Illicit Relationship Chapter 172

169 Its Boring

Because there were still thirty minutes before class began, Xiao Tian thought he still had time to take a nap. With this on his mind, Xiao Tian went to the university gardens.

When he saw a long wooden bench under a big tree, Xiao Tian decided that he would sleep on that bench.

Without a second thought, Xiao Tian instantly laid on his back while covering his face with a book, so nobody recognizes that it was him.

However, when Xiao Tian was about to enjoy his nap, suddenly someone took the book that was on Xiao Tian's face, \"Yo, Xiao Tian. Why are you sleeping here? Are you skipping class?\"

Xiao Tian was unhappy when someone disturbed him. He was still exhausted and wanted to rest, but someone still bothered him.

\"Who are you? How dare you disrupt me?\" Xiao Tian opened his eyes and said furiously. But when he noticed the person who disturbed him, he was startled, \"Zhao Sheng?! Why the hell are you here?\"

Because Xiao Tian was tired, he was unable to control himself, so he didn't care who the person was and instantly yelled at the person who was bothering him.

\"Woah, calm down, man. Take it easy, or you will get older faster.\" Zhao Sheng then sat on the wooden bench with crossed legs, \"I wanted to meet rector, but I was lost here, so when I saw you, I decided to approach you.\"

\"Why do you want to meet the rector?\" from what he read in the Young Talented magazine, Zhao Sheng wasn't a student from Sky university, so Xiao Tian was curious why he wanted to meet the rector. \"Wait, don't tell me you want to transfer to Sky university?\"

\"That's right.\" actually, Zhao Sheng didn't agree when his grandfather told him that he would be transferred to Sky University yesterday because he was satisfied with his previous campus, but after learning Xiao Tian was a student at Sky university, he suddenly thought that it wasn't a bad idea.

\"You want to know where the rector's office is? It's easy, man, very easy.\" Xiao Tian then pointed his index finger at a group of women who were busy talking about something. \"Why don't you make use of that face of yours and ask for help? There are a lot of girls over there. I'm sure; they will be happy to help you,\"

\"Oh! Why this hadn't occurred to me before. Wait here; I will be back after I finish with my business,\" as if Zhao Sheng just found a way to solve his problem, he patted Xiao Tian's shoulders while laughing before finally, he walked toward the group of women.

'Don't come back! I want to be alone so that I can rest.'

Then Xiao Tian went back to sleep after Zhao Sheng left, but because Xiao Tian was too worn, he overslept. Xiao Tian swiftly opened his eyes and cursed.

'Fuck! My class starts at 08:00 am, and now it's already 8:30 am. What should I do? Should I skip class? Fuck! It's the first day, and I'm already late.'

Because Xiao Tian thought it would be bad to skip class on the first day, he dashed toward his class. And when he was in front of the class, he saw the professor teaching the students.

'Should I come in or not?'

Once again, Xiao Tian hesitated, but he immediately made up his mind and opened the door. As soon as Xiao Tian entered the room, everyone stared at him in surprise.

They were startled when they knew that Xiao Tian was late. Xiao Tian was famous for being diligent and always came before the class began. For this reason, several professors knew about him.

When Xiao Tian saw an empty chair, he marched toward it confidently as if nobody were looking at him.

After Xiao Tian sat on the empty seat, the professor went back to teaching, and the other students also stopped gazing at him.

'What? The professor didn't say anything to me?'

Xiao Tian thought the professor would ask him to meet her earlier, but he was wrong. Not only did she not question him why he was late, but all the people in the class treated it as if nothing had happened in the class.

Well, it's a good thing nobody questions me. Xiao Tian thought to himself.

After that, Xiao Tian listened to the professor's teaching, and without realizing it, the class was ended. And like before, Xiao Tian went to the university gardens to nap, but this time he turned on the alarm on his smartphone so that he wouldn't be late again.

After he finished all classes, Xiao Tian wanted to travel to his company quickly, but suddenly Zhao Sheng invited him to eat at Bamboo Restaurant.

Because all he did was sleeping, Xiao Tian was starving. For this reason, he accepted the offer. Xiao Tian and Zhao Sheng then ate at Bamboo Restaurant and chatted for about an hour before finally, they returned to their home.

By the time Xiao Tian arrived at his home, it was already 04:40 pm, so he decided not to go to his company. Xiao Tian immediately took a shower, and after that, he watched TV in the living room.

'I'm so lonely!'

Because his mother and aunt were working, Xiao Tian was alone at home. He then laid down on the couch while watching TV.

'Boring! It's boring! This channel is boring too! This too. All channels are boring!'

Xiao Tian kept switching from one channel to another, but still, he thought that all the shows were boring. Then Xiao Tian put the TV remote control on the table and gazed at the ceiling. Xiao Tian kept staring at the ceiling for about fifteen minutes before finally, he fell asleep.

Twelve minutes after Xiao Tian dozed off, Ye Qingyu arrived at home. Because today she finished all her work, Ye Qingyu was allowed to go home early.

At first, Ye Qingyu didn't want to go home immediately because she thought there would be no one at home.

But Ye Qingyu suddenly remembered that her nephew usually returned home after he had finished all classes. That was why Ye Qingyu suddenly changed her mind.

And what she had guessed was right when she saw his car in front of the house. Knowing that her nephew was at home, Ye Qingyu quickly entered the house.

And when she saw her nephew sleeping on the couch with the TV still on, her face broke into a smile. Without changing her dresses first, Ye Qingyu sat on the sofa and put her nephew's head on her lap.

Xiao Tian was still sleeping deeply and didn't know that he was dozing on his aunt's lap. After napping for about fifteen minutes, Xiao Tian slowly opened his eyes.

Xiao Tian was pleasantly surprised when he realized that he was sleeping on her lap because he thought that his aunt would get home at 06:00 pm as usual. \"Aunt, when did you get home?\"

While still stroking his hair gently, Ye Qingyu smiled and replied, \"About fifteen minutes ago.\"

Then Ye Qingyu and Xiao Tian began to talk while still remaining in the same position. They were chatting about many things before finally, Ye Xueyin arrived at home.

When Ye Xueyin saw her son resting his head on her little sister's lap, she immediately sat next to her little sister without changing her outfits too.

Then they talked for about half an hour before finally, Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin took a shower. After that, they had dinner together as usual.

After dinner, Xiao Tian laid down on his bed before he suddenly wanted to meet Lin Xing Xue.

With this on his mind, Xiao Tian changed his clothes and went to her house.


Xiao Tian immediately knocked on the door upon arriving at Lin Xing Xue's home.

After a brief moment, a gorgeous lady opened the door, \"Tian?\"

\"Little Xue, would you like to go on a date with me now?\" even though spending time in her home wasn't a bad idea, but he wanted to enjoy the night with her because tonight, the scenery was beautiful. \"The landscape is beautiful tonight, so it's better to enjoy it than stay at home.\"

\"Fine. Let me change my clothes first\" because she also wanted to spend time with him, Lin Xing Xue agreed without thinking twice.

Xiao Tian then entered her home and waited for her in the guest room.

Fifteen minutes later, Lin Xing Xue finished changing her outfits and headed to the guest room because she knew that Xiao Tian was in the guest room,

\"You're beautiful, little Xue\" Xiao Tian unconsciously said when he saw the black dress she was wearing was suitable for her appearance and body

\"Thank you\" Lin Xing Xue replied as she smiled

Without waiting for another second, they traveled to a place where many people enjoyed the night. They were chatting, joking, and laughing together. They were happy and kept talking until finally, Lin Xing Xue felt hungry.

Even though Xiao Tian had dinner at home earlier, but because Lin Xin Xue was starving, Xiao Tian decided to eat again.

Then Xiao Tian thought where they should eat dinner. And after thinking for several seconds, Xiao Tian chose to eat at the Autumn Restaurant.

They instantly went to the Autumn Restaurant, and like when he was with Yun Xin Er, Xiao Tian chose to eat in the VIP room because, in the VIP room, they could enjoy the music while eating.

But when they were about to enter the VIP room, suddenly a voice rang out, \"Mother,\"

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