Illicit Relationship Chapter 163

160 Do You Want To Enjoy The Beautiful Scenery While Holding Hands?

Xiao Tian then ran after her and stopped on her right side. "Big sister Yun, do you want to see my naked body today? I'm fine with it."

Because Yun Xin Er had chosen to behave as if she wanted to see him naked, she had no choice but to continue acting. "That would be great. I have kissed your forehead, cheeks, neck, lips, and I also have seen you in underwear, but I have never seen your naked body, so I want to see it."

"Don't tell me because you have seen me in underwear, and we did a lot of passionate kiss in my car and Rainbow Garden; you're still feeling aroused until now? And because of this, you want to see my naked body, right?"

Yun Xin Er suddenly stood in front of him again. Then, she rubbed his lips with her right hand and said, "Look like I need to punish your mouth by biting your lower lips again."

"Please do it" if the punishment were to bite his lower lips, Xiao Tian would gladly accept it because he was sure if she bit his lower lips, they would end up having a passionate kiss again. In his view, enduring a little pain meant nothing if the prize was to be able to do a French kiss with a beautiful famous singer.

Yun Xin Er grasped what was on his mind. That was why she pinched his right cheek before turning around and walk forward, "This big sister is young, pretty and famous. Do you think you can get a kiss from this big sister whenever you want? Hehe"

Xiao Tian ran after her again, but this time, he stopped in front of her. Without giving her a time to say anything, he grabbed her by the waist before finally, he carried her.

Yun Xin Er was startled by his sudden action and instantly grabbed his shoulders. While gazing at his face, Yun Xin Er beamed and said, "Bad boy, why did you often do something out of the blue?"

While carrying her, Xiao Tian turned around and marched forward, "But, you like it, right?"

"Well, being carried by you at a time like this is not bad too" Yun Xin Er wrapped her arms around his neck before finally, she leaned her head on his right shoulder.

Because Yun Xin Er believed that it was fine not to cover her face anymore, she took Xiao Tian's jacket, which was on her head, and held it with her right hand.

While looking at the people around her, Yun Xin Er, who was being carried by Xiao Tian, felt happy and suddenly a smile that could outshine a moon and stars appeared on her face.

"Why did you suddenly silent?" Xiao Tian thought Yun Xin Er would continue teasing him, but he was wrong.

"Nothing" earlier, Yun Xin Er had the intention to tease him again, but after he carried her and she felt the warmth of his body, Yun Xin Er decided to push that thought.

After walking for about seven minutes, Xiao Tian finally found the right place for them to spend time together. Then, Xiao Tian stepped toward the public seating and sat on it. "Big sister Yun, I think this area is a good place for us to spend time together because there are only a few people here. From the way they are behaving, it looks like all of them come to this place with their lover."

Even though they had found the place for them to spend time together, but Yun Xin Er still wrapped her arms around his neck and placed her head on his shoulders. And from seeing the happiness that radiated on her face, anyone could tell that she really loved what she was doing, and she also showed no sign of stopping.

At this time, Xiao Tian only smiled and immediately wrapped his arms around her waist. Even though Yun Xin Er remained in the same position, but Xiao Tian didn't mind it because it meant she felt comfortable when he was embracing her.

They remained in the same position for about five minutes before finally, Yun Xin Er stood up and walked toward the safety fence. "This place is really beautiful."

Xiao Tian then rose from the public seating and approached her. With a soft smile on his face, Xiao Tian hugged her from behind and said, "Yes, you're right. This place is indeed beautiful, but not as beautiful as you."

Yun Xin Er turned her head to look at him and said, "Really?"

Yun Xin Er thought Xiao Tian wanted to tease her again, but when she knew he was trying to seduce her, Yun Xin Er couldn't help but smile.

"Yes. Didn't I often say that you are beautiful? This is also the reason why I called you beautiful earlier." although Xiao Tian himself knew that he only said this when he wanted to tease her or take advantage of her, in his view, it still counted as he said that.

"I can't seem to remember it" Yun Xin Er pretended as if this was the first time Xiao Tian said that she was gorgeous. But when she remembered the time he called her beautiful, she suddenly wished that he would call her beautiful again.

Xiao Tian then grabbed her waist and turned her body around to make her face him. Then, He held her hands and said, "Then from now on, I will make sure that you will hear those words from my mouth every time we meet or communicate through our smartphones."

"Then I will remember your words." even though Yun Xin Er doubted that he would remember his words, but still, she was pleased by it.

"Don't worry because you will hear it every day, my beautiful lady" Xiao Tian replied

After hearing his words, a soft smile spread across her face.

Then, they talked about many things again. This time, they never teased each other and behaved as if they were lovers who came to Shanghai River to enjoy their time together.

Without realizing it, a few hours had passed, and finally, it was time for the sun setting. Yun Xin Er and Xiao Tian stopped speaking and looked at the sunset.

The beautiful place became more impressive when the sun cast its orange-colored rays down upon the clouds.

The gentle breeze that makes their hair dancing along with it, and the silhouettes of birds flying home across a sky, created a beautiful moment for both Xiao Tian and Yun Xin Er.

After looking at the stunning landscape in front of her eyes, Yun Xin Er's face blossomed into a smile. Because she was busy with her carrier, Yun Xin Er almost had no time to enjoy the beauty of nature like a sunset, sunrise, or many other things.

Of course, Xiao Tian also enjoyed it. Even though he liked spending time with women, but he also loved enjoying the beauty of nature because it could make his mind feel calm.

Because the scenery was so beautiful, Yun Xin Er kept looking at the orange-colored sky and sun. Suddenly Yun Xin Er wanted to take a picture with Xiao Tian so that she could remember the beautiful moment at the Shanghai River in the future.

Without waiting for another second, Yun Xin Er took her smartphone out of her pocket and said, "Little brother, let's take a picture."

Xiao Tian had no idea why she suddenly wanted to take a photo with him, but because he promised today he would do anything to make her happy, he smiled and nodded his head, "Alright."

After she positioned the camera phone at the right angle, Yun Xin Er locked arms with Xiao Tian. And when she thought that everything was perfect, Yun Xin Er took a selfie.

"The result is good." Yun Xin Er was satisfied when she saw the result.

The radiant smile on their faces while hooking arms, coupled with the beautiful scenery, made the picture look so perfect. And because Yun Xin Er was a gorgeous lady and Xiao Tian was also a good-looking young man, Yun Xin Er didn't need to edit the image to make it look better.

"Let me see it" Xiao Tian then looked at the picture, and after that, he nodded his head in satisfaction. "Yes. the result is good."

After she was satisfied seeing the photo, Yun Xin Er put her smartphone back in her pocket. Because the sun was still setting, Yun Xin Er put her hands on the safety fence and continued looking at the beautiful scenery.

Seeing this, Xiao Tian stood next to her before finally, he took her left hand. Without waiting for another second, Xiao Tian unfurled his fingers and slipped it around hers until he could feel the heat of her palm pressed against his.

Yun Xin Er glanced at his hands and face for about two seconds before finally, she giggled and said, "Do you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery while holding hands?"

"Isn't something like this very romantic?" Xiao Tian spoke and paused for a second before he continued, "Don't all girls dream of seeing beautiful scenery while holding hands with the special person in their lives?"

Yun Xin Er didn't deny that she also loved it. For this reason, she pinched his right cheek while smiling. She was really happy spending time with Xiao Tian

And with that, they were tightly interlocking all of their fingers while looking at the beautiful sunset with a smile on their faces.
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