Illicit Relationship Chapter 121

118 Mother Feed Me Again

After arriving at home, Xiao Tian headed to the living room.

"Tian, why did you bring home so many food and drinks?" Ye Xueyin, who was seeing plenty of meals and beverages in her son's hands, asked curiously. She remembered that there was nothing special about that day.

Before going home, Xiao Tian bought plenty of food and drinks for his mother and aunt because he felt bad for having a party without them earlier.

Actually, there was leftover meals or beverages from the party, but Xiao Tian didn't want to give leftover food or drinks to his mother and aunt and told his employees to bring it home. For this reason, on the way going back, he decided to buy food and drinks for his aunt and mother.

"What is this? Did you buy plenty of meals and beverages because you've become more famous now?" Ye Qingyu, who was sitting on the couch, turned her head toward her nephew and teased him.

"No. Today, I had a party with my employees at the company. Because mother and aunt weren't there, I decided to have another party at home." Xiao Tian explained, "Mother, aunt, let's head to the backyard and throw a small party there."

Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin were surprised after hearing his words. They didn't expect that he wanted to have a party with them just because he had a party with his employees in the company.

"Alright," Ye Xueyin answered happily. She immediately brought mats and electric lamps while Ye Qingyu brought the other things.

After preparing everything, they started the party.

"It's delicious" Ye Xueyin stated

"Un. It's tasty," Ye Qingyu said as she nodded her head.

"Tian, try this" Ye Xueyin took fried shrimp and fed it to her son.

Xiao Tian immediately ate it with a happy face. Seeing his expression, Ye Xueyin said, "It's delicious, right?"

"Of course, it's delicious because the person who feeds me is my beautiful lover. As long as my gorgeous lover feeds me the food, I'm sure; any food will taste good in my mouth," Xiao Tian replied as he smiled.

Upon hearing his words, Ye Xueyin pinched his nose and said, "You really know how to please a lady, huh. Your mouth is really dangerous for women."

"Hehehe," Xiao Tian laughed. He then patted his thighs and said, "Mother, come here and sit on my lap. I suddenly desire to hug you."

Ye Xueyin immediately sat on his embrace and continued eating. When she was eating the food, Xiao Tian wrapped his hands around her waist and leaned his head on her right shoulder, "Mother, feed me again."

Ye Xueyin took fried cheese sticks and fed her son. "Here, eat it."

"As I thought, eating the food while hugging my pretty lover is the best" Xiao Tian was pleased when he could embrace his mother while eating. It made him smile from ear to ear.

"Un. Mother also loves it when Tian embraces mother like this" Ye Xueyin turned her head and kissed his cheeks before she continued eating again.

"Aunt, come here and sit next to me," Xiao Tian said while patting the mat on his right side.

Hearing his words, Ye Qingyu sat on his right side before eating again.

Xiao Tian, who saw his aunt eating happily, kissed her left cheek. Ye Qingyu kept eating the food as if her nephew did nothing to her.

At that time, they ate the food happily and fed each other. Of course, sometimes, Xiao Tian fed them from mouth to mouth, which always ended up with them having an erotic and lewd kiss.

After feeling full, they laid down on the mat while looking at the sky. Even though there was no moon, but with many stars that emitted the beautiful light, the atmosphere around them felt great, making them feel relaxed.

"Aunt, mother, let's buy a car tomorrow," Xiao Tian thought it was time for him to buy a car. However, he didn't want to buy a car only for him but for his mother and aunt too. He already had enough money to buy a car, so there was no reason for him not to buy it.

"Tian, can you drive a car?" Ye Qingyu had never seen her nephew driving a car before, so she was a little shocked when he wanted to buy a car. Usually, people will learn how to drive first before purchasing a vehicle, but her nephew suddenly wanted to buy a car without learning who to drive it first. That was why she questioned him whether he could drive a car or not.

Xiao Tian knew that his mother or aunt would ask him that question, that was why he had prepared the answer. "Aunt, I've got a friend who can drive a car, and he had taught me how to drive a car. I only need to get a driving license now."

Hearing his words, Ye Qingyu only nodded her head.

"Tian, what car do you want to buy tomorrow?" Ye Xueyin inquired

"Maybe I will buy Lamborghini Aventador or BMW M5." Xiao Tian spoke and stopped for a second before he continued, "Mother, aunt, what car do you want?"

"Tian, mother doesn't want a car. If you want a car, just buy for yourself and Qingyu." even though Ye Xueyin knew how to drive, she didn't want a car. Every day, she only goes to her shop or to the supermarket to buy groceries. That was why she thought it would be wasting his money if he buys her a car too.

"Aunt also doesn't want a car. Just buy for yourself" Ye Qingyu said

"No. You two have to buy a car too." Xiao Tian insisted on buying them a car. "it's fine if you two rarely use it, but I'm sure it will be useful in the future."

"Tian, but mother really doesn't want a car" Ye Xueyin still wanted to reject because the car is useless for her.

"Yes, Tian. Rather than buying a car for us, it would be better to use the money for your company. Just buy a car for yourself. If in the future we need a car, we will borrow your car. Aunt has told you many times not to waste money, right?" Ye Qingyu also thought that the car is useless for her. She rarely hangs out because she prefers to stay at home, spending her time with her nephew and big sister. If she needs to go somewhere far, she could use public transportation or taxi.

"Mother, aunt, don't reject it. I've promised myself that I want to make you two happy. Buying both of you a car is the first step for me to make you two happy. If you two still reject my good intention, it means that both of you don't want to let me achieve my dream," Xiao Tian had no choice but to bring his dream. He believed his mother and aunt wouldn't say no after hearing his words.

And what he guessed was right because the moment he said that, they had a complicated face. They were wavering whether to accept it or not.

Because they didn't want to make Xiao Tian sad, they decided to accept his offer.

"Alright," Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin said at the same time.

Xiao Tian was delighted after hearing their words. He gave his mother and aunt a kiss on their cheeks and said, "Let's buy a car tomorrow. You two can choose any car you want."

They were lying down and chatting until 11:00 pm before they entered the house and slept.

The next day in the morning, after breakfast, they went to the car showroom.

When Xiao Tian, his mother, and aunt entered the car showroom, a grown man walked toward them and said, "Welcome to RA car showroom. I'm Di Lu. May I know what kind of car you're looking for, Sir, Misses?"

Di Lu was surprised when he realized that the person who entered the car showroom with two beautiful women was a young man who had recently become a topic of conversation because he appeared in a well-known magazine and famous TV show.

"I want a comfortable one." Xiao Tian then turned his heard toward his mother and aunt. "Mother, aunt, go and see all the cars here. You two can choose any car you like."

"Alright," Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin said at the same.

Di Lu, who was hearing that, was pleased because Xiao Tian intended to buy more than one car.

Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin began to look for the cars in the exhibition hall. As for Xiao Tian, he suddenly saw gray metallic BMW M5.

When Di Lu realized Xiao Tian's gaze was on the BMW car that had just been displayed in the showroom, he immediately explained everything to Xiao Tian.

After hearing Di Lu's explanation and looking at the exterior and interior of the car, Xiao Tian decided to buy it.

Not long after that, Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin walked toward Xiao Tian and told him which car they wanted to buy. When Xiao Tian knew that they wanted to purchase ordinary vehicles, he told them to choose better car.

At first, they rejected it, but due to Xiao Tian kept telling them to choose better car, they had no choice but to followed his words.

After looking for more than several minutes, Ye Qingyu chose to buy black colour Ford Mustang GT Premium 400A while Ye Xueyin chose a grey colour, Audi R8 coupe. The reason Ye Xueyin chose a gray colour for her car was that her son wanted the gray colour for his car.

After everything was done, Xiao Tian and others went home.
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