Illicit Relationship Chapter 130

127 Only The Two Of Us

Shi Fei and Xiao Tian kissed passionately for about several seconds before finally Shi Fei broke the kiss and said, "Little brother, how about we get inside my apartment?"

"Fei, I'm sorry. not today, ok?" Xiao Tian knew that she wanted to spend time with him, but he remembered his mother was waiting for him at home. For this reason, Xiao Tian had no choice but refused her offer.

Hearing his words, the light in her eyes dimmed. However, she had no choice but to accept it because she knew her position in his heart. She also couldn't force him to stay with her because she was afraid the moment she forces him to stay, he will hate her, or their relationship will go bad. She didn't want her hard effort to be in vain just because of a single mistake. That was why she could only lower her head without saying a single thing.

But deep inside, Shi Fei really wished that he would spend more time with her and love her as much as she loved him. It was fine if they didn't have sex because she only wanted to spend time with him, chatting and laughing while holding hands or something like that.

'Little brother, when will you love me as much as I love you? What should I do to make it happen? Every single day, my love for you is getting bigger and bigger, but you....you.. Little brother, tell me.tell me, what should I do to make you love me as much as I love you? Please tell me.'

Shi Fei wanted to voice it out, but the words stuck in her throat. Shi Fei could only raise her head and looked at him with a sad expression. Her dark pupils were locked on his face as if she wanted to remember every single part of his face and keep it deep in her heart so that she could still remember his face when he is not with her.

"How about we go out for lunch tomorrow? Only the two of us," Xiao Tian felt guilty after seeing her sad face. That was why he invited her to have lunch with him tomorrow, hoping that it could make her happy.

"Really? Only the two of us?" Shi Fei was delighted when he suddenly invited her to have lunch with him tomorrow. Her sad mood suddenly disappeared without a trace as if it wasn't there from the beginning.

A soft smile spread across his face upon seeing her happy face "Yes, only us"

"Alright," Shi Fei spoke and paused for a second before she continued, "But, little brother, can we play for a minute? Only several minutes."

"But, Fei, today" Xiao Tian understood the meaning of 'play' she was talking about. That was why he wavered whether to accept it or not. Even though they won't have sex but, it would still take a long time to finish this 'play' thing she was talking about.

"Little brother, don't worry. I won't force you to have sex with me here. I only want you to make me cum once. Only once." Shi Fei then lowered her head, "I only want to spend more time with you and feel your touch on my body, nothing more."

"Alright," Xiao Tian didn't want to see her sad expression anymore. That was why he agreed to play with her. Xiao Tian then turned his head to look at the digital car clock in front of him.

'It's still 06:12 pm. I think I can play with her for a while.'

After setting the seat in a comfortable position, Xiao Tian started to unbutton her shirt while looking into her eyes.

"Wait a minute, little brother" Shi Fei grabbed his hands and stopped him.

Xiao Tian was stunned by this. He had no idea why she suddenly stopped him from unbuttoning her shirt. She was the one who desires to play; that was why he wanted to unbutton her blouse and lick her breasts to give her pleasure, hoping that it would satisfy her. But Xiao Tian didn't ask and only looked at her.

To his surprise, the reason she stopped him was that she wanted to raise her skirt so that he could play with her pussy too.

Seeing this, Xiao Tian waited with a smile on his face.

"Hehehe. Let's continue" after raising her shirt to the waist; Shi Fei sat on his lap again.

"Wow, what a sexy purple thong!" because Shi Fei was sitting near his knees, Xiao Tian could touch her sexy thong easily.

"Ahhhh.." Shi Fei cried out seductively, and her body shivered for a second. Because she was longing for his touch, the moment Xiao Tian was rubbing her pussy through her thong with his index and middle fingers, her love juice instantly came out of her pussy and made her almost have an orgasm.

"Hehehe. What a horny lady!" Xiao Tian showed his index finger, which was wet because of her love juice. "Look at my index finger. It's become wet because of your love juice."

"Yes. Little brother, you should have already known by now that I, Shi Fei or your mistress is a horny lady. That's why I want you to play with my body more and make me cum with your fingers." Using her right hand, Shi Fei grabbed his hands and put his index and middle fingers into her little mouth.

When Xiao Tian felt that her tongue was licking his fingers lewdly, he smiled and asked, "How is it? Did your love juice taste good?"

Shi Fei looked at him and stopped licking his fingers before finally pulling out his fingers of her mouth and said, "Yes. It tastes delicious but not as delicious as your sperm."

"Look at this! My fingers are wet from your saliva now." after showing his wet fingers to her; Xiao Tian started to unbutton her shirt again.

This time, Shi Fei did nothing and only looked at his hands, which was unbuttoning her shirt.

Once he finished unbuttoning her shirt, Xiao Tian, who saw her sexy front closure bra, unhook it and squeezed her breasts. "This pair of beautiful breasts are the best. And look at those nipples! It's already erect as if your nipples want to welcome me."

"Yes. My breasts know that the owner wants to play with them. That's why my breasts erect before you even touch them" Shi Fei, who saw him squeezing her breasts, looked at his hands lustfully. Even though she wanted him to lick her nipples immediately, but because she also felt great when he was squeezing her breasts, she decided to do nothing and let him do as he wanted.

As if Xiao Tian understood what she wanted, he brought his face to her left breast and began licking and circling her nipple with his tongue.

Xiao Tian then slide her thong to the other side and inserted two of his fingers into her pussy.

"Hiii" Shi Fei, who was shocked because Xiao Tian suddenly inserted two of his fingers into her pussy in one go, gritted her teeth and tilted her head back.

Because Xiao Tian wanted to make her cum as soon as possible, he immediately touched her clitoris and rubbed it.

"Ahhhhhh" because Xiao Tian was playing with all of her sensitive parts at the same time, Shi Fei's body became weak and fell on the steering wheel. Luckily the engine was off; otherwise, it could make the securities come to them.

"Fei, lower your moan," Xiao Tian, who noticed that she was moaning louder every second, warned her to control her moans. They were in the apartment parking lot. Even though there was no one around them at that time, but the probability of someone suddenly come was not small.

"But it feels too good. Little brother, you are playing with all my sensitive spots at the same time, so don't blame me if I can't hold my moan" actually, Shi Fei had tried to hold her moans, but because he was playing with all her sensitive parts at the same time, her efforts were in vail, and she could only resign in pleasure.

Xiao Tian knew that she wouldn't be able to hold her moans anymore because he was playing with all her sensitive parts at the same time. But, because he wanted her to cum as soon as possible, he had no choice but to do that. That was why Xiao Tian decided to kiss her to reduce her moans.

Even though she still let out a soft moan, because he was kissing her, the sound of her cries became smaller. As they kissed, Shi Fei placed her hands on his shoulders, and her pussy, which was played by Xiao Tian for several minutes, made a lewd sound every time he thrust his fingers into her pussy.

Her pussy became wetter, and some of the love juice even dripped into his palm. Realizing this, Xiao Tian decided to add another finger into her pussy.

"Hiiii" Shi Fei widened her eyes when thee of Xiao Tian's fingers were on her pussy, but she did nothing and let him do as he wanted. She had given her body to him, so even though he adds another finger into her pussy again, she won't complain about it.

Due to the pleasure she received was too great, Shi Fei was unable to kiss him anymore and started to moan. She wanted to bit her fingers to hold her moans, but she no longer had the strength to do that. That's why all she did was moaning and moaning.

Several minutes later, Shi Fei felt like she was about to cum. With unclear voice, she spoke, "Cummming Cummminggg. I'm cummminggg."
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