Illicit Relationship Chapter 145

142 Youre A Liar

Xiao Tian had been waiting for a reply from Yun Xin Er for an hour, but still, he didn't get a response from Yun Xin Er. "This woman....."

Because Yun Xin Er suddenly behaved like she didn't know Xiao Tian, he was unable to focus on his work. It was not because Yun Xin Er was important in his heart, but he still needed her for the development of his company. For this reason, Xiao Tian was unhappy with her childish behavior.

And what made him even angrier was that Xiao Tian didn't know where she lived or the places she often visited.

"Sigh." Xiao Tian tilted his head back and rubbed his eyes with his left fingers.


Xiao Tian's smartphone rang, indicating that there was a new message on his smartphone.

Xiao Tian took his smartphone to see who had sent him a message. When he noticed that it was Yun Xin Er who sent him a message, he immediately opened it.

[I'm at Rainbow Garden right now]

Xiao Tian quickly replied [Don't go anywhere, I will be there soon]

Xiao Tian rose from his seat and wanted to head to Rainbow Garden, but when he noticed that he wore formal clothes, he went to the bedroom to change his clothes. Because there was a bedroom in his company, Xiao Tian placed some of his clothes in the cupboard so that he could change his clothes anytime.

Xiao Tian decided to wear jeans and a jacket with a T-shirt underneath it. Even though he was dressed normally, he still looked handsome and mature. Xiao Tian then came out of the room and headed to the parking lot, but he suddenly saw Shi Fei in front of her office.

"Little brother, where do you want to go?" Shi Fei was a little shocked when he saw Xiao Tian dressed normally.

Xiao Tian walked closer to her, and when he was in front of her, he said, "I want to meet Yun Xin Er."

Xiao Tian didn't lie to Shi Fei because, in his view, it was better to tell her the truth rather than lying. Xiao Tian had considered her as his woman. That was why he didn't want to lie to her. When Xiao Tian noticed a fit of jealousy in her eyes, he kissed her forehead and said, "I only want to ask for her help, so don't be jealous."

A slow smile spread across her face when she felt his lips on her forehead. The jealousy which could be seen in her eyes, disappeared without a trace as if it wasn't there in the first place. Shi Fei immediately wrapped her long slender hands around his neck and kissed his lips.

Xiao Tian was a little surprised by this, but he immediately put his tongue into her mouth, which was welcomed by her tongue happily.

They kissed passionately for several seconds before finally Xiao Tian broke the kiss and said, "Alright, it's enough"

Shi Fei wiped the saliva in her mouth with her right hand before finally her face broke into a soft smile. "Alright. Be careful little brother."

Xiao Tian kissed her right cheek before heading to the parking lot.

"I hope she is still at Rainbow Garden" Xiao Tian then drove to the Rainbow Garden.

Because Rainbow Garden was located in the center of Shanghai, he needed thirty minutes to get there. After he parked his car, he immediately entered the Rainbow Garden. Rainbow Garden was famous in Shanghai.

Every day, many people come to Rainbow Garden to enjoy the beautiful flowers. Many couples also often come to Rainbow Garden because it has a romantic atmosphere and beautiful scenery.

In Rainbow Garden, there were a variety of flower plants in various colors. For this reason, it was called Rainbow Garden. But even though Rainbow Garden has a wide variety of flower plants, there were also many trees in Rainbow Garden, which made it a shady and calm place.

As soon as he entered Rainbow Garden, he immediately called Yun Xin Er. This time, she answered the phone, but still, her behavior didn't change, and she immediately hung up after informing her location.

Because of how vast the Rainbow Garden was, it took him fifteen minutes by walking only to reach her location. Xiao Tian then saw her sitting alone on the floor inside a wooden building. The wooden building was around 3x3 meters without walls, allowing people to see who was inside the building.

Yun Xin Er was wearing a white ruffled silk blouse and ripped blue jeans. In front of her, there was mineral water and a red bag.

Xiao Tian sat on her right side and said, "Big sister Yun, why did you suddenly like this? Tell me, what did I do wrong?"

"Little brother, I hate you" Yun Xin Er crossed her arms over her chest and turned her head to the left side.

Using his right hand, Xiao Tian grabbed her face and made her face him, "Big sister Yun, don't be like this. Tell me why did you suddenly change like this? I'm not a God, so if you don't tell me, I would not know."

"Hmmph! You said that you would keep your promise, but you're a liar." Yun Xin Er said and paused for a second before she continued, "It's been two months, and you still haven't kept your promise."

'Promise? Did I promise her something?'

Xiao Tian tried to remember everything, and suddenly he widened his eyes.

"What? Did you just remember your promise?" even though Xiao Tian had finally remembered his promise, but from her voice, Yun Xin Er was still unhappy. Maybe it was because Xiao Tian had made her wait for a long time.

"Big sister Yun, this is." Xiao Tian had no idea how to explain it to Yun Xin Er. Because he was too busy with his company, he forgot to keep his promise. But as a man, he must be willing to admit his mistakes, "I'm sorry."

Xiao Tian didn't know how to deal with it other than apologizing to her. He didn't try to give her an excuse because it would only make him look pathetic and bad. Xiao Tian understood her feeling because if he were in her shoes, he would also feel disappointed and angry.

"So, what will you do to make it up?" when Yun Xin Er learned that Xiao Tian realized his mistake and apologized without giving an excuse, her anger was significantly reduced. Usually, if other people were in Xiao Tian's shoes, they would immediately provide a reason, but Xiao Tian didn't do that.

Yun Xin Er even surprised when she learned that he immediately admitted his mistake and apologized. Actually, she thought that Xiao Tian would give her an excuse like other people, but she was wrong. For this reason, she immediately forgave him, but of course, she still wanted him to keep his promise.

"Big sister Yun, how about we have dinner tomorrow?" Xiao Tian knew that if he didn't keep his promise as soon as possible, their relationship would get worse. He didn't want that because he needed her help right now.

"Tomorrow? Why not tonight?" Yun Xin Er thought Xiao Tian would invite her dinner tonight, not tomorrow. That was why she looked at him in disappointment.

"Big sister Yun, not tonight." Xiao Tian hasn't come home from yesterday evening, so if tonight he were to leave again and return home late, his mother would be worried and sad. Xiao Tian didn't want to make his mother more anxious. That was why he decided to invite her to dinner tomorrow, not tonight.

Because Yun Xin Er was unhappy, she didn't say a single word and closed her eyes.

Seeing this, Xiao Tian could only sigh. He didn't know that it was hard to make her forgive him. But Xiao Tian had to keep trying to make her forgive him because he needed her help. "Tomorrow, we will spend time together from morning to evening. How about it?"

Upon hearing his words, Yun Xin Er opened her eyes and looked at him, "From morning to evening?"

Yun Xin Er was interested in spending time with him on the whole day because coincidently, she is free tomorrow, so rather than spending time alone, it would be better to spend time together with someone.

Xiao Tian was happy when he noticed that she was interested in his offer, so he immediately said, "Big sister Yun, you will not regret it. I will make you happy. Believe me!"

Yun Xin Er did not immediately respond to him and closed her eyes again as if she was thinking about something important for her life. Actually, Yun Xin Er accepted his offer but didn't respond to him on purpose because she wanted to know what he would do if she pretended to waver whether she should accept his offer or not.

Xiao Tian knew that she had agreed to his offer and only pretended to hesitate, but Xiao Tian decided to play in her game, "Big sister Yun, you are a kind and pretty lady, so you should accept my offer and forgive me. I promise something like this will not happen for the second time. Next time, if I promise something, I will write it down so I won't forget it."

A tiny smile appeared on her lips after hearing his words. Actually, Yun Xin Er didn't expect that she would forgive him this easily, but she didn't deny that meeting him could always make her happy and forget the stress she felt because of her work. Using her left hand, she pinched his nose and smiled, "Alright, because this big sister is a kind lady, this big sister will forgive your mistakes, but you have to remember not to forget your promise again."

"Alright. I will do my best to remember my promise from now on," Xiao Tian said and paused for a second before he continued, "Big sister, you should smile like this from the beginning because you are prettier if you smile."

"What? So, I'm not pretty anymore?" Yun Xin Er said while pouting her lips

"Big sister Yun, you heard it wrong. I said prettier, not pretty. It means you are pretty, and you look prettier if you smile," Xiao Tian said.

"Hehehe" Yun Xin Er was satisfied with his answer.

When he saw her smile, Xiao Tian unconsciously smiled too.

"So, what can I do to help you?" Yun Xin Er knew that Xiao Tian wanted to meet her because he needed her help.

Xiao Tian suddenly felt shy when she knew that he only met her when he needed her help. "Well, it's like this big sister Yun. I want to promote my clothing design on TV, so I wonder, can you help me with this?"

"I can help you" Yun Xin Er replied

"Really?" Xiao Tian was happy with this.

"Un" Yun Xin Er nodded her head.

"Thank you, big sister Yun," Xiao Tian said as he smiled.
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