Illicit Relationship Chapter 141

138 First Time With Lin Xing Xue

Even though Lin Xing Xue had given him permission to move his waist, Xiao Tian still hasn't done anything. He only looked at her lovingly while stroking her hair gently. Xiao Tian had no idea why he did that. Several seconds ago, he wanted to fuck her so badly, but now he wanted to see her face for another few seconds as if his lust was now under his control.

Lin Xing Xue, on the other hand, was surprised when she noticed that Xiao Tian still hasn't moved his waist and only looked at her lovingly. She thought that after she gave him permission, he would immediately move his hips, but she was wrong.

Even though Lin Xing Xue was happy that he treated her gently, but at that time, she wanted him to thrust his cock deep inside her. It had been a long time for her to get a cock inside her pussy again. That was why her body started to itch when he did nothing to her.

Lin Xing Xue was wavering whether she should move her body first or not because after looking at his face, Lin Xing Xue knew that Xiao Tian still had no intention of moving his waist. At that time, Lin Xing Xue wondered, how could the lust which controlled him a few seconds ago disappear without a trace?

Because Xiao Tian was only looking at her, Lin Xing Xue decided to tighten her pussy muscles and squeeze his cock harder. She hoped with this; he understood that she wanted him to move his waist immediately. But her efforts were in vain because Xiao Tian only groaned and still did nothing.

At this moment, Lin Xing Xue guessed that he wanted to tease her again. In her view, he wanted to know whether she would move her body first or not.

Because she was unable to hold back anymore, Lin Xing Xue clenched her pussy again and placed her hands on his back, "Tian..."

"What is it, little Xue?" Xiao Tian knew that the reason she squeezed his cock tighter was to make him thrust his cock inside her. Actually, Xiao Tian also wanted to move his waist, but decided against it because he wanted to know what she would do.

Lin Xing Xue was too shy to tell him what she wanted. That was why she looked at him while loosening and tightening her pussy repeatedly. Her long slender hands also began wrapping around his back tighter, allowing Xiao Tian to feel her breasts even more.

Realizing her actions, Xiao Tian thought that it was time to move his waist. He didn't have the heart to tease her anymore because it could be bad if he kept teasing her.

Without waiting for another second, Xiao Tian began moving his waist.

"Ahhhhhh," a soft moan escaped from Lin Xing Xue's little mouth. Her hands, which embraced Xiao Tian's back, slowly began unwrapping to make him easier to move his waist.

Because Xiao Tian knew that it had been a long time for her to feel the cock in her pussy again, Xiao Tian thrust his cock slowly so that she could get used to it first. Not only that, but by moving slowly, Xiao Tian was able to feel the sensation of her pussy muscles squeezing his cock very well too, so it was not only good for her but him as well.

"AhAh.Ah." even though Xiao Tian was moving his hips slowly, but in her view, Xiao Tian made the right decision. His cock was the biggest cock she had even had, coupled with her who hadn't had a cock for a long time; it would take a while before her pussy could handle him moving faster.

When Xiao Tian noticed her fascinating expression as if her mind was on cloud nine, he decided to thrust his cock deeper every time he moved his waist, until finally, the tip of his cock hit her womb repeatedly.

"Ahh.Tian.Ah.It feels good.Ah.TianAh." Lin Xing Xue's long slender hands clenched the bed sheet while her charming face was swinging to the left and right side. The heavenly pleasure which she felt every time his cock touching her womb could be seen on her face.

It was the first time for her to feel pleasure like this. She liked it, no, she loved it very much to the point she didn't want it to end. This was a feeling she had never felt with her ex-husband before, and she was unable to put it into words.

Actually, she had guessed that something like this would happen when she saw how big Xiao Tian's cock was. At first, she was a little afraid, but now she regretted why she only did it with him now and not two months ago.

At this time, Xiao Tian was delighted because he knew that she loved it so he could tell that in the future, he could have sex with her again. But Xiao Tian was not satisfied with this and wanted to give her more pleasure.

For this reason, he grabbed her left leg and placed it on his shoulder so that he could thrust his cock deeper and play with her body too. When Xiao Tian saw her clitoris and her breasts, which were moving in various directions every time he moved his waist, he had difficulty in choosing between playing with her breasts or clitoris.

But the sight of her beautiful breasts moving in various directions was too much for him to hold back. Coupled with her pink nipples, which were standing mightily, made him decide to play with her breasts.

As Xiao Tian was still controlling his movements, he began squeezing her breasts gently before finally pinching her nipples a little hard, which made Lin Xing Xue moans loudly.

"AhhTian.Ah.Tian.Ah." between her moans, Lin Xing Xue, was still able to call out his name. At that time, due to his cock kept hitting her womb, all she had in mind was Xiao Tian and his cock. Lin Xing Xue didn't expect that she would feel this heavenly pleasure by having sex with him.


Because her pussy was very wet, every time Xiao Tian thrust his cock deep inside her, her pussy gushed love juices, and it made the bedsheet wet.

Thinking that her pussy was now getting used to the size of his cock, Xiao Tian began thrusting his cock faster and deeper.

"Hiii...Ahh.Ah..Ah.Ah.." when Lin Xing Xue felt that the tip of his cock had entered her womb, her body became weak, her mind went blank, and all she could do was moans and moans.

Her love juices were dripping faster, and even tears fell down her cheeks. However, those were not the tears of sadness but the tears of pleasure, the pleasure which will not be forgotten for the rest of her life.

After several seconds the tip of his cock kept hitting and entering her womb, Lin Xing Xue was unable to hold back anymore, and she felt like she was about to cum. With an unclear voice, Lin Xing Xue said, "Cumming..Cumming. I'm cummingggg."

Like he always did, Xiao Tian stopped thrusting his cock to let her have an orgasm first. After she had an orgasm, Xiao Tian kissed her forehead and said, "Little Xue, how is it? Do you like it?"

"itz wz grtzz" Lin Xing Xue wanted to tell him that 'it was great.' But because she was in her weak condition and her mind was still on the could nine, she could not say it clearly.

However, even though her words were unclear, Xiao Tian was able to understand that she loved it. When Xiao Tian saw that her body had stopped quivering, he turned her body so that he could fuck her in doggy style.

Lin Xing Xue, who still hasn't recovered her strength, could not do anything when Xiao Tian turned her body. But if she had regained her strength, she would still let him do as he pleases because she knew that he still hasn't cum.

Lin Xing Xue didn't want to be the only want who enjoyed this. That's why despite she was in her weak condition; Lin Xing Xue still tried her best to give him pleasure.

When Xiao Tian noticed her ass hole, he desired to put his cock in her lovely ass hole, but at that time, he could not do that because he didn't know whether she would agree to it or not.

Xiao Tian knew this because, in his past life, some women hate it, saying that it was dirty or something like that. Even though Lin Xing Xue was in her weak state and he could do what he wanted, but Xiao Tian was afraid that after they have sex later, she will hate him if he were to put his cock in her ass hole.

This was the first time he had sex with her, so he didn't want to leave unpleasant memories for her. Even though he was unable to put his cock in her ass hole, Xiao Tian could still play with it. But Xiao Tian didn't give up easily and decided to ask her later, hoping that she would agree to have anal sex with him in the future.

Without waiting for another second, Xiao Tian placed his cock in her vagina entrance and thrust his cock in one go.

"Ahhhhhhhh" Lin Xing Xue, who was unable to move her body, could only moan. Her head, which was resting on a pillow, moved following the rhythm of his thrust.

Because they were having sex in doggy style, Xiao Tian, who was thrusting his cock in her vagina, could see her ass hole clearly. For this reason, he suddenly wanted to put this left index and middle fingers in her ass hole.

After taking her love juices and placing it on her ass hole, Xiao Tian immediately thrust his fingers into her ass hole.

"Hiiiiii," Lin Xing Xue gritted her teeth. Actually, she wanted to tell him that it was dirty because she still hasn't cleaned it. But because she was in her weak condition, she couldn't say to him about it.

"So tight" when Xiao Tian put his fingers into her ass hole, her ass hole muscles were squeezing his fingers wildly. Knowing how tight her ass hole was, Xiao Tian wanted to put his cock in it even more. Inside his head, Xiao Tian made up his mind that he would do anything to have anal sex with her in the future.

"Cumming.Cumming.. I'm coming.." Lin Xing Xue was unable to endure the great pleasure when Xiao Tian was playing with her ass hole and hitting her womb with his huge cock at the same time, making her have an orgasm for the second time.

And not long after that, Xiao Tian felt that he was about to cum. That was why Xiao Tian immediately pulled out his cock and let out his cum on her waist.

After he had an orgasm, Xiao Tian laid down next to her with a smile on his face.
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