her head.

\"Now that I'm here, I won't let you feel lonely again, \"Xiao Tian cupped her face and looked into her eyes, \"Do you want to act lovey-dovey with me now?\"

Upon hearing his words, Shi Fei's eyes shone excitedly, \"Yes.\"

\"Let's enter my office\" without waiting for her answer, Xiao Tian carried her in the princess style and entered his office.

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