Illicit Relationship Chapter 133

130 Oh Thats Not A Bad Idea

After he arrived at his home, Xiao Tian immediately headed to the bathroom because he wanted to go to Lin Xing Xue's house as soon as possible.

After bathing and dressing up, Xiao Tian wanted to leave, but when he was in the living room, he suddenly heard his mother saying something to him.

"Tian, where are you going?" Ye Xueyin, who saw her son dressing nicely, asked.

"Mother, I have a meeting with someone. We are going to discuss the clothes for the new season," even though Xiao Tian felt terrible for lying to his mother, but at that time, he had no choice but to do that. He thought it wasn't the right time to reveal his relationship with other ladies to his mother. "Mother, I will be late or maybe not return tonight, so please remember not to wait if I still haven't returned by 11:00."

"Alright. Be careful" Ye Xueyin decided not to ask him more questions because she knew that she couldn't make him to always stay at home with her.

Xiao Tian kissed his mother's lips and said, "I'm off, mother."

Even though she was sad because she couldn't spend time with her son, Ye Xueyin smiled and nodded her head.

Xiao Tian then got in the car and drove to Lin Xing Xue's home. Not long after that, he arrived at her house and got out of his vehicle.


Xiao Tian knocked on the door.

Lin Xing Xue, who was waiting in the living room, rose from the couch when she heard someone knocking on the door.

With a smile on her face, she headed to the guest room to open the door.

"Tian, you have arrived?" Lin Xing Xue had guessed that the person who came to her house was Xiao Tian because they had agreed to go to Couple Caf tonight. For this reason, she dressed up nicely before he came to her home so they could leave whenever he wanted.

"Little Xue, looks like you are ready to go now," Xiao Tian thought he needs to wait for her to prepare herself before they go to the Couple Caf. He didn't expect that when he arrived at her home, she was ready to leave. "Shall we go now?"

"Wait a minute; I will grab my bag first" after saying that, Lin Xing Xue headed to her bedroom to take her bag and immediately returned to the guest room, "Alright, let's go."

"Un" Xiao Tian nodded his head.

He then drove to the Couple Caf, and after several minutes of driving, they arrived at Couple Caf.

"Welcome to Couple Caf." the waitress, who was dressing in a maid costume, stepped toward them.

"Can you please take us to a VIP room?" it was the second time Xiao Tian visited Couple Caf, so he knew that there was a private place for customers

"Can you first prove to me that you are lovers?" as usual, the waitress asked them to confirm that they were lovers before allowing them to order food or choose the room.

Lin Xing Xue was stunned when she knew that they needed to prove to her that they were lovers before they were allowed to order something or choose the room. She didn't expect that there was such a rule in Couple Caf.

Lin Xing Xue turned her head toward Xiao Tian and looked at him as if she wanted to know about the rule.

Remembering about the rule, Xiao Tian brought his face closer to her left ear and whispered, "Little Xue, the rule is to kiss passionately in front of her"

Of course, Xiao Tian was lying to her. For him, it was a great opportunity to kiss her passionately in front of other people. That was why he lied to her.

Lin Xing Xue's face turned red when she knew that the rule was kissing passionately. Even though she had kissed passionately with him several times, but at that time, it was different because she needed to kiss him in front of other people.

Lin Xing Xue, who had no idea that he was lying to her, stood still while staring at him intently. At that time, she didn't know what she had to do. She wanted to ask him to choose a different place, but because they were in front of the waitress, she didn't know how to tell him about it.

"Anoo. Can you two prove to me please?" because the lovers in front of her still haven't proven it to her, the waitress decided to ask them to confirm it immediately because if she wastes time waiting for them to kiss, her manager would be angry at her.

The manager told her to instantly kick out the customer who doesn't quickly prove that they are lovers, but she didn't have the heart to kick the lovers in front of her. That was why she asked them to kiss in front of her, hoping that they would follow the rule immediately.

"Alright," Xiao Tian knew that Lin Xing Xue wouldn't start first. For this reason, he immediately touched her cheeks and kissed her lips.

Lin Xing Xue widened her eyes when Xiao Tian's tongue tried to enter her little mouth. Lin Xing Xue, who was nervous, glanced toward the waitress to see her reaction.

When she saw the waitress covering her mouth in shock, Lin Xing Xue looked into Xiao Tian's eyes as if she wanted to know why the waitress' reaction was like that.

The waitress was shocked when she saw the lovers in front of her was kissing passionately. Even though she had seen a few lovers who did that before, but she still has not used to it.

The waitress didn't expect that Xiao Tian and Lin Xing Xue would kiss passionately. She thought that they would only press their lips for several seconds before separating their lips. Because Xiao Tian knew that there was a VIP room, the waitress thought that he also knew the rule and would only kiss Lin Xing Xue normally. That was why she didn't tell them the rule. She just didn't expect that Xiao Tian would immediately kiss his lover passionately the moment she told them to prove that they were lovers.

Because Lin Xing Xue was nervous and shocked at the same time, she only stood still like a statue when Xiao Tian's tongue was exploring her mouth and intertwining his tongue with hers.

However, it was only last for three seconds before finally, Lin Xing Xue unconsciously kissed him back. Soon the complicated feeling which could be seen on her face earlier completely disappeared, and she also slowly raised her hands before finally, it landed on his cheeks.

When Xiao Tian noticed that Lin Xing Xue was starting to lose herself in pleasure, he grabbed her hips and pulled her closer to him until their bodies pressed against each other.

They kissed for several seconds before finally, the waitress who was too shy to continue seeing them kissing passionately decided to stop them, "Customers, you can stop now. Let me bring both of you to a VIP room."

Hearing that, Lin Xing Xue broke the kiss and pushed Xiao Tian away. She lowered her head after remembering what she had done in front of the waitress.

When Xiao Tian saw her shy face, he brought his face closer to her ears and whispered, "Little Xue, let's continue after we're alone in the VIP room."

With a nervousness on her face, Lin Xing Xue pinched her waist and said in a low voice, "Bully!"

"Oh, that's not a bad idea!" Xiao Tian held her right hand and smiled "I will bully you when we are alone later, so prepare yourself, little Xue."

"Tian, stop it!" even though they had kissed passionately, but Lin Xing Xue was still too shy when he teased her in front of the waitress. That was why she kept hugging his hands and lowered her head.

"Please follow me," the waitress then guided them to the VIP room. After writing down their order, the waitress left.

Xiao Tian and Lin Xing Xue immediately sat on the couch after entering the VIP room. Lin Xing Xue, who was sitting on his right side, smiled when she saw the decoration of the room. The floral scents made her feel relaxed, and the yellow lights which were hanging on the wall looked so beautiful in her eyes.

She didn't expect that the place was so romantic. Even though there was a weird rule before entering Couple Caf, but she was satisfied with the place.

"Little Xue, come and sit on my lap," Xiao Tian said while patting his thighs with his right hand.

"I don't want to" Lin Xing Xue pretended to refuse and turned her head to the other side.

"I won't take no for an answer" after saying that, Xiao Tian grabbed her waist and placed her on his lap. "Now, this is the best position for chatting."

"You really like to chat in this position, huh" Lin Xing Xue knew that Xiao Tian often made her sit on his lap in the past. But she didn't deny that she loved it too because when she was sitting on his lap, she felt that they were so close to each other

"Of course, because in this position, I can embrace you while chatting," Xiao Tian said while hugging her tighter before finally kissing her left cheek.

"So, you admitted it, huh" Lin Xing Xue pinched his nose as she smiled

"Of course, because I will never lie to my lover" Xiao Tian replied

"This mouth is really dangerous" Lin Xing Xue touched his lips using her right index finger

"But it's only for you," Xiao Tian said as he laughed

Then they chatted and joked happily.
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