Illicit Relationship Chapter 125

122 Aunt Wants A Kiss

After resting for several minutes, Xiao Tian carried his aunt to the washroom. The bathroom was about 4x4 meters, and after entering the restroom, you can see the bathtub in the right corner near the wall and on the left side of the tub, there were a mirror and curbless shower.

After entering the bathroom, Xiao Tian placed his aunt on the floor with her back leaning against the tub. Because his aunt was still in her frail condition, Xiao Tian had no choice but to clean his sperm in his aunt's pussy himself.

With a showerhead on his right hand, Xiao Tian spread his aunt's pussy using his other hand so that the water could enter her pussy.

"Ahhhh.." Ye Qingyu cried out seductively when Xiao Tian was spreading her pussy and cleaning it. Soon the white stuff or Xiao Tian's sperm came out of her pussy.

As he kept watering her pussy, Ye Qingyu, who just regained her strength, bit her lower lip before finally enveloping her hands around his neck and kissed him.

"Aunt, stop it! Let me clean your pussy first" even though Xiao Tian was delighted when his aunt suddenly kissed him, but at that time, he wanted to clean her pussy first because it could be risky if that day were not her safe day.

"Don't worry, I think, all your sperm have come out of my pussy, and I will take a birth control pill after this, so you don't need to worry" Ye Qingyu, who desired to kiss her nephew so badly, told him that he didn't need to worry about it, "Aunt wants a kiss. Just kiss me."

"Alright," Xiao Tian stopped cleaning her pussy and started kissing his aunt's lips.

As they were kissing hungrily, Xiao Tian's cock slowly started to erect again. Realizing this, Ye Qingyu grabbed his cock with her right hand and began stroking his cock.

"Oohhh" Xiao Tian, who was surprised because his aunt suddenly rubbed his cock, broke the kiss and groaned.

"Hehehe. Tian, your huge cock is hard again" as Ye Qingyu was stroking her nephew's cock, she could feel how hot his cock was, and when she saw the pre-cum on the tip of his cock, Ye Qingyu gulped, and once again, she felt aroused. Her desire to have sex with her nephew suddenly arose within her.

"It's because you're rubbing my cock so of course my cock will hard again" Xiao Tian, who didn't accept being teased by his aunt, decided to pinch her nipples.

"Ahhhhhh." Ye Qingyu stopped rubbing her nephew's cock when he was pinching her nipples. But it was only for two seconds before she continued stroking his cock again.

After about a minute stroking her nephew's huge cock, Ye Qingyu lowered her head and started licking the tip of his cock.

Xiao Tian instantly widened his legs to make it easier for his aunt to lick his cock. After licking her nephew's cock for several seconds, Ye Qingyu put half of his cock inside her little mouth while also stroking half of his other cock using her right hand.

Even though her nephew stopped giving her pleasure, but just by licking his huge cock, Ye Qingyu felt her body become hot, and slowly, a love juice was dripping from her pussy.

Upon realizing that, Ye Qingyu stopped licking her nephew's cock and spoke with lustful eyes, "Tian, do you want to have sex with aunt again?"

"Sure" Xiao Tian had never had sex with his aunt in the bathroom before so when she asked him to have sex with her in the bathroom, of course, he wouldn't reject it.

When her nephew was agreed to have sex in the washroom, Ye Qingyu immediately pushed him down, making him sit on the floor.

After positioning her pussy above her nephew's cock, Ye Qingyu slowly lowered her body with the intention of being able to feel his cock expanding his vagina to his cock's size.

"Ahhhhh" as her nephew's cock slowly entered her pussy, Ye Qingyu felt as if electricity was running through every cell in her body, making her body quiver briefly.

Xiao Tian, who was sitting crossed legs, reached his aunt's cheeks and began kissing his aunt, exploring every inch of her mouth with his tongue.

As they kissed, Ye Qingyu started to move her hips up and down. However, due to her nephew's cock kept hitting her womb every time she moved her hips, Ye Qingyu was unable to kiss him anymore and only started to wail in delight.

Ye Qingyu immediately wrapped her hands around his neck while opening her mouth and moving her hips.


The sound of his cock spreading her pussy could be heard in their ears and after several minutes, Ye Qingyu, who experienced great pleasure from their illicit activities, was unable to move her hips anymore.

"Huft...Huft...Huft.." as Ye Qingyu was breathing heavily, she touched her nephew's cheeks and gazed into his eyes for three seconds before finally kissing him passionately.

Xiao Tian let his aunt dominate the kiss because he wanted to do something else. As she was sucking his tongue, Xiao Tian grabbed her ass and raised her ass until only half of his cock's tip in her pussy.

Ye Qingyu, who felt his cock slowly coming out of her pussy, broke the kiss and stared at him questionably. But before she could question him why he did that, her nephew lowered her body in one go.

"Ahhhhhhhh" Ye Qingyu, who was shocked, tilted her head back and moaned loudly.

She didn't expect that her nephew would do that. Luckily, she immediately grabbed his shoulders when he lowered her body; otherwise, she will fall to the floor.

However, due to the tip of her nephew's cock was in her womb, Ye Qingyu instantly lost all her strength to keep holding on his shoulders.

Luckily, Xiao Tian immediately grabbed her back when she was about to fall. However, because his cock was still in her womb, she was unable to bear the pleasure and had a big orgasm.

Xiao Tian, who saw his aunt's body quivering because of her big orgasm, waited for two seconds before he brought his face closer to one of her breasts and started licking it.

Ye Qingyu's hands fell on the floor, and her head tilted back due to her body no longer has strength. Xiao Tian, after licking and biting her nipples for several seconds, began kissing her neck before finally he raised her head and kissed her lips.

After giving his aunt several more seconds to catch her breath, Xiao Tian spoke, "Aunt, let's change position."

"Alright" hearing his words, Ye Qingyu wanted to take out his cock of her pussy to make it easier for them to change into different sex positions, but Xiao Tian immediately grasped her hips to stop her.

"Tian, didn't you say that you want to change position?" Ye Qingyu inquired

"Aunt, there is no need to take out my cock of your pussy just because we want to change position" after turning her body, Xiao Tian stood up while still holding her hips, making his aunt also stand up with him. "Place your hand on the tub, aunt."

Hearing her nephew's words, Ye Qingyu placed her hands on the tub and looked at him, "Tian, slow down first. Aunt is still not fully recovered."

"Alright," Xiao Tian did what she wanted and moved his hips slowly.

"AhAh it feels great.Ah. Aunt loves this.Ah" even though her nephew was moving his hips slowly, Ye Qingyu could still feel the great pleasure in her pussy.

And although she loved it when her nephew fucked her fast, at that time, she wanted it to be slow so that she could enjoy the feeling of his cock moving in her vagina.

After moving his hips slowly for several minutes, Xiao Tian began to move his hips faster every second.

"Ah.Ah..ah..." Ye Qingyu let out a soft moan every time her nephew thrust his cock deep inside her pussy and the sound of his hips touching her ass echoed in the bathroom.

Once again, Ye Qingyu began losing her strength, making her loosening her grasp. Seeing this, Xiao Tian grabbed her hands while still moving his hips without slowing down his movements.

"So tight" Xiao Tian, who noticed his aunt slowly losing her strength, was a little surprised. Because even though she started losing her strength, but her pussy became tighter every second, he thrust his cook in her pussy. "Aunt, your pussy's muscles are squeezing and sucking my cock wildly. Did you enjoy this?"

Ye Qingyu didn't respond to his question and only moaned because after her nephew was moving his hips faster, her mind started to blank, and the only thing on her mind was a pleasure.

For this reason, all Ye Qingyu did was moaning because the feeling when Xiao Tian's cock was hitting her womb was unbearable for her.

And after several minutes, Xiao Tian felt that he was about to cum. Realizing this, Xiao Tian pulled out his cock and immediately said, "Aunt, open your mouth."

Upon hearing her nephew's words, Ye Qinyu opened her little mouth and soon, he let out his sperm of her mouth.
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