Illicit Relationship Chapter 17

14 Coffee Shop

The next morning in the morning, after he had breakfast, he immediately went to register himself for the piano competition.

He was happy at the time because he was finally able to participate in the piano competition even though he used his aunt's money to pay the registration fee

" holy hell, I just want to register my self but here, I've been waiting for four hours and they still haven't called my registration number. " he mused angrily.

After two hours later, finally, the cashier called him to do registration and pay the registration fee.

Thirty minutes later he completed all the requirements to participate in the piano competition and the cashier immediately said " come back again tomorrow at 08.00 a.m and bring this plate number, if you lost it you can't participate in this competition "

It was already 02.00 p.m and the worm in his stomach was already doing a concert so it's mean time to have lunch.

He walked toward the street vendor because he couldn't afford to buy a portion of delicious food.

" huh, in my previous life, I even spent at least 100.000 RMB every time I ate but now.. " he sighed

" well there is no point in regretting it now, I just need to do my best to become a rich people again " he said with determination

After choosing which street vendor he will buy the food, he ordered the food and ate the cheapest food.

Feeling full, he immediately left the street vendor and walked to his home because there wasn't anything that he could do so he wanted to immediately go home and helped her mother serving the customer at the coffee shop.

But he suddenly saw Lin Xing Xue, she was serving the customers at that time. He looked at what shop she works at and he was shocked when he saw that she works in the cosmetic shop.

The cosmetic shop has a good salary, especially a cosmetic from a famous brand and she was working at one of the famous brand shops too.

She is in her late twenties and she still could work at the famous brand. It means other people still think she looks young and beautiful.

One of the most difficult requirements for working in the cosmetic shop is the job applicant must have a beautiful face and ideal body. If you have many dark spots or pimples on your face, you can only dream about getting a job at a cosmetic shop.

at that time, he wanted to meet her and teased her but after thinking for a while, he suddenly decided against it.

first, she was still working. He didn't want to disturb her work because she could get fired and he didn't want that.

He knew that she was working hard so she can save a lot of money to take her daughter back as soon as possible so if she gets faired from the cosmetic shop, she would be really sad.

Second, it was a cosmetic shop. if you ask, where is the problem? or it has nothing to do with the cosmetics shop?

The answer was, of course, he would lose his face if he is in the cosmetics shop, he was sure the clerks will laugh at him the moment he comes inside the shop.

" ah forget it. I can meet her later " he said as he began walking again.

After he arriving at his house, he immediately changed his clothes to his mother clerk shop clothes and went to his mother shop.

His mother coffee shop was not far from his house, it was around two hundred meters from his house.

After walking for a few minutes, he arrived at his mother shop. Its name is Stars Coffee.

His mother named the shop stars coffee was because she wanted her coffee like the stars at night, making people who drink it feel calm and relaxed from this cruel world.

The shop is neither big nor small, it has a modern design coffee shop. When you enter the shop, you can see inside the whole room was surrounded in a yellow light beam.

When you come inside the shop, you will see several table and chair in front of the place where the barista making coffee and when you turned to the right side you will see several sofas and tables arranged neatly. The customers were free to choose to sit on chairs or sofas.

There is also a long chair lined under a long table that closes the glass window where you can sit and see people through the window.

" Have you finished registering for the competition? " asked his mother when she saw his son enter the shop wearing the shop clothes

" yes .mother. tomorrow will be the first day of competition " he said as he walked toward his mother

" it's alright if you don't win in this competition, just do your best " she said as she gave him fighting hands sign.

I will do my best and surprise you later. He thought as he smiled

" here, give this coffee to table number 13. " said his mother.

He immediately brought the coffee and walked toward table number 13. When he arrived at table number 13, he saw a sexy young woman wearing branded clothes but he couldn't see her face because she was wearing a mask and huge black glasses.
for visiting.

He had a feeling that she was a beautiful young woman. after he placed the coffee on the table, he smiled and said " this is your order costumer. Please enjoy it. "

" thank you " a beautiful voice could be heard on his ears.

"ok, I'll leave first. If you need something else, please don't hesitate to ask us " he said before he left.

After he left, she took off her mask and drank the coffee.

" hu.. drinking coffee after hard work and the best. " said the young woman after she tested the coffee.
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