Illicit Relationship Chapter 179

175 Put On Your Clothes

The next day in the morning, Xiao Tian woke up before the alarm rang. And because it was still 05:00 am, his mother and aunt were still sleeping on both of his sides.

Last night, they enjoyed themselves in the backyard until 10:20 pm before finally, they decided to enter the house due to the atmosphere was getting cold.

At first, they wanted to watch TV for several minutes after entering their home, but Ye Qingyu suddenly felt drowsy. For this reason, they chose to go to sleep. And as usual, Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin wanted to rest in Xiao Tian's room.

Of course, Xiao Tian gladly accepted it because sleeping with his mother and aunt was something he really liked.

Not only would he not feel lonely, but he could also talk to them before going to bed and also see their faces after waking up.

Lately, due to his mother and aunt often slept in his room, Xiao Tian always felt lonely whenever he rested alone, as if something was missing inside him. That was why, although he never said it, he always desired to sleep with them every night.

Last night, they didn't do any forbidden things like they usually did in Xiao Tian's bedroom; instead, they went straight to sleep.

'It seems like they have a good dream.'

When Xiao Tian looked at his mother and aunt, a soft smile spread across his face.

'I'm going to take a warm shower so that I will feel refreshed.'

Because his mother and aunt were sleeping while hugging his arms, Xiao Tian carefully freed his arms so that they didn't wake up.

After that, Xiao Tian headed to the bathroom to take a shower. Ten minutes later, Xiao Tian finished taking a bath.

'I feel refreshed now.'

Xiao Tian grabbed a towel to wrap around his waist.

And when he returned to his room, Xiao Tian noticed that his aunt had woken up, \"Morning, aunt.\"

\"You have taken a bath?!\" Ye Qingyu said in surprise. Earlier, when she was unable to find him in bed after waking up, she thought that he went to the dining room to drink.

She just didn't expect that he was taking a shower because this was the first time for her to see him take a bath so early in the morning.

\"Un. I have just had a bath,\" Xiao Tian replied while choosing the clothes he would wear for today.

\"Why did you ta-\" before she had finished her words, Ye Qingyu covered her mouth, and her eyes widened in surprise. \"What are you doing? Why did you take off your towel?\"

Earlier, she wanted to know the reason why he took a bath so early, but because Xiao Tian was suddenly naked in front of her, Ye Qingyu was unable to finish her words.

\"What? Of course, because I want to put on my clothes.\" Xiao Tian turned around toward his aunt, making his naked body visible to her, \"Aunt, you have seen my naked body many times, so why are you still surprised?\"

Because they had sex many times, Xiao Tian thought that she had used to see his naked body. That was why Xiao Tian didn't bother to cover his body.

Ye Qingyu was lost for words. Even though she had seen his naked body many times, but it was when they were having sex, so she was still embarrassed when she saw his naked body.

\"Hurry up and put on your clothes!\" although she told him to get dress quickly, but her beautiful eyes kept stealing a glance.

At first, Xiao Tian wanted to put on his clothes immediately, but when he noticed that his aunt was stealing a glance, he started to smirk.

Xiao Tian then placed the clothes on the bed and stood right in front of his aunt, \"Aunt, why don't you help me put on my clothes?\"

Ye Qingyu's face turned red when she realized that Xiao Tian knew what she was doing. Because she didn't know how to respond to it, Ye Qingyu immediately wrapped the blanket over her head.

Upon seeing this, Xiao Tian could only smile. He had no idea that his aunt was still shy to see his naked body.

Because Xiao Tian didn't intend to keep teasing her, he put on his clothes and crawled into bed. Then Xiao Tian laid down on Ye Qingyu's right side. \"Aunt, why are you wrapping the blanket over your head?\"

\"Put on your clothes!\" at this time, Ye Qingyu still covered herself in a blanket because she thought Xiao Tian was still naked.

\"Hehe. I'm wearing clothes now,\" Xiao Tian said while pulling down the blanket \"See! I'm not lying,\"

When Ye Qingyu saw her nephew already wearing clothes, she inquired, \"Why did you take a bath so early?\"

\"Well, I just want to,\" because Xiao Tian wanted to cuddle with her, he grabbed her by the waist so that they could relax in the half-spoon position.

With her head resting on his chest and her legs intertwined with his legs, Ye Qingyu made a circle on his chest with her index finger.

In that position, Ye Qingyu was able to smell the fragrance of his body every time she breathed, making her feel relaxed and wanting to stay in the same position forever.

Actually, Ye Qingyu wanted to cook breakfast earlier, but when she felt relaxed cuddling with him, she decided to do that later.

It's still 05:12 am, so I still have time to relax. I will cook in fifteen minutes. Ye Qingyu thought to herself.

However, because she genuinely enjoyed cuddling with her nephew, Ye Qingyu didn't realize that thirty-three minutes had passed.

At this time, Ye Xueyin slowly opened her eyes. When she saw her little sister resting on her son's chest, Ye Xueyin suddenly wanted to cuddle with her son too.

However, because she didn't want to disturb them, Ye Xueyin immediately headed to the kitchen to cook breakfast.

Of course, Xiao Tian knew it was already 05:45 am, but because he still wanted to cuddle with his aunt, he said nothing and enjoyed their time happily.

Xiao Tian kept stroking his aunt's hair gently while sometimes he also kissed it. One of the reasons he did this was to keep his aunt from looking at the alarm clock so that he could keep cuddling for longer.

But when Ye Qingyu heard someone cooking in the kitchen, she wanted to get up and head to the kitchen.

However, when she was about to get up, Xiao Tian wrapped his arms around her waist. \"Aunt, let's stay like this. Today, let mother cook breakfast by herself.\"

\"No! I want to help big sister cook breakfast\" Ye Qingyu tried to get up, but because Xiao Tian hugged her tightly, she failed to do that. \"Tian, let go of me! I want to help big sister,\"

\"Why? Mother can cook by herself. You don't need to help her. Only for today aunt. Let's stay like this for a little longer\" Xiao Tian didn't know why his aunt put so much importance on her big sister.

His aunt always tried to help his mother in everything and never wanted his mother in a difficult position. His aunt also put his mother's happiness above her. This made Xiao Tian curious and wanted to know everything, but his aunt never told him the reason every time he asked about it.

'Tian, you don't know anything because at that time you were little. Big sister has sacrificed everything for you, so I, as her little sister, feel sad and want to make her always happy.'

Ye Qingyu wanted to voice it out, but she suddenly thought that it was better if he knew nothing about it.

\"Tian\" Because Ye Qingyu was unable to free herself from his embrace, she only hoped that he would let her go.

Seeing the expression on her face, Xiao Tian suddenly felt guilty and let her go, \"Aunt, I'm sorry. Please don't make that face again.\"

\"Thank you,\" Ye Qingyu immediately got up and rushed toward the kitchen.

'What happened in the past? Why do I not have memories of that?'

In the past, he had tried to find out about it in his predecessor's memories, but he had found nothing. At this time, Xiao Tian could only sigh and prepare everything so that he could immediately go to campus after breakfast.

After everything was ready, Xiao Tian headed to the living room to watch TV. Thirty minutes later, his mother and aunt finished cooking breakfast, so they immediately ate together.

And as usual, after he had breakfast with his mother and aunt, Xiao Tian kissed their foreheads and went to the campus.

Because today Xiao Tian only has one class, he suddenly wanted to meet Zhao Sheng because there was something that he wanted to ask.

But suddenly he thought of something. With this on his mind, Xiao Tian traveled to his company.

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