Illicit Relationship Chapter 180

176 Thank You

After several minutes of driving, Xiao Tian finally reached his company. But instead of entering his corporation, Xiao Tian remained in the car. Then he took a smartphone out of his pocket and called Lin Xing Xue.

\"Tian, what's wrong?\" Lin Xing Xue, who was working at Xiao Tian's company, asked after picking up the phone.

Because Xiao Tian didn't know whether Lin Xing Xue was working at his corporation or not, he inquired, \"Little Xue, are you working at my company today?\"

\"Yes,\" Lin Xing Xue had no idea why Xiao Tian asked this. But suddenly she thought that he required something from his corporation, \"Do you need something?\"

\"No. I'm in front of the company right now. Come here.\" Xiao Tian went to the point

\"Alright,\" even though Lin Xing Xue was curious why Xiao Tian didn't enter his enterprise, but she chose not to ask about it.

When Xiao Tian saw Lin Xing Xue walking toward him, he put down the car window and spoke, \"Little Xue, get in.\"

Like before, Lin Xing Xue said nothing and immediately got into his vehicle.

\"I want to take you to someplace,\" Xiao Tian knew that she must be curious why he suddenly wanted to take her somewhere.

Because Xiao Tian wanted to give her a surprise, he said nothing and immediately drove away. After driving for several minutes, Xiao Tian parked his car in front of elementary school.

Lin Xing Xue was dumbfounded by this. When she wanted to ask why he stopped the car in front of primary school, she suddenly thought of her daughter, \"Tian, don't tell me, this school is.\"

\"Yes. This is a place where Feng Yu studies,\" of course, Xiao Tian knew about this because he had read all the information about Feng Yu before.

Lin Xing Xue didn't expect that he would take her to meet her daughter. Lin Xing Xue was pleasantly surprised by this. Earlier, she thought Xiao Tian wanted to go on a date with her, but she was wrong.

With tears of happiness in her eyes, Lin Xing Xue held his hands and spoke, \"Tian thank you.\"

In the past, even though Lin Xing Xue and Feng Ao were divorced, she could still meet her daughter at her school, but suddenly her daughter moved to another school.

Lin Xing Xue knew that it was because Feng Ao didn't want her to meet her daughter anymore. For this reason, she was despondent, and she started to hate Feng Ao more than before.

Even though they were divorced, but Feng Yu was still her daughter, so she had the right to meet her. But because Lin Xing Xue was from a lower-class family and had a limited connection, she was unable to find a place where her daughter studied.

Lin Xing Xue had tried asking Feng Ao several times, but Feng Ao always refused to say anything to her.

For this reason, Lin Xing Xue had no choice but to work hard if she wanted to meet her daughter again. This was also where she decided to work hard every day.

\"But we can only meet her during her breaks time and leave after that because Feng Ao hired a driver to take her to school and pick her up when the school is over,\" the reason Xiao Tian told Lin Xing Xue about this was that he was afraid that if Feng Ao found out about this, Feng Ao would move Feng Yu to another school again.

\"Un\" even though she could only meet her daughter in less than an hour, she was still happy. Lin Xing Xue then came out of the car and stood under a tree while looking at the place where her daughter was studying.

At this time, Xiao Tian was still in his car. Realizing this, Lin Xing Xue was curious about what he was doing in his vehicle because she thought that he would immediately get out of the car too.

\"Tian, what are you doing?\" Lin Xing Xue asked curiously

\"Wait a second.\" after several seconds, Xiao Tian got out of the car with a few chocolates and candies in his hands, \"I have something for Feng Yu.\"

Earlier, before traveling to his company, Xiao Tian bought a few chocolates and candies because he wanted to win Feng Yu's heart.

Upon seeing this, Lin Xing's face broke into a smile. She didn't know that Xiao Tian bought several chocolates and candies before going to meet her daughter.

His action made Lin Xing Xue pleased because, with this, she knew that he was serious with her. \"What makes you think that my daughter likes candy and chocolate?\"

\"All children like candy and chocolate\" of course, Xiao Tian knew about this because he read all the information about Feng Yu.

\"Makes sense,\" Lin Xing Xue nodded her head.

After that, they waited for about an hour before finally, the break time came.

\"Yu'er,\" Lin Xing Xue shouted after seeing her daughter.

Upon hearing a familiar voice, Feng Yu, who wanted to head to the canteen, stopped her footsteps and turned around. When Feng Yu saw her mother and Xiao Tian, she quickly approached them.

\"Mother, how do you know the place where I study?\" Feng Yu spoke after she was in front of her mother. And when she saw Xiao Tian, she immediately understood that it was all because of him, \"Xiao Tian?\"

At this time, Feng Yu wanted to ask why her mother was still in a relationship with Xiao Tian. But when she knew that he was the one who brought her mother to her, she decided to say nothing.

\"Yu'er.\" Lin Xing Xue instantly embraced her daughter.

After they stopped hugging each other, Xiao Tian immediately smiled and said, \"Little Yu, this big brother bought chocolates and cadies earlier. Here, you can take all of this,\"

Feng Yu didn't immediately accept it, but when she saw her mother nodding her head, Feng Yu took it and responded monotonously \"Thank you,\"

After that, Feng Yu returned her attention to her mother and ignored Xiao Tian completely.

The corner of Xiao Tian's lips twitched after seeing this.

'Holy hell! That's all?'

Because Xiao Tian didn't know how to win the heart of a child, he could not do anything. Of course, Xiao Tian didn't give up and tried to talk to Feng Yu again, \"Little Yu, how is the school?\"

\"Same as usual,\" Feng Yu replied monotonously.

A black line formed on Xiao Tian's face after hearing her answer, \"Where are your friends?\"

\"Eating,\" once again, Feng Yu responded it monotonously.

It seems like I need to read a book about how to win the heart of a child. Xiao Tian thought to himself

After that, Lin Xing Xue and Feng Yu chatted about many things. Of course, Xiao Tian also tried to talk to Feng Yu, but she only spoke to him five times before finally she completely ignored him again.

Thirty minutes had passed since they talked to Feng Yu and the sound of bells indicating that the break time was over could be heard in their ears.

Upon hearing the sound of the bell, Lin Xing Xue's face turned sad. She still wanted to spend time with her daughter, but because the break time was over, Lin Xing Xue had to separate from her again.

When Feng Yu noticed the expression on her mother's face, she held her mother's hands and said, \"Mother, don't be sad. Now that you know the place where I study, you can meet me again,\"

\"Un. I'm not sad anymore,\" Lin Xing Xue nodded her head, \"You have to study hard so that your future will be bright,\"

\"Yes. I will study hard. I have to go back to the classroom now.\" after kissing her mother's cheeks, Feng Yu headed to her classroom, but she suddenly stopped her footsteps, and turned around, \"Xiao Tian, don't think that I will change my mind about you just because of this, but.......thank you,\"


Xiao Tian was startled after hearing Feng Yu's words. He didn't expect that she would say something like that.

\"I know,\" Xiao Tian replied as he smiled, \"But I won't give up either.\"

This is a good sign. Xiao Tian thought to himself.

After Feng Yu entered her classroom, Xiao Tian and Lin Xing Xue got into the car.

\"Tian, thank you,\" Lin Xing Xue was grateful to him because today Xiao Tian brought her to meet her daughter.

With this, as long as it was a school day, Lin Xing Xue could meet her daughter again. This made her very happy until unconsciously; a beautiful smile arose on her face.

When Xiao Tian saw the smile on her face, he was pleased and decided to treat Zhao Sheng to meal again because Zhao Sheng had helped him make his woman happy.

\"How about you kiss me as a thanks?\" at this time, Xiao Tian was only joking. However, before he could say that he was only joking around, Lin Xing Xue kissed his lips.

\"Done.\" Lin Xing Xue said after she broke the kiss. They had done lots of kisses, so kissing him as a thanks were easy for her.

Even though it was only for two seconds, but Xiao Tian could still feel the tenderness of her lips earlier. This made Xiao Tian satisfied because, in the past few days, they haven't kissed.

Because he thought that the goddess of luck was on his side, Xiao Tian wanted to try his luck again, \"How about we do a French kiss?\"

Upon hearing his words, Lin Xing Xue pinched his nose and smiled, \"Pervert!\"

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