Illicit Relationship Chapter 173

170 Feng Yu And Feng Ao

Xiao Tian and Lin Xin Xue immediately turned around. And when Lin Xin Xue saw the face of children who was calling mom just now, suddenly tears fell down her cheeks.

In less than a second, Lin Xin Xue embraced the little girl tightly. From seeing her face, everyone could tell that this was the moment she always dreams of all the time.

At first, Xiao Tian was startled by Lin Xing Xue's attitude, which quickly embraced the girl with tears in her eyes, but after seeing the child's face, Xiao Tian finally grasped the reason.

The little girl was around ten years old and had long black hair with brown eyes. Even though her hair was long, but everyone could tell that she was a mini version of Lin Xin Xue.

\"Mother, please stop crying\" the mini version of Lin Xin Xue patted Lin Xing Xue's back, and when they stopped embracing each other, she wiped the tears on Lin Xing Xue's cheeks with her little thumbs \"Mother, I know you miss me as much as I miss you or maybe even more, but you shouldn't cry here because many people will look at you.\"

\"Un\" Lin Xin Xue nodded her head and tried her best not to cry again \"Feng Yu, how have you been? Did you eat well? Do you have a friend? Are you happy with your father? Does he care about you? Are you lonely without mother?\"

Because Lin Xing Xue had been separated from her daughter for a few years, there were many things that she wanted to ask or know. That's why she was unable to stop asking many things to her daughter.

\"Mother, you should ask one by one, not all at once like this.\" Feng Yu understood her mother's feelings because she also felt the same way. That was why she tried to answer all her mother's questions, \"I've been doing good, and I have several friends. I also eat well, and yes, I'm lonely without you, mother. About father, I rarely meet him because he always came home very late.\"

'Shit! This Feng Yu is mature for her age. This will be troublesome to manipulate her to accept me as quickly as possible.'

Xiao Tian, who saw Feng Yu's behavior, was happy and sad at the same time. He was delighted because Feng Yu's mature action would greatly help Lin Xing Xue's life in the future, but at the same time, it made Xiao Tian sad because he needed to put a lot of effort to make her accept him.

\"You're Xiao Tian, right? I saw you on TV and magazines. Why are you with my mother?\" Feng Yu stared at Xiao Tian as if she wanted to interrogate him before finally, she returned her attention to her mother again, \"Mother, what is your relationship with him?

\"That is\" Lin Xing Xue didn't know how to explain it to her daughter. She knew that her daughter was clever, and she was terrible at lying, so Lin Xing Xue believed that if she lied to her daughter, her daughter would instantly know about it.

However, if Lin Xing Xue said that she didn't have any relationship with Xiao Tian, she was afraid that he would be offended and immediately left her. Lin Xing Xue was in love with Xiao Tian, so she really hoped that her daughter would accept him quickly.

But seeing her daughter's behavior, Lin Xing Xue grasped that she didn't agree with their relationship. For this reason, Lin Xing Xue was sad.

\"Mother, he is young, handsome, and successful person. He is dangerous for women, so you should stop being in relationship with him. And not only that, but the age difference between the two of you is also big. And seeing that you two are together right now, I'm sure that he is skilled at seducing a woman.\" Feng Yu spoked and paused for a second before she continued, \"Someone as perfect as him must have more than one lover. Mother, I don't want someone to hurt you like what father did in the past, so I suggest you break up with him quickly.\"

'Holy shit! We only meet in less than five minutes and she already know everything about me like an open book. Is this mature or genius? Is seems like I need to hire her as president director at my company in the future. I'm sure my business will snowball in a short amount of time.'

Once again, Xiao Tian was astonished that Feng Yu knew his secret. But of course, Xiao Tian didn't stay silent when his relationship with Lin Xing Xue was in danger.

But because he never dealt with children, Xiao Tian had no idea what he should do. \"Little Yu, you shouldn't speak ill to other people. It's not good. And although our age difference is big, my love for your mother is from the bottom of my heart.\"

Lin Xing Xue was pleased after hearing his words. She didn't expect that Xiao Tian treated her daughter's words seriously like that.

\"Xiao Tian, tell me the truth. How many lovers do you have right now?\" as if she was a policewoman who was interrogating a criminal, Feng Yu kept asking Xiao Tian a question. \"What made you fall in love with my mother?\"

\"Only your mother. And the reason I'm falling in love with your mother is that she is kind, beautiful, gentle, and strong woman\" Xiao Tian tried to cover up his lies with a smile on his face, hoping that Feng Yu would believe his words.

Once again, Lin Xing Xue was pleased after hearing his words. She had no idea that all this time, Xiao Tian thought of her like that. Because of this, a beautiful smile appeared on her face.

\"Yes, you're right\" Feng Yu nodded her little head, \"My mother is gorgeous, kind, gentle, and strong woman. It looks like you have good eyes for this.\"

Xiao Tian smiled after hearing her words. He thought that he had succeeded in making Feng Yu believe that he loved her mother from the bottom of his heart, and she began to accept him. Xiao Tian's mood suddenly became brighter, but it was only for about two seconds because Feng Yu's next words shattered his good mood into pieces.

\"But I don't believe that you only have one lover. I know that someone like you is a man who has many lovers or in short, playboy.\" Feng Yu then turned her head and looked at her mother, \"Mother, you should open your eyes and look at him carefully.\"

\"Little Yu, we only met five minutes ago, so how could you say that I'm a playboy? You don't even know anything about me?\" of course, Xiao Tian still tried to clear his name and make her accept him.

Because Feng Yu believed that it was useless to continue the conversation with Xiao Tian, she returned her attention to her mother and said, \"Mother, give me your phone number so that I can call you later.\"

\"Alright\" because Lin Xing Xue didn't bring paper and pen, a complicated feeling suddenly emerged on her face.

But suddenly Lin Xing Xue remembered that she has a name card. She immediately took her name card from the bag and gave it to her daughter. Usually, Lin Xing Xue didn't behave like this, but because she finally met her daughter after a few years, she was so happy, making her forget everything.

Feng Yu was delighted when she received her mother's name card because with this; she was able to call her mother again in the future.

In the past, Feng Yu was able to call her mother, but one day, her father erased everything related to her mother. Feng Yu had tried to look for her mother's information in the past but to no avail. For this reason, she couldn't call her mother again and be sad because of it.

\"Good! I will call you later,\" Feng Yu put her mother's name card in her pocket. Because she was roaming around without informing her father earlier, Feng Yu knew that if she didn't return quickly, her father would look for her.

Feng Yu knew that since her parents divorced, they still didn't have a good relationship until now. For this reason, she wanted to return immediately so that her father wouldn't meet her mother.

But she was late because when she was about to return, a man around thirty-four years old stepped toward them. \"Yu'er, you are here?\"

\"Feng Ao?\" Lin Xing Xue said abruptly. Even though she had guessed that Feng Ao would be here, but she was still shocked after seeing him.

\"Oh! Isn't this Lin Xing Xue? What are you doing here?\" Feng Ao suddenly noticed that Xiao tian was around him too, \"Ah, I knew now. In order to get a lot of money so that you can take our daughter back after you meet my condition, you decide to seduce a successful young man like him, right?\"

Or course, Feng Ao knew who Xiao Tian was because he often saw Xiao Tian in the magazines, and in the past, Xiao Tian was even invited by Rising Star TV Shows. Because of this, almost all people in China knew who Xiao Tian was now.

\"You!\" Xiao Tian was unhappy when Feng Ao said that Lin Xing Xue was a gold digger because it wasn't true. Up until now, he still hasn't given her anything, so Xiao Tian was outraged after hearing Feng Ao's words.

Lin Xing Xue immediately grabbed Xiao Tian's hands because she was afraid that there would be a fight if she didn't seize his arms.

\"Why are you angry, young man? You should open your eyes and see her true color. She is bad woman. You should take my advice and leave her immediately, or you will regret it later\" Feng Ao then looked at Lin Xing Xue in disgust, \"She is not a good woman. Unlike my current wife, who is loyal, kind, beautiful, and gentle.\"

At this time, Xiao Tian gritted his teeth and clenched his fists. He was outraged and wanted to beat Feng Ao, but Lin Xing Xue still grabbed his arms.

Even though Xiao Tian could free himself from Lin Xing Xue's grasp but he knew that she didn't want him to fight with Feng Ao. Xiao Tian was curious as to why Lin Xing Xue kept silent when Feng Ao humiliated her like that.

But when Xiao Tian felt that Lin Xing Xue grasped his arms tighter and tighter every second, he knew that she was furious too. For this reason, Xiao Tian decided to give Feng Ao a lesson in another way.

\"Let's go\" Lin Xing Xue dragged Xiao Tian out of Autumn Restaurant.

\"Alright\" because Lin Xing Xue didn't want to eat at Autumn Restaurant anymore, Xiao Tian agreed to leave.

'You said that your wife is better than my little Xue? Let me test it.'

Xiao Tian looked at Feng Ao as he started to smirk.

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