Illicit Relationship Chapter 136

133 Sweet Time At Lin Xing Xues Home

After kissing passionately for several seconds, Xiao Tian broke the kiss. Because it was a little difficult to continue their sexual activities with her sitting on his lap, Xiao Tian put her on his right side.

Lin Xing Xue was shocked by his action. She thought that he wanted to stop what they were doing, but after seeing his eyes, she knew that wasn't the reason. The real reason was that he wanted to do more sexual activities with her. She knew that because after putting her on his right side, Xiao Tian began squeezing her breasts gently. Realizing this, she was happy, and her body suddenly became hot too.

While still breathing heavily, her eyes locked on his face before finally she lowered her sight to his hands which was squeezing her breasts gently. Lin Xing Xue still did nothing and let him do as he wanted. However, the longer she saw his hands squeezing her breasts, the faster her body was controlled by lust.

Her breathing that had almost returned to normal suddenly became faster again, and the lust within her body now could be seen in her eyes. Using her right hand, Lin Xing Xue, who was already filled with lust, rubbed his cock through his trousers.

Xiao Tian stopped what he was doing and looked at her hands for three seconds before he continued playing with her breasts again. But, this time, not only he squeezed her breasts, but he pinched her nipples too.

"Ahhhhhh" when Xiao Tian was pinching her nipples, Lin Xing Xue stopped rubbing his cock and let out a soft moan. Since she divorced with her ex-husband, Lin Xing Xue had never been in a relationship with a man again because she wanted to focus on making money. In her view, she didn't need a man in her life, and she could also control her lust, but she was wrong.

Since the relationship between Lin Xing Xue and Xiao Tian had gotten closer. Coupled with his gentle attitude, she began to rethink her opinion because every time Xiao Tian treated her gently, her desire to be with him became stronger and stronger.

Not only that, her body, which she thought could be controlled, suddenly longed for his touch after what they had done at his home in the past. For this reason, she was delighted whenever he embraced her, kissed her, held her hands, or when he made her sit on his lap. But, of course, she didn't say it because she was a lady. If she were to say that she longed for his touch, Lin Xing Xue was afraid that he would think that she was a horny lady or something like that.

Because Lin Xing Xue was wearing an off-shoulder dress, her dress dropped slightly when he was squeezing her breasts, allowing him to see almost half of her bare breasts. Due to the beast inside him had taken over his body, his desire to suck and lick her nipples arose within him. For this reason, Xiao Tian grabbed her dress and slowly pulled it down.

Despite knowing what he was doing, Lin Xing Xue still did nothing. She only looked at his face and his hands that grabbed her dress, repeatedly. Actually, Lin Xing Xue also wanted him to play with her bare breasts, but she was too shy to say it. That was why she did nothing when he was pulling down her dress.

Because she was not wearing a bra, Xiao Tian could see her breasts when he pulled down her dress to the waist. Even though he had seen many beautiful breasts in his two lives, Xiao Tian still could not help but gulped when he saw her breasts.

Her breasts, which were in the right size, looked so beautiful in his eyes. Coupled with the erect pink nipples, her breasts looked so delicious in his eyes, making Xiao Tian unable to hold back anymore.

With both of his index fingers playing with her nipples, Xiao Tian locked his eyes on hers as if he wanted to ask her whether he could lick and suck on her breasts or not. Even though he knew that Lin Xing Xue had lost in lust, but he wanted to ask her permission first because he didn't want to do something that she was not ready.

And when he saw Lin Xing Xue nodding her head shyly, Xiao Tian slowly brought his face to her right breast and opened his mouth, ready to lick and suck her right breast.

With his right index finger playing with her left nipple, Xiao Tian squeezed her right breast gently before licking her right nipple.

"Ahhhhh" it had been a long time for a man to lick her nipples and suck on it. That was why she suddenly felt as if electricity running throughout her entire body when Xiao Tian was skillfully licking and sucking her nipples.

Because she wanted to enjoy the pleasure that she hasn't felt for a long time, Lin Xing Xue stopped rubbing Xiao Tian's cock. She tilted her head back and placed her hands behind her body as a support.

"Ahhh.Ahhhh.Ahhh." due to her body was filled with pleasure and lust. Coupled with they were at her home, Lin Xing Xue didn't hold back her moans and just enjoyed the pleasure.

Hearing her moan which was like a beautiful song in his ears, Xiao Tian bit her right nipple a little hard and pulled on it before letting it go

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" a loud moan escaped from her little mouth. She didn't expect that Xiao Tian would do something like that to her. She thought that he would only lick her nipples and bit it gently. However, she didn't hate it or more precisely, she loved it. Her lust within her became bigger after what he did, and she suddenly wanted him to do the same thing to her left breast. But of course, she didn't say it and only looked at him lustfully.

As if Xiao Tian knew what she wanted, he brought his face to her left breast and began licking it. Circling her pink nipples with his wet tongue, Xiao Tian's right hand went under her dress and touched her thong.

"Ahhhhh" Lin Xing Xue fell on the couch when Xiao Tian bit her right nipple and thrust his index finger into her vagina hole through her thong.

Seeing that, Xiao Tian bent forward and continued what he was doing. Xiao Tian stopped playing with her pussy and only licked her breasts because it was difficult to play with her pussy in that position.

And after licking her breasts for several seconds, Xiao Tian stopped and looked at her. As if they knew what they wanted, they opened their mouths at the same time and started to kiss. It was only a gentle kiss at first, but after four seconds, the gentle kiss turned into an intense, erotic kiss in which they exchanged saliva and lewdly wrapped their tongues.

After several seconds, Xiao Tian broke the kiss and looked at her face.


The sound of them breathing heavily could be heard on their ears. Not only that, because the distance between their mouths was only one centimetre, they could feel their hot breath on their faces. And the longer they felt their hot breath, the higher their desire to do another passionate kiss.

As if they understood what they wanted, they opened their mouths and ready for another kissing battle. And even though they were still breathing heavily, they didn't care about it and immediately kissed passionately.

As they were kissing, Lin Xing Xue placed her hands on his shoulders before finally, she started to wring his hair. After several seconds, Xiao Tian broke the kiss before finally, he decided to kiss her forehead, eyes, nose, and her lips again.

But this time he only gave a quick kiss on her lips before working his way down to her neck. When Lin Xing Xue felt his lips on her neck, she tilted her head back to make it easier for him to kiss her neck.

At first, Xiao Tian only kissed her neck gently, but after seeing her attractive neck, Xiao Tian suddenly wanted to leave a mark on her neck so he could tell everyone that her beautiful neck belonged to him alone.

When Lin Xing Xue felt that Xiao Tian was kissing her neck a little hard, she knew what he wanted to do. That's why she was panicked and said, "Tian, not on my neck. Everyone will be able to see it."

Xiao Tian stopped and looked at her. Intending to tease her, Xiao Tian touched her right cheek and said, "Little Xue, if I can't give you a hickey on your neck, where do you want me to give it to you? On your beautiful breasts, stomach, or your thighs?"

Lin Xing Xue was too shy to answer him. For this reason, she turned her head to the other side and said nothing.

Seeing this, Xiao Tian started to smirk and decided to tease her again, "Eh! Why did you turn your head to the other side and not answer me? if you don't answer me, I will give you a hickey on your beautiful neck."

"A.aanywhere...isfine. As long as no one can see it" Lin Xing Xue still turned her head and didn't look at him because she was too shy to look at him.

"Then, I will give you a hickey on your beautiful breasts" Xiao Tian brought his face to her left breast and gave a hickey on her breasts.
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