Illicit Relationship Chapter 159

156 People Call Me A Devilishly Handsome Perver

At this time, Yun Xin Er wished that she was able to stop time so that she could embrace him forever. Because no one around them, Yun Xin Er kept embracing him. She showed no reaction of stopping even though it had been more than a minute since they hugged each other.

Even though Xiao Tian desired to have another kiss with her but because Yun Xin Er kept hugging him, he pushed that thought. Xiao Tian decided to keep embracing her until she stopped it.

Xiao Tian didn't mind Yun Xin Er wanting them to keep embracing each other because by hugging her, not only could he feel the warmth of her body in a cold atmosphere, but he was able to smell the fragrance of her body too, which made him feel as if he were not in a wooden building but under the cherry blossoms tree in autumn.

They kept hugging for about three minutes before finally, Yun Xin Er stopped it. Yun Xin Er immediately turned around and sat on his embrace again. Yun Xin Er than grabbed his hands and placed it around her waist.

Xiao Tian's face broke into a smile when she did this. He had no idea that she loved sitting in his embrace, but he didn't deny that he also liked it.

"Little brother, do you like spending time with me?" earlier when he asked her about this, she forgot to ask back, so she didn't know whether he liked being with her or not. But deep in her heart, she hoped that he would say he loved spending time with her.

"I love spending time with you, beautiful" of course Xiao Tian loved to spend time with her because not only was he able to embrace the famous beautiful singer, who was adored by many people and always appeared in the dreams of many men, but he could kiss her passionately too.

Xiao Tian believed that almost all men would die just to be in his position. Xiao Tian was also convinced that if he treated her lovingly, he could do more than French kiss. But, of course, Xiao Tian didn't tell the reasons why he loved spending time with her because he was sure if she knew the reasons, she would hate him later.

"Really?" when Yun Xin Er learned that he also loved spending time with her, a soft smile spread across her face. Coupled with him calling her beautiful again, made her mind in the cloud nine. Yun Xin Er even began to like being called beautiful by him. She was thrilled by this and decided that she would make today a special day for him so that he would never forget it until he died.

"Un. I'm so happy" Xiao Tian was relieved when he knew that she didn't ask the reasons why he loved spending time with her. Earlier, he had prepared a reason for her, but it seemed he didn't need to use it.

'It seems she likes being called beautiful. Should I call her beautiful from now on? But if I call her beautiful every time we talk, I'm afraid that it will not feel special anymore. Alright, I will still call her beautiful but only at some moment.'

In his past life, he also called his women with nicknames such as sexy, cutie, beautiful, or beauty. But what he had learned from his experience was not all women love being called with these nicknames every time they talked, even though some of them loved it.

And in his view, the word would lose its special meaning if he addressed Yun Xin Er beautiful every time they spoke.

Xiao Tian leaned his head on her left shoulder and said, "Big sister Yun, you're like a lucky star to me. Because you helped me in promoting my clothing design, my company is growing rapidly. And not only that, you even helped me find a place for my first offline shop. I feel fortunate to know you in this life."

When Xiao Tian said this, the words came out from the bottom of his heart. He really felt lucky for knowing her in his second life because of her help; he was able to become a successful person in a short span of time. And not only that, she even promised to help him in promoting his clothing design for next season on TV too.

'Should I buy something for her?'

Xiao Tian suddenly felt guilty for always taking advantage of her and wanted to give her something as thanks.

"Why are you suddenly silent? Are you thinking about dirty things again? Hehe" Yun Xin Er looked at him and smiled.

"Yes. I'm thinking about dirty things again. For example, like this." Xiao Tian then squeezed her breasts. Because she said that he was thinking about something dirty, he decided to do dirty things to her, like squeezing her breasts. However, Xiao Tian preferred not to call it dirty things but good things because Xiao Tian felt good when he was squeezing her breasts.

"Ahh," Yun Xin Er's cherry lips opened, letting out a seductive moan. "Little brother, kissing is the limit for us."

"It's your fault for saying that I have a dirty thought" Xiao Tian kept squeezing her breasts even though she wanted him to stop. As a punishment, Xiao Tian decided to squeeze her breasts for fifteen seconds, "I actually thought how to improve our relationship, but because you said that I have a dirty mind, I decide to punish you."

"Mm. It's good if you thinkmm..about..mm..how to improve our relationship. Immagree with that...mm" when Yun Xin Er learned that he wanted to improve their relationship, she tried to tell him that she agreed and was happy with that. However, because Xiao Tian was squeezing her breasts, it took about twelve seconds for her to say it.

Yun Xin Er didn't expect that Xiao Tian dared to squeeze her breasts at that place. Luckily, at that time, no one around them. Even though her moans weren't loud, Yun Xin Er was relieved that heavy rain helped reduced her moans as well.

As fifteen seconds has passed, Xiao Tian stopped squeezing her breasts. Xiao Tian then realized that he shouldn't squeeze her breasts in public places. However, because no one around them, coupled with heavy rain, made Xiao Tian dare to squeeze her breasts. Now Xiao Tian was curious about what she would do to him after he squeezed her breasts in public a place.

"Bad boy! You shouldn't squeeze my breasts in public pla-"Yun Xin Er stopped and corrected her words, "I mean, you can't squeeze my breasts. Please remember that kissing is the limit for us."

Xiao Tian was stunned by this. Not only did she not angry, but she only told him that he couldn't squeeze her breasts. Xiao Tian smiled after hearing her words because he knew that even though she said he was not allowed to squeeze her breasts, but she never tried to stop him every time he squeezed her breasts.

But Xiao Tian would try his best not to squeeze her breasts in public places again because if the picture about it exposed to the public, it would destroy her carrier. And it wasn't only bad for her, but for him too because it could ruin his company's good reputation and he also believed that his harem would be in a mess.

Xiao Tian brought his face closer to her ears and whispered, "Alright. I will not squeeze your breasts in public places but.. Hehehe"

"What a pervert!" Even though Xiao Tian didn't finish his words, but Yun Xin Er understood that he would still squeeze her breasts if they were in private places or places with no one around it. For this reason, Yun Xin Er covered her breasts with her hands. "It seems I need to always on guard when I'm with you."

"I'm indeed a pervert. People call me a devilishly handsome pervert." Xiao Tian then placed both of his hands in hers. "But, you like a pervert like me, right?"

"No. I hate a pervert, and I also hateeeee you very much" when Yun Xin Er said this, she didn't mean it.

"What? So, all this time, you hate me." Xiao Tian then made a face as if he was about to cry. Of course, Xiao Tian knew that she was joking, but he still wanted to pretend that he was sad because of it.

Yun Xin Er patted his head and said, "Alright, don't cry. This big sister doesn't hate you anymore."

Of course, Yun Xin Er knew that Xiao Tian was pretending, but still, she was pleased after seeing the expression on his face. For this reason, Yun Xin Er decided to play along with him. Yun Xin Er was only surprised that Xiao Tian could behave like a child too.

She thought Xiao Tian was only a gentle, romantic, teaser, and caring person, but she was wrong because Xiao Tian has a childish side too. Yun Xin Er didn't hate this side of him because, for her, his childish behavior was cute, making her want to pinch his cheeks.

From her point of view, a man who has a lot of attitudes was interesting. Of course, as long as they knew when or how to use it.

"I won't stop crying until you kiss me" because Yun Xin Er chose to play along in his game, Xiao Tian decided to take advantage of her.

Yun Xin Er pinched his nose and smiled, "Oh! So, you pretended to cry because you wanted a kiss from me? Good move, little brother. But I won't kiss you. Hehe"

"Oh! If so, then I will kiss you" Xiao Tian then tilted his head to the left side and kissed her left cheek.

A beautiful smile appeared on her face when he was kissing her cheeks.

After kissing her, Xiao Tian's face broke into a smile.

"Little brother, you have kissed a famous singer, you know? Are you happy now?" Yun Xin Er didn't mind when Xiao Tian kissed her left cheek because they had done more than that. "You have kissed me a lot today, so what will you do to pay for this? Just for information, not everyone can kiss me, you know."

After hearing her words, the corner of Xiao Tian's lips twitched.

'Big sister Yun, you also kissed me earlier, but why are you acting as if I'm the only one kissing you? That's not fair, you know.'

Of course, Xiao Tian didn't say this because he decided to make her happy today. "I will do whatever you want today."

"Good!" Yun Xin Er smiled happily because she was satisfied with his answer.
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