Illicit Relationship Chapter 183

179 The Second Mission Begins

After that, they were chatting, joking, and flirting for about thirty minutes before finally, they began to work again.

Because Xiao Tian was pleased with the growth of their relationship, he decided not to kiss Lin Xing Xue passionately because he didn't want to force Lin Xing Xue to do a hot kiss in front of her good friend.

Xiao Tian also didn't do a French kiss with Shi Fei because he didn't want to make Lin Xing Xue sad and change her mind.

Time went by quickly, and without realizing it, it was time to go home. And like he usually did, Xiao Tian drove Lin Xing Xue and Shi Fei home before going back.

\"I'm home\" when Xiao Tian stepped into the living room, he prepared to catch his mother because he thought that his mother would jump on him the moment she saw him in the living room.

However, what he had guessed was wrong because when he was in the living room, his mother didn't jump on him, or more preciously, he didn't see his mother.

But when he saw his aunt sitting on the couch, he approached her and asked, \"Aunt, where is mother?\"

\"Big sister went to the supermarket to buy groceries,\" Ye Qingyu replied.

Xiao Tian then kissed her cheeks and said, \"Alright, I will take a shower first.\"

After saying that, Xiao Tian headed to his room before going to the bathroom. This time, Xiao Tian took a bath much longer than usual.

Of course, he didn't do what horny people do in the bathroom. The reason he took a long bath was that he soaked in hot water.

Today, Lin Xing Xue and Shi Fei gave him a lot of work. That was why he decided to soak in hot water because he wanted to refresh his mind in the hot tub.

'I need to get out now, or I will get dizzy later.'

Because he was soaking in a hot tub for more than thirty minutes, Xiao Tian decided to finish taking a shower.

After entering his room and wearing clothes, Xiao Tian headed to the living room again.

\"Oh! You just finished taking a shower?\" earlier, Ye Qingyu was curious as to why Xiao Tian hasn't returned to the living room because usually, her nephew always took a bath for about ten minutes.

\"Yes,\" Xiao Tian replied as he sat next to his aunt. \"Why are you asking this?\"

\"Well, usually, you only need ten minutes to take a bath, but this time it's more than thirty minutes, so I'm curious about it\" Ye Qingyu covered her mouth and giggled, \"You didn't do anything weird which needed your hands in the bathroom, right?\"

Xiao Tian's lips twitched after hearing his aunt's words. of course, Xiao Tian understood what she meant by doing anything weird in the bathroom.

Xiao Tian just didn't expect that his aunt would say something like that to him, \"Why should I do something like that? If I feel horny, I only need to ask you or mother to help me, right? There is no need for me to use my hands.\"

\"Who knows\" even though what her nephew said was right, but earlier, the thought that he was pleasuring himself in the bathroom had crossed her mind.

After thinking about his aunt's words, Xiao Tian started to smirk. Then Xiao Tian brought his face closer to her ears and whispered, \"Now that you mention it, I suddenly feel horny. How about we do it right now?\"

Ye Qingyu didn't answer him and only stared at her nephew for about two seconds before finally turning her gaze toward the TV.

Because his aunt said nothing as if she didn't reject his idea, Xiao Tian made her face him and kissed her lips.

Ye Qingyu had guessed that her nephew would kiss her lips, but because she didn't mind being kissed by him, she did nothing and only looked at his black eyes.

Xiao Tian only kissed his aunt for about three seconds before stopping the kiss. However, he kept the distance between their faces close to each other.

Xiao Tian didn't immediately kiss his aunt again; instead, he looked into her dark grey eyes. And after looking at her for about five seconds, Xiao Tian opened his mouth and slowly brought his face closer to hers again.

As if Ye Qingyu also desired to do a hot kiss with her nephew, she opened her mouth before his lips reached hers.

And when their lips pressed against each other, they immediately intertwined their tongues lewdly.

As they were kissing passionately, Xiao Tian's hands didn't stay on his thighs when he remembered that two heavenly mountains were in front of him.

Ye Qingyu, who was feeling her nephew's hands squeezing her breasts, didn't stop the kiss because she knew that something like this would happen to her.

Ye Qingyu thought that she could keep kissing her nephew, but she was wrong because several seconds after he squeezed her breasts, she felt that her body turned hot and unconsciously a seductive moan came out of her little mouth, making their lips separate.

Even though Ye Qingyu broke the kiss, Xiao Tian kept squeezing her breasts gently while also looking at her dark grey eyes.

At this time, Ye Qingyu was looking at his black eyes while sometimes letting out a soft moan. But when she noticed that her nephew started unbuttoning her shirt, she lowered her head to look at his hands.

Still, Ye Qingyu did nothing and let him do whatever he wanted. And when he squeezed her bare breasts, Ye Qingyu looked at his eyes again while also opening her little mouth.

As if Xiao Tian understood what she wanted, he also opened his mouth and started to kiss her passionately again.

When Xiao Tian was exploring her mouth with his tongue, he started to play with her nipples. Even though he was playing with her nipples gently, his action still made her break the kiss.

And because Xiao Tian still wanted to kiss her, he brought his face closer to her face again. At this time, Xiao Tian stopped playing with her breasts and slowly pushed her down to the couch.

As her nephew was on top of her, Ye Qingyu raised her arms and landed it on his waist. They were kissing passionately for about fifteen seconds before finally, she broke the kiss, \"Tian, there is something hard between my thighs.\"

\"Something hard? What do you mean by something hard? I don't get it\" of course, Xiao Tian understood what she meant was his cock. However, because he wanted to tease her, he pretended as if he knew nothing.

\"You want to tease your aunt, huh?\" Ye Qingyu knew that her nephew wanted to tease her. That was why she pinched his cheeks.

Xiao Tian then sat upright and pulled his aunt, too, making her sit next to him.

Ye Qingyu thought that he wanted to stop, but she was wrong because when she was sitting next to him, Xiao Tian began taking off her shirt.

At this moment, Ye Qingyu knew that he wanted to have sex with her, but because he was her lover and she also felt horny, she didn't do anything.

After a brief moment, both of them finally naked. And without waiting for another second, they began to have sex. They were having sex for about fifteen minutes before finally, Ye Xueyin entered the house.

Ye Xueyin was shocked when she knew that her son and little sister were having sex in the living room. However, she didn't scold them; instead, she took off her clothes and joined them.

At that time, they were having sex for about an hour before finally, they decided to stop because they were hungry. And like they usually did, after diner, they went to the backyard until 11:00 pm before finally, they slept in Xiao Tian's room.


The next day in the morning, after Xiao Tian had breakfast with his mother and aunt, he traveled to his campus because he has morning classes.

After morning classes, Xiao Tian met Zhao Sheng to treat him a meal. And because they often spend time together, their relationship was getting closer.

At this moment, Xiao Tian realized that it was a good thing to have Zhao Sheng as a friend because not only was he an entertaining person, but he was also a person who valued friendship.

After they talked for about an hour, Xiao Tian went to the Sea Restaurant because he wanted to continue his mission.

After several minutes of driving, Xiao Tian arrived at Sea Restaurant. And without waiting for another second, he entered the restaurant, which was immediately welcomed by the waiter.

Sea Restaurant was a restaurant that provides a variety of seafood. It was a middle-class restaurant, but because the food was delicious, many people came to this restaurant every day.

The restaurant has two buildings for dining; one large building with many chairs and tables neatly arranged and a small building around 3x3 meters with only one low table in the middle of the building.

Because Xiao Tian knew that Liu Ning regularly ate in the small building, Xiao Tian chose to eat right where Liu Ning always ate.

And after the waiter wrote down his order, the waiter immediately left.

It's still 11:45 am. I have to wait for about fifteen minutes before Liu Ning comes to this restaurant. Xiao Tian thought to himself.

And like what the information which Zhao Sheng had given to him, Liu Ning came to Sea Restaurant at 12:00 pm.

When Liu Ning was walking to the place where she usually ate, she was surprised when she saw Xiao Tian, \"Mr. Xiao Tian?\"

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