Illicit Relationship Chapter 174

171 I Have To Teach Him A Lesson

After getting out of the Autumn Restaurant, they began to look for another restaurant. But when they were looking for a restaurant, Lin Xing Xue suddenly wanted him to drive her home.

This was much surprised him. Because Xiao Tian knew that Lin Xing Xue wouldn't eat anything with the sadness in her heart, Xiao Tian decided to buy a portion of healthy food for her.

Once again, Xiao Tian felt sad when he realized that he couldn't cook because, in his view, this was the perfect time to cook for his lover.

However, because he was unable to cook any food, he could only sigh and buy the food from a restaurant. After purchasing the food and driving for several minutes, they finally arrived at Lin Xing Xue's home.

When Lin Xing Xue remained to sit in the passenger seat with an empty gaze, Xiao Tian knew that she was thinking about her daughter. \"Little Xue, we have arrived at your home.\"

Lin Xing Xue came to her senses after hearing his words. \"Ah? Oh!\"

Then Lin Xing Xue got out of the car and immediately entered her home without saying a single word to Xiao Tian.

Xiao Tian didn't blame her when she completely forgot about him because he knew that her mind was a mess right now.

Then Xiao Tian got out of the car and entered her house too. When he was in the living room, Xiao Tian saw Lin Xing Xue sitting on the couch while holding her daughter's photo and looking at it.

Xiao Tian immediately headed to the kitchen because he wanted to prepare the meal for her. After a brief moment, Xiao Tian returned to the living room with a portion of healthy food and water in his hands.

After putting the food and water on the table, Xiao Tian turned on the TV, hoping that it could reduce the sadness in her heart.

\"Little Xue, eat first,\" Xiao Tian said as he tried to feed her the food.

Lin Xing Xue stared at Xiao Tian for about three seconds before finally, she rejected it, \"I don't want to eat,\"

Xiao Tian had guessed that she would say something like this, but he didn't give up because she needed to eat, \"You can't do this, little Xue. I know you're sad, but you need to eat. A little bit is fine too. at least, don't let your stomach empty.\"

Lin Xing Xue still ignored him and kept looking at her daughter's photo.

Using his left hand, Xiao Tian touched her cheeks and said softly, \"Little Xue, you should eat first after that you can look at the photo of your daughter again. You want to take your daughter back, right? So why are you like this? Instead of behaving like this, you should think about how to take your daughter back.\"

After hearing his words, Lin Xing Xue came to her senses and looked at him. She then realized what he said was right. There was no point in being sad at this time because the most important thing she needed to do was to think about how to get her daughter back.

Because it was the first time for her to meet her daughter again in a few years, she was despondent when she could only talk to her daughter for only about five minutes.

Lin Xing Xue then knew that she behaved immaturely, and she even ignored him earlier. When she realized this, she suddenly felt glad that Xiao Tian wasn't angry or complaining at her; he even still accompanied her.

Xiao Tian was pleased when she realized that continuing to feel sad was not the right choice.

But Lin Xing Xue suddenly felt sad again when she remembered that the money in her bank account was still not enough to take her daughter back.

In the past, she had an agreement with her ex-husband that if she wanted to take her daughter back, she must have money at least 500,000 Yuan in her bank account.

And the money in her bank account right now was around 420,000 Yuan. Lin Xing Xue then began to think about how to get 80,000 Yuan in a short time because she wanted to take her daughter back as soon as possible.

'What should I do? Where should I get 80,000 Yuan in a short time? I have sold all the inheritance from my late parents, so I don't have anything to sell anymore.'

Lin Xing Xue then looked at Xiao Tian intently. An idea to borrow money from Xiao Tian suddenly arose in her mind, but she didn't have the courage to say it.

Lin Xing Xue didn't want him to think that she had a relationship with him just because she wanted his money. She suddenly remembered her good friend Shi Fei. For this reason, Lin Xing Xue decided that she would talk to Shi Fei about this tomorrow.

When Xiao Tian noticed the complicated on her face, he was dumbfounded. \"Little Xue, what's wrong?\"

\"Mm. Nothing\" because Lin Xing Xue needed to stay healthy so that she could take her daughter back, Lin Xing Xue grabbed the plate on Xiao Tian's hands and began to eat the food.

Even though Xiao Tian wanted to feed her, but when he saw her eating the food, Xiao Tian didn't say a single word and only looked at her.

After a brief moment, Lin Xing Xue finished eating the food. She then placed the plate on the table and said, \"Tian, I'm sorry for ignoring you earlier.\"

\"It's fine.\" Xiao Tian cupped her face and looked at her, lovingly, \"You don't need to feel sorry for that.\"

\"Thank you, Tian\" Lin Xing Xue was glad that her lover was very understanding because, in the past, all of her exes were angry when she suddenly ignored them. She was relieved that Xiao Tian was different from them.

Then, they talked for about two hours before finally, Xiao Tian went home.

After entering his home and locking the door, Xiao Tian headed to the living room. But when Xiao Tian was in the living room, he didn't see his mother and aunt. This made Xiao Tian curious because usually, his mother and aunt always watched TV in the living room every time he got home.

With curiosity, Xiao Tian walked toward their room, and when he saw that they were sleeping, Xiao Tian decided to head to his bedroom because he didn't want to wake them.

After entering his room and changing his clothes, Xiao Tian laid down on the bed.

'That Feng Ao dared to humiliate my lover so I have to teach him a lesson. First, I need the information about Feng Ao, so it will be easier for me to teach him a lesson.'

With this on his mind, Xiao Tian decided to meet Zhao Sheng tomorrow because he was sure that Zhao Sheng could help him get all the information about Feng Ao.

Then Xiao Tian decided to sleep early because he didn't want to spend all day napping like again.


The next day in the morning, after he had breakfast with his aunt and mother, Xiao Tian immediately traveled to his university.

And like yesterday, several girls looked at him or praised him when they saw him, but this time, he failed to avoid them, making them surround him for several minutes.

After telling them that he had a class to attend, Xiao Tian was finally able to escape from his fans. And without waiting for another second, he looked for Zhao Sheng.

At this time, Xiao Tian was annoyed because he didn't have Zhao Sheng's phone number. For this reason, he looked for Zhao Sheng for about two hours, but still, Zhao Sheng was nowhere to be found.

With a hint of annoyance that could be seen on his face, Xiao Tian walked towards the university gardens.

And when he was relaxing in the university gardens, Zhao Sheng mystically appeared in front of him. This made Xiao Tian angry and wanted to curse Zhao Sheng, but he knew that he shouldn't do that because he needed Zhao Sheng's help.

\"Yo, Xiao Tian, you're here again? Did you skip class again?\" Zhao Sheng sat on the wooden bench and behaved as if he was royalty.

'Fuck you! I was looking for you for about two hours earlier, and here, you are behaving as if you're an important person.'

Xiao Tian wanted to vent his anger the moment he saw Zhao Sheng sat on the wooden bench, but he tried his best to hold back, \"No. I don't have a class now. What about you?\"

\"Me too\" because Zhao Sheng still had no friends except Xiao Tian, he rushed to the university gardens because he wanted to meet Xiao Tian. Luckily Xiao Tian was in the same place as they met yesterday; if not, he didn't know where to find Xiao Tian because he didn't have Xiao Tian's phone number \"Xiao Tian, give me your number.\"

\"Fine\" Xiao Tian agreed without thinking twice because he actually wanted to ask Zhao Sheng's number too. \"Zhao Sheng, how about we have brunch right now? It's on me.\"

\"What?\" Zhao Sheng was shocked after hearing his words. Usually he was the one who always invited Xiao Tian to something, and never vice versa. This made Zhao Sheng stunned for about two seconds before finally he realized that Xiao Tian needed something from him. \"Say, Xiao Tian, you need something from me, right? Why don't you tell me right now? Don't worry; I will help you because we're friends.\"

\"Not here. Let's head to the canteen now. We can eat while talking later\" actually, Xiao Tian wanted to get to the point, but he knew that it would be impolite because they were still not close enough, so at least, Xiao Tian wanted to treat him to a meal before asking for help from him.

\"Alright,\" Zhao Sheng nodded his head.

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