Illicit Relationship Chapter 144

141 Can You Forgive Me?

"Are you ready, little Xue?" Xiao Tian decided to go to his company immediately, but he wanted to drive Lin Xing Xue to the cosmetic shop first.

"Un" Lin Xing Xue nodded her head.

Xiao Tian then drove to the cosmetic shop. When they reached the cosmetic shop, Lin Xing Xue saw her co-workers in front of the cosmetic shop. But this time she behaved normally, not like in the past.

When Xiao Tian stopped the car in front of the cosmetic shop, Lin Xing Xue's co-workers turned their heads. They wanted to know who came by car so early in the morning.

And when they saw Lin Xing Xue came out of the car, they widened their eyes in surprise.

"Eh! Isn't that Miss Lin?"

"Yes. You're right."

"Did her boyfriend drive her here?"

"I don't know. I can't see the driver."

"Let's wait and see."

When Xiao Tian noticed that many people were looking at Lin Xing Xue, he came out of the car.

"Wait, isn't that person Xiao Tian? A young man who is popular lately?"

"Yes. You're right."

"Does it mean Miss Lin's boyfriend is Xiao Tian?"

"What? How could it be?"

"I'm jealous!"

"How could her boyfriend be Xiao Tian? Doesn't she feel ashamed to date a younger person?"

"Don't tell me the reason she works three days a week now is because of him?"

"Yes. It must be because she wants to date him. He is a successful person and not only that, but he is also a good-looking young man."

"What an immoral woman! Dating a person who is much younger than herself."

"I'm sure she only wants his money!"

"Stop it, you two! What's wrong with dating a younger person? There are no rules that forbid us to date younger people!"

"Yes, stop it! You must be jealous of her because her boyfriend is young and successful, right?"

"Who says we are jealous?"

At this time, Xiao Tian covered Lin Xing Xue's ears and looked at the women who were badmouthing her. Xiao Tian didn't want Lin Xing Xue to hear those words because it could make her mood terrible.

Lin Xing Xue had no idea why Xiao Tian suddenly covered her ears. She also didn't know that two of her co-workers spoke ill of her because Xiao Tian covered her ears.

Xiao Tian only looked at those two women and did nothing. But his eyes gleamed with terrifying sharpness as he stared at those two ladies who spoke ill of Lin Xing Xue.

The reason Xiao Tian did nothing was that fighting with women like the two of them was childish and only a waste of time. As long as they didn't do anything with the person he loved, he would still control himself, but if they dare to hurt someone important to him, he will do anything to make them regret it.

'What a pity because I don't have anything to make those two women more jealous.'

Suddenly an exciting idea appeared on his head. After positioning themselves so that the two women get the best view of them, Xiao Tian kissed Lin Xing Xue's forehead.

At this time, Lin Xing Xue did nothing or hit him like she always did. She only closed her eyes and felt the tenderness of his lips. She had started seeing Xiao Tian as her lover, so in her view, something like kissing her forehead in front of other people was normal.

The women who badmouthed Lin Xing Xue gritted their teeth, and their faces were red with jealousy.

"I will pick you up later" Xiao Tian stroked her hair and looked at her lovingly

"Un. I will wait" Lin Xing Xue's mood brightened after seeing his loving face. At that time, she suddenly became eager to work and hoped that the day would soon end so she could quickly spend time with Xiao Tian again

After hugging her for about three seconds, Xiao Tian drove to his company.


"Those two women are Little Xue's co-workers. Will Little Xue be okay at work?" Xiao Tian, who was sitting on the office chair, mused. Even though he tried not to think about what he heard earlier, but Xiao Tian was still worried about Lin Xing Xue. "Little Xue, I hope nothing will happen to you."

"Stop thinking about other things. I need to focus on my work so that I can make my family become an upper-class family as soon as possible" Xiao Tian patted his cheeks to make him forget about Lin Xing Xue and focused on his work. Xiao Tian then took the telephone on his workbench and called Shi Fei "Fei, come to my office."

"Alright," Shi Fei then rose from her seat and headed to Xiao Tian's office.


Shi Fei knocked on the door.

"Come in," Xiao Tian replied while reading the material for advertisement.

"Do you need anything, little brother?" Shi Fei asked.

"How are the preparations for the new season?" it had been several days since he asked her to prepare the clothes for the new season. He hoped everything is ready so that they could promote it as soon as possible.

"Everything is ready. Now I'm making ads for the company's online shop," Shi Fei said and stopped for a second before she continued, "But little brother, I think we need to make ads on television."

"Yes. You're right. Television commercials are important" Xiao Tian also thought that it was time to make ads on TV. In his view, television was a powerful medium if they could find a way to draw in the audience. Xiao Tian suddenly remembered someone. "Fei, take this material. I've planned everything and write it down. You read it and add something which you think necessary. After that, tell me about it."

Xiao Tian gave Shi Fei the documents and took his smartphone." You can return to your office now."

"Alright," Shi Fei took the material and returned to her office.

"Hello, big sister Yun. How are you?" Xiao Tian said when Yun Xin Er picked up his phone.

"I'm good. But who is this?" a melodic voice rang out through his smartphone.

Xiao Tian's lips twitched after hearing her words. Xiao Tian looked at the name on his smartphone's screen again to make sure that he didn't dial the wrong number. But when he saw that the name was Yun Xin Er, Xiao Tian was a little surprised. "This is big sister Yun Xin Er, right?"

"Yes. I'm Yun Xin Er. But who is this?" Yun Xin Er said through his smartphone.

'Eh! What is this? Did I do something wrong? Last time we met, she didn't behave like this, and I'm sure I didn't do anything wrong to her.'

Xiao Tian had no idea why Yun Xin Er suddenly said that she didn't know him. "Big sister Yun, please stop joking. I'm Xiao Tian. You know me, right?"

"Xiao Tian? I don't know someone named Xiao Tian. I think you are calling the wrong person," Yun Xin Er said through his smartphone.

'What the hell is this? What did I do wrong? Why did she behave like this?'

Xiao Tian tried to think what he did to her, but still, he was unable to find the answer. He remembered that he treated her nicely and always made her happy. "Big sister Yun, did I do something to you? Why did you behave like this?"

Because Xiao Tian had no idea the mistake he had made, he decided to ask her, hoping she would give him the answer.

"Eh! Why did you think like that? How could you do something wrong to me when we don't even know each other," Yun Xin Er said through his smartphone.

'Stop lying to me! You have even come to my house and my company so how can you say that we don't know each other. At least tell me what did I do wrong.'

"Big sister Yun, I don't know what I've done wrong to you, but I'm sorry if I've hurt your feeling. Can you forgive me?" even though Xiao Tian had no idea why Yun Xin Er behaved like this, he decided to apologize to her.

Yun Xin Er was essential to him because she could help him with his company development and other things. For this reason, he didn't want to be on her bad side and wished that they could stay friends.

"As I said, you did nothing to me, so you can stop apologizing now. Alright, I'm busy right now, so I'm hanging up," Yun Xin Er said before hanging up.

"What? She hung up?" Xiao Tian was shocked by this. Not only did she not tell him the reason she behaved like that, but she also hung up the phone.

Xiao Tian tried to call her again, but she didn't pick up the phone. Xiao Tian was unhappy with this. He could not believe that Yun Xin Er behaved like a child. They were already an adult so he thought if they had a problem, they could sit together and talk about it nicely, not behave like this.

'Big sister Yun, where are you right now? I will go to your place. Please reply to my message. I don't want our relationship to be like this.'

Because Yun Xin Er didn't pick up the phone, Xiao Tian had no choice but to send her a message, hoping she would reply so he could solve the problem.

"Yun Xin Er oh Yun Xin Er. You're an adult, so you shouldn't behave like this. At least tell me what did a do wrong." Xiao Tian was still annoyed by Yun Xin Er's behavior.

'What did I do wrong?'

Once again, Xiao Tian tried to think of what he had done to her.
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