Illicit Relationship Chapter 135

132 One Sheep Two Sheeps Three Sheeps Four Sheeps Shit

After they reached her house, Xiao Tian immediately came out of his car and opened the car door for her, \"Please watch your step, my beautiful lady.\"

Xiao Tian reached out his right hand to help her get out of the car and smiled as if he was dating a lady from a member of the royal family.

\"Hehe. Tian, sometimes you're so romantic\" Lin Xing Xue took his hands and got out of the car.

\"Alright, you have arrived at your home safely\" after kissing her forehead, Xiao Tian turned around and was about to leave, but he suddenly felt that Lin Xing Xue pulled his shirt.

\"Why did you want to leave?\" Lin Xing Xue was surprised when she knew that he wanted to leave. She thought the moment they reached her home, he would push her down but she was wrong. Not only he didn't do that, but he even wanted to leave.

Even though Lin Xing Xue was happy with this because his action proved that Xiao Tian truly loved her and didn't just want her body, but at the same time, she was a little disappointed. Her heart has been beating faster since they left Couple Caf and she kept thinking about what will happen when they reach her home. For this reason, she felt that she wasn't attractive anymore when she saw Xiao Tian wanted to leave.

\"Little Xue, I love you. I really do.\" Xiao Tian said in a soft voice. His face was full of love when he said that, \"Even though I want to do it but it seems you're not yourself today. I don't want to force you to do it with me. I want your body and heart, not just your body.\"

\"Let's get inside. I will make tea for you\" without waiting for his answer, Lin Xing Xue grabbed his hands and dragged him to the living room, \"Sit here.\"

Xiao Tian sat on the couch and turned on the TV \"Why did she bring me into her house? Didn't she realize that she was inviting a wolf into her cave?\"

Actually, Xiao Tian had tried his best to hold back because he knew it would be dangerous to spend time alone with her after remembering their conversation at Couple Caf earlier. That was why he wanted to leave immediately but failed because Lin Xing Xue pulled his shirt and wanted him to drink tea in her home.

On the way to her home, Xiao Tian wavered whether to eat her tonight or not, but after they arrived at her house, Xiao Tian decided to immediately leave and eat her next time. Now that he was in her home, he was wavering again. His desire to have sex with her suddenly appeared within him, and the beast inside him tried to take over his body again.

\"One sheep, two sheeps, three sheeps, four sheeps, shit! I can't do this\" Xiao Tian tried to push away his dirty thoughts but failed. Not only failed but his dirty mind became bigger and stronger than before. \"I don't want to make her think that I only desire her body, not her heart.\"

\"Oh! You're watching TV?\" with tea on her hands, Lin Xing Xue walked closer to him and placed it on the table. After that, she sat next to him and watched TV too

\"Kya..\" Lin Xing Xue was surprised because, after a second, she sat on the couch, Xiao Tian suddenly grabbed her by the waist and put her on his lap, \"Bad boy!\"

'Shit! My hands moved on its own. The beast inside me starts to take over my body again.'

Actually, Xiao Tian was also surprised. He didn't know why he suddenly put her on his lap. It was as if his hands have their own mind.

\"Eh! Little Xue, you just realize it? I'm indeed a bad boy. A handsome bad boy!\" there was no way Xiao Tian would tell her that his hands moved on its own because he was sure that she would not believe it. That was why he used his trump card, and those were his sweet words, \"I'm sure many men will become a bad boy when they are near a pretty mature lady like you so you can't blame me because I'm not the one who is wrong here; instead, you have to blame your body for being too beautiful in my eyes.\"

\"Sigh! I wonder why this mouth always knows how to answer everything\" Lin Xing Xue rubbed Xiao Tian's lips with her right thumb gently and looked at his lips intently.

As she was rubbing his lips, Lin Xing Xue suddenly remembered that the lips she was rubbing now were the lips that always kissed her. Lin Xing Xue's body suddenly turned hot, and her desire to kiss his lips arose within her, but she still tried her best to hold herself. However, it was only last for three seconds before she was unable to hold back anymore and kissed his lips.

'Little Xue, stop it! Now is the most dangerous moment for me. The beast inside me has almost completely taken over my body, so don't do anything right now.'

Xiao Tian was surprised when she suddenly rubbed his lips but he did nothing and let her do what she wanted. However, the moment she kissed his lips, he suddenly wanted to push her down and eat her, \"Eh! What is this, little Xue? Why did you suddenly kiss me?\"

\"Thank you for all the happiness you have given me until now\" Lin Xing Xue wrapped her slender hands around his neck and leaned her head on his right shoulder, \"I'm so happy to have you in my life.\"

\"I'm also happy to have you in my life.\" Xiao Tian said in a soft loving voice before wrapping his hands around her waist.

\"Thank you, Tian\" Lin Xing Xue mused

While his right hand was still on her waist, Xiao Tian stroked her hair with his left hand and said, \"I love you, little Xue.\"

\"I love you too, Tian\" Lin Xing voiced out her true feelings, the words she had hidden deep in her heart all this time, the words that she wanted to say from two months ago, from the moment he helped her from the thugs. After saying that, Lin Xing Xue kissed the right side of his neck for two seconds before separating her pink lips from his neck.


Xiao Tian widened his eyes when her lips were on his neck. It wasn't because he was surprised, but because she kept doing something that could make the beast inside him get out and take control of his body.

Three seconds after kissing his neck, Lin Xing Xue touched his cheeks and made him face her. Her black pupils were focused on his eyes before working down to his lips. As her eyes were locked on his lips, Lin Xing Xue suddenly started breathing heavily, and her desire to kiss his lips appeared again.

'Hey, hey! What are you going to do? Little Xue, why did you look at my lips like that? And why are you breathing heavily like this?'

Xiao Tian only looked at her while still trying his best to hold back. He did nothing because he was at his limit.


Lin Xing Xue pressed her beautiful pink lips on his lips while her eyes stared into his black eyes.


Still, Xiao Tian only looked at her and did nothing. Usually, he would immediately try to put his tongue in her mouth but not today because he knew the moment they kiss passionately, his patience would turn into lust.

However, it seemed that heaven wanted to destroy his patience because two seconds after their lips met, Lin Xing Xue tried to put her tongue in his mouth.

But because Xiao Tian still hadn't opened his mouth, Lin Xing Xue looked into his eyes intently, as if she was asking him to open his mouth through her eyes.

Seeing her black pupils and white scleras which were focused on his eyes as if she wanted to devour him entirely, Xiao Tian was wavering whether to open his mouth or push her away. If he opened his mouth, he was sure that he will turn into a beast, but if he didn't open his mouth, he believes that she would ask him regarding why he didn't open his mouth.

Usually, he was the one who started to kiss her normally or passionately. He even kissed her every time he met her. That's why he believed if he didn't open his mouth, she would think he didn't love her as much as he loved her in the past. Because it's weird for a person who always wanted to kiss her passionately suddenly didn't want to.

When he thought of many things in his head, he suddenly felt that her tongue was trying harder to enter his mouth than before.

'Shit! You did it, little Xue. You did it! Don't blame me for what will happen to you later. I have tried to hold myself but you keep trying to wake up the beast inside me. Good! Now the beast has taken over my body, so don't blame me later because I have decided to eat you tonight.'

Xiao Tian slowly opened his mouth to give way for her tongue to enter his mouth. Realizing this, Lin Xing Xue didn't waste her time and immediately put her tongue into his mouth.

As soon as her tongue was inside his mouth, her tongue immediately explored his mouth before looking for his tongue.

Xiao Tian, who let her dominate the kiss, decided to play with her breasts.

\"Hmmm\" still, even though Xiao Tian was squeezing her breasts, she didn't stop kissing him.

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