Illicit Relationship Chapter 146

143 I Will Always Be There For You

"So, how do you plan to thank me for this time?" Yun Xin Er was joking when she said this and only wanted to know how he would react after hearing her words.

Xiao Tian began thinking about what he could give in return seriously. Xiao Tian didn't want to be someone who only took advantage of her without giving anything in return because he knew that someday Yun Xin Er wouldn't want to help him anymore if all he did was take advantage of her kindness.

'Because she is a successful lady, I'm sure she almost has everything.'

At that time, Xiao Tian didn't know what he could give in return because, in his view, Yun Xin Er didn't lack anything.

"What? Little brother, don't tell me you only want to ask for my help but don't want to give me anything in return? I suddenly change my mind. This time, I won't help you with your problem." Yun Xin Er kept pretending that she wanted him to give her anything in return.

Actually, her primary purpose for saying this was because she wanted to take revenge on him. Yun Xin Er has been waiting for Xiao Tian to keep his promise for two months, so she thought, she needed to bully him a little as revenge.

"Big sister Yun, because you're a successful woman, I'm unable to find a way to return the favor. I'm sure you didn't lack anything." actually, Xiao Tian has something in mind, but he believed she would reject it. "Can you tell me what do you want in return?"

"Why did you ask me about it? You have to think about it yourself!" Yun Xin Er wanted to know his effort to please her. But because she wanted to give him a lesson, of course, she would make things difficult for him "Hm! From your action, I know that you're not putting your heart into this. Little brother, you only want to take advantage of me, right? I didn't expect that you're this kind of person."

When Yun Xin Er saw his expression, she was delighted and laughed loudly in her head.

'Hehehe. This is getting interesting. Look at his expression! I really want to take a picture of his expression and make fun of him later, but I can't do that because I'm afraid he will know that I'm only pretending right now.'

"Big sister, how about I give you my heart? Hehehe" because he was unable to think anything, Xiao Tian decided to joke around.

"Oh! You want to give me your heart?" Yun Xin Er suddenly thought of something, and then she began to smirk, "Let me buy a knife first so that I can immediately take your heart."

'Holy hell! Big sister Yun, that's not what I meant. I will be dead if you do that to me.'

Xiao Tian didn't expect that she would say something like that. But of course, Xiao Tian didn't give up and kept saying sweet words, "Big sister Yun, if you do that, I will be dead, you know. Who will give you happiness if I die. At least, let me make you happy first before you take my life."

"Oh! You don't need to worry about it because with my pretty face; many men will try to get close to me and give me the happiness." when she said this, her face was filled with pride.

"Big sister Yun, even though they can give you happiness but it will not be at my level because in this world, only I, Xiao Tian, is the person who can give you the happiness you deserve. Big sister Yun, you only need to give me a chance. Believe me, I will make you the happiest person in the world." even though he said nonsense, but his face was serious as if he was in love with her. Coupled with his soft loving voice, it made his acting more perfect.

"Oh! Is that so?" Yun Xin Er pretended to be shocked and covered her mouth with her right hand, "Wait. Little brother, does it mean you're falling in love with me?"

Xiao Tian touched her cheeks and looked at her, lovingly, "How could I'm not in love with you, big sister Yun. In my eyes, you're a perfect lady. You're beautiful, kind, and there are many more, which make you an ideal lady for us men. If I had to mention what makes you special for us men one by one, I would die even before I could finish mentioning everything, and I'm sure every man will agree with me."

"Alright, because I'm a kind lady, I will help you in promoting your designer clothes" Yun Xin Er grabbed her bag and mineral water before standing. Suddenly a tiny smile appeared on her face, but because Xiao Tian was facing her back, he didn't know about it. "Let's go eat. I'm hungry."

'It's still 10:00 am, and she wants to eat? Hasn't she had breakfast yet?'

Xiao Tian immediately followed her and said, "Big sister Yun, haven't you had breakfast yet?"

"I haven't." actually, today was a free day for her, but her manager suddenly called her early in the morning, saying that she has to meet someone important for her next live concert. Because her manager called her so early in the morning, she didn't have time for breakfast.

Xiao Tian suddenly stood in front of her and touched her cheeks. "Sigh. Big sister Yun, I know that you're busy, but eating breakfast before working is important, you know. What if you suddenly faint at work because you haven't eaten breakfast? Alright, let's go eat together. It's on me."

When he said this, his face was filled with worried, like a man worried about his lover's health..

"Really?" Yun Xin Er didn't mind when he casually touched her cheeks, or more precisely, she was delighted after seeing his worried face. She suddenly gave him her bag and said, "Here, carry this?"

'Hmm? Why did she want me to carry her bag?'

Xiao Tian had no idea why she suddenly wanted him to carry her bag, but because he wanted to make her happy, he took the bag with his right hand.

To his surprise, she suddenly grabbed his left hand and embraced it. After hooking arms with Xiao Tian, she smiled beautifully and said, "Let's go find a restaurant."

Xiao Tian looked at her hands before lifting his sight to see her face. Xiao Tian didn't know why she suddenly behaved as if they were lovers, but because he didn't want to destroy her good mood, he did nothing and only smiled.

"Un. Let's go," Xiao Tian spoked and paused for a second before he continued, "Big sister Yun, what do you want to eat?"

"Anything. I'm starving so let's find a nearby restaurant" at that time because Yun Xin Er was hungry, she didn't want to be picky about the food, as long as the food is edible, she would eat the food.

After walking fifteen minutes to get out of the Rainbow Garden, they walked for about five minutes before finally, they found a restaurant. It was called HA restaurant.

Even though the restaurant wasn't big but because Yun Xin Er was starving, they decided to eat at Ha restaurant. The restaurant is about 7 x 5 meters with chairs and tables neatly arranged. Not long after they sat on the chairs, the waiter walked toward them to receive their order. After writing down their request, the waiter immediately left.

"Big sister Yun, why were you at Rainbow Garden alone?" Xiao Tian, who was sitting on her right side, asked curiously.

"Nothing. I just wanted to come to Rainbow Garden alone" due to how busy she was, she was stressed. That was why she went to Rainbow Garden because every time she was at Rainbow Garden, she felt calm. "But now I'm not alone anymore, because you're with me."

"Yes, yes. I will always be there for you" Xiao Tian pinched her nose and smiled dazzlingly

"Really?" even though she knew that Xiao Tian was joking, but she was happy after hearing his words. "Because you said that, in the future, if I feel lonely, I will call you."

"Yes, you can do that. Every time you feel lonely or need help, you can call me and I will immediately come to meet you. I will do anything for big sister Yun" when Xiao Tian said this, the words came out from the bottom of his heart. Yun Xin Er had helped him many times, and one of the reasons he could be a successful person in such a short time was because of her too.

When Yun Xin Er saw the seriousness on his face, she was a little surprised and happy at the same time. She didn't expect that he would say that to her. She then raised her little finger and said, "Promise?"

Xiao Tian locked her little finger with his little finger and said, "Yes. I promise."

"Good!" Yun Xin Er said happily.
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