Illicit Relationship Chapter 152

149 Please Dont Cry Anymore

"Tian." Ye Xueyin embraced her son tighter as if she would lose her son if she didn't hug him tighter.

Xiao Tian then turned his head toward his aunt. He wanted to know how she felt, and when he noticed that she was sad too, Xiao Tian gritted his teeth.

'Just how many mistakes did I make in a day? I forgot my promise with Shi Fei and Yun Xin Er, and now mother and aunt are sad because of me too. Why is everything falling apart like this? Something like this had never happened before in my past life. Why did I fail to control everything? Where did I go wrong?'

Xiao Tian then realized that he wasn't a perfect person. Even though he had planned everything, but he was still unable to keep everything under his control.

Xiao Tian touched his mother's cheeks and looked into her eyes, "Mother, please stop crying."

Xiao Tian didn't know what to say except to ask his mother to stop crying. It was the first time for him to be helpless like this. Xiao Tian had no idea why his mind suddenly went blank the moment he saw tears in his mother's eyes. In the past, he could still be calm even when his woman was crying but his mind was suddenly in a mess when he saw his mother crying. He also didn't know whether it was because he loved his mother so much or because he took over Xiao Tian's body.

"Mother is not crying anymore" Ye Xueyin wiped the tears with her hands. "Tian..."

Xiao Tian was relieved when his mother stopped crying. He then carried his mother and placed her on the couch.

"Aunt, come here and let me hug you" Xiao Tian kissed his aunt's forehead before finally, he embraced her.

At this time, Ye Qingyu didn't say a single word and let her nephew do what he wanted. She wanted to tell him many things, but she allowed him to embrace her first before telling him his mistakes. Actually, she thought her nephew didn't make a grave mistake because he only didn't go home for a day.

In her view, Xiao Tian had made three mistakes. Firstly, he made her and her big sister worried. Secondly, he didn't give them any information about him from yesterday night. And thirdly, he didn't return in the morning. Even though he had to leave again, but at least he had to return in the morning to see them and spend time with them, even though it was only for five minutes.

Ye Qingyu suddenly realized that her nephew was still young. He was only nineteen years old, so it was normal for him to make a mistake like this, but still, Ye Qingyu wanted to tell him about his mistakes. She didn't want to give him a special privilege just because he was still young.

After several seconds, Xiao Tian stopped hugging his aunt. At this time, he was sitting between his mother and aunt; his mother was on his right side while his aunt was on his left side.

Ye Qingyu then began telling him what he had done wrong, and what he should have done. Even though Ye Qingyu was angry, but she could still hold herself back. That was why she could still explain everything calmly.

Xiao Tian was surprised by this. He thought his aunt would scold him or yell at him, but he was wrong. Xiao Tian even felt like his aunt wasn't angry at him but only talked normally to him.

At this time, Ye Xueyin only looked at her little sister who was telling her son about his mistakes. Although she didn't want her little sister to do that, Ye Xueyin realized that it was needed so that her son could become a better person.

Several minutes later, Ye Qingyu finished telling her nephew about his mistakes. Ye Qingyu was delighted when she learned that her nephew wasn't trying to defend himself and immediately admitted his mistakes. He even didn't say a single word when she blamed him for everything, making her feel guilty.

Xiao Tian then embraced them together and said, "I'm sorry."

"Tian, what did you do from yesterday night?" Ye Xueyin had tried her best not to ask this question to her son but her curiosity was too big for her to control. Even though she hoped that her son would tell her everything, but she wouldn't force him if he didn't want to say it.

Xiao Tian's mind was in a mess again. He didn't know how to answer his mother's question because he thought it wasn't the right time to tell her everything. Coupled with him who just made a mistake, he believed if he revealed everything, his aunt and mother would be furious, and he didn't know what would they do. Xiao Tian didn't want to take a risk because he was afraid that his mother and aunt would leave him later.

But because he has to give his mother an answer, Xiao Tian carefully chose his words "Mother, it's like this. Because I want to promote my clothing design on TV, I need to meet someone who can help me with this. That's why I met Yun Xin Er because she could help me in promoting my clothing designs."

"So Yesterday you met Miss Yun?" Ye Xueyin suddenly made a face like she was about to cry again, "Why does it have to be Miss Yun again?"

When Xiao Tian saw his mother was about to cry again, he was panicked again. Without thinking, he embraced his mother and placed her head on his chest, "No, no, no. Mother, please don't cry again. It can't be helped because she is the only one who can help me right now."

Ye Xueyin was delighted when her son suddenly embraced her again. She started to smirk when she learned that her son's weakness was her tears. She thought that in the future, she could make a fake cry as her trump card.

'If she had behaved like this just because I spent time with another woman, how could I tell her that I also have other women?'

When Xiao Tian saw his mother's behavior, it made him even afraid to tell her about Lin Xing Xue and Shi Fei. He was afraid, no, he was too scared to reveal everything to them.

"Are you in love with Miss Yun?" even though she had asked about this in the past but Ye Xueyin wanted to know his feeling toward Yun Xin Er again. She knew that in the past he had said that he hadn't fallen in love with Yun Xin Er but two months have passed since then, so Ye Xueyin wanted to know his feeling again.

"No. I'm not in love with her. Mother, please believe me. There is nothing going on between Yun Xin Er and me." Xiao Tian thought that his relationship with Yun Xin Er was only at the level of friends with benefits and he believed that he wasn't in love with her, at least not for now.

"Good!" Ye Xueyin was relieved after hearing his words. She had no idea why she felt that Yun Xin Er was a huge treat for her. Maybe because she knew that Yun Xin Er was a beautiful, young and successful person, that was why she felt that Yun Xin Er could steal her son from her.

"Mother, aunt, I want to take a shower first" Xiao Tian rose from the couch and kissed the forehead of his mother and aunt.

Ten minutes later, Xiao Tian finished taking a shower and returned to the living room. His mother and aunt were still watching TV, but this time, the sadness was no longer on their faces.

"Mother, aunt, let's head to the backyard" actually Xiao Tian wanted to bring his mother and aunt to a romantic place. But because it was already 08:00 pm, Xiao Tian decided to spend time at the backyard. From his point of view, spending time in the yard wasn't a bad idea too.

"Alright," Ye Xueyin and Ye Qingyu brought a mat, electric lamps and pillows. After they arranged everything, they laid down on the mat. At this moment, Ye Qingyu was on Xiao Tian's right side while Ye Xueyin was on his left side.

When Xiao Tian noticed his mother and aunt were staring at the sky, he opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but he suddenly closed his mouth again. Xiao Tian didn't know what should he say. His mind was still full of guilty, making him unable to say a single word.

When Ye Xueyin saw her son opening and closing his mouth repeatedly, she hugged his left hand and said, "Tian, I have forgiven you, so you don't need to feel guilty anymore."

"Yes. That's right." Ye Qingyu embraced his right hand too "Just remember your mistakes and don't do that again, and stop behaving like this. It's weird to see you being a quiet person like this."

"Tian, look at the sky! It's beautiful, isn't it? So, don't destroy this beautiful atmosphere with your attitude" Ye Xueyin then looked at the moon which was surrounded by stars, coupled with a gentle breeze, that night should be a perfect night for them. However, because Xiao Tian behaved strangely, that night became a boring night. For this reason, Ye Xueyin told her son not to feel guilty anymore.

"Mother, aunt, I love you two very much. Both of you are the most important person to me" Xiao Tian knew that he had said this many times, but at this time, he wanted them to know that they were the most important person in his heart. They meant the world to him, and he would do absolutely anything for them.

Ye Xueyin then looked at her son and said, "Yes. We know about it. You don't have to say it many times, just prove it."

"Yes, that's right. Even though we are pleased to hear it, but it's better to prove it rather than keep saying you love us the most." Ye Qingyu added.

Because he had said it many times, the words almost lost its meaning to them. What he needed was to prove it because words without action were meaningless.

I will try to become a better person from now on. Xiao Tian thought to himself

Xiao Tian then kissed the forehead of his mother and aunt. "Thank you. I will try my best to become a better person."

At that night, even though Xiao Tian still behaved strangely, but he tried to make the atmosphere enjoyable for his mother and aunt.

They were chatting for about two hours before finally, they slept in Xiao Tian's room.
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