Illicit Relationship Chapter 119

116 Strongest My Ass

Xiao Tian and Zhao Chen talked for about an hour before finally, a handsome young man ran toward them.

"Grandfather, why are you here?" Zhao Sheng, who was breathing heavily, asked Zhao Chen. From his breath, he seemed to have run for a few minutes.

"Eating and drinking" Zhao Chen gave a simple answer

"I know that. What I ask is, why are you eating here? Didn't you said that you would wait at a spicy seafood restaurant?" after he had lunch with Zi Yin, he went to a spicy seafood restaurant to meet his grandfather, but his grandfather wasn't there. When he asked the waiters, they told him that his grandfather left without leaving a message for him.

For this reason, Zhao Sheng ran to all restaurants which his grandfather often visited. Still, he unable to find his grandfather, but when he was about to give up and call his big brother for help, Zhao Sheng saw his grandfather drinking with Xiao Tian.

Zhao Sheng didn't expect to see Xiao Tian again so soon, and Xiao Tian was even eating and drinking with his grandfather.

After the show ended, Zhao Sheng wanted to invite Xiao Tian to lunch, but he couldn't find him after he invited Zi Yin.

"Because I want to eat here. Why?" Zhao Chen acted normally even though he saw his grandson breathing heavily as if it was not his fault.

"Stupid old man, at least leave a message to the waiters for me. And where is your smartphone?" earlier, when he was searching his grandfather, Zhao Sheng kept calling his grandfather's smartphone, but his grandfather didn't pick up his phone.

"Oh! I forget to bring it," Zhao Chen answered as he laughed.

'This stupid old man. Didn't he know that because he forgets to bring his smartphone, I have run to many restaurants to find him? if he brings his smartphone, this shit will not happen to me.'

Zhao Sheng had guessed that his grandfather forgot to bring his smartphone the moment his grandfather didn't pick his call.

"Oh! I heard that you had lunch with a lady earlier. What is her name again..Zi Yan?..Zi Yun? no Zi..Zi" Zhao Chen touched his chin while trying to remember the name of the woman who had lunch with his grandson, "ZiZi Yin? Yes. Zi Yin. How is it? Did you enjoy your lunch with her?"

Hearing his grandfather's words, Zhao Sheng immediately looked at Xiao Tian. Xiao Tian looked back at him innocently, as if it wasn't him who gave information to Zhao Sheng's grandfather.

"Xiao Tian, you bastard. We just become friends, and you already betray me?" Zhao Sheng knew that Xiao Tian was the one who gives the information to his grandfather. Before coming to the Rising Stars TV show, Zhao Sheng had promised his grandfather not to seduce women again for today. That was why when his grandfather knew that he was seducing woman again, Zhao Sheng suddenly felt like his life will be over in several seconds or when he gets home later.

Zhao Sheng returned his attention to his grandfather again while trying to find an excuse. "Grandfather, actually I---"

But before Zhao Sheng had finished his words, he was interrupted by Zhao Chen.

"Did you remember your promise?" Zhao Chen spoke and paused for a second before he continued, "It seems I need to give you a lesson today. We, Zhao family, always keep our words. That's why I need to give you a good lesson so that in the future, you will always keep your words."

"Grandfather, I suddenly remember that I have a meeting at the company. I will call big brother to pick you up." Zhao Sheng said while trying to avoid the punishment from his grandfather.

Zhao Chen rose from his seat and pinched his grandson's right ear." Just forget about a meeting, and let's go home."

"Ahhh... Grandfather, stop it! It hurts! I told you I couldn't go home today because I have an important meeting at the company today." Zhao Sheng still tried his best to avoid punishment by continuing to lie to his grandfather.

"Let your big brother replace you" Zhao Chen knew that his grandson was lying to him. That's why he didn't buy it.

"No! Big brother doesn't know a single thing about my company" Zhao Sheng wanted to run for his life, but his grandfather suddenly pulled his ears, making him unable to run.

"Oh! Is that so? Then tell your secretary to cancel the meeting. Problem solved," Zhao Che said with a smile on his face as if he just helped his grandson solved a big problem.

"I've told you this meeting is important so I can't cancel it," Zhao Sheng said

"You only have a meeting with your subordinate, right?" Zhao Che inquired

After hearing his grandfather's words, Zhao Sheng's eyes were shining as he suddenly thought a better excuse "No. I have meeting with someone important. He is from an upper-class family too."

With this excuse, Zhao Sheng thought his grandfather would let him free, but he was wrong.

"Oh! is that so? Tell me about that person! I will come to that person house and if that person still insists to have a meeting with you today, I will burn that person house. Hahaha," Zhao Chen said as he laughed. "Maybe I will burn that person's cars too. Oh! and maybe some of that person's business too."

The corner of Zhao Sheng's lips twitched after hearing his grandfather's words. while Xiao Tian, on the other hand, unable to believe what he was hearing. Xiao Tian couldn't believe that Zhao Chen said something like that as if it was a small thing.

Zhao Chen suddenly stopped his footsteps and turned his head, "Ah, young man. Come to our house if you have time. our door is open for you."

"Yes, Xiao Tian. Come to our home. Let's play and seduce ladies together," Zhao Sheng added. After saying that, Zhao Sheng immediately covered his mouth and looked at his grandfather. "I mean, ehhh, I will. teach you martial art. Yes, yes. I will show you the mighty of our martial art. Isn't that right, grandfather?"

"Oh, so you will learn martial art again from now on. Good! That's my grandson." Zhao Chen said.

Zhao Sheng suddenly thought that he was using the wrong excuse and correcting himself. "Grandfather, I think you heard it wrong. What I mean is, I will become a business partner with Xiao Tian." Zhao Sheng then turned his head toward Xiao Tian and blinked his right eye, signaling Xiao Tian to cooperate with his lie, "Isn't that right, Xiao Tian?"

"Eh! But what I heard was that you want to teach me your mighty martial art. You never told me to cooperate with you in business," Xiao Tian said as he laughed. He decided not to cooperate with Zhao Sheng, instead of cooperating with Zhao Chen.

"Xiao Tian, you asshole!" Zhao Sheng shouted when Xiao Tian didn't cover his lie. With this, Zhao Sheng knew, his peaceful life would be over because he has to learn martial art again.

"See? My ears are good. It seems I need to give you a lesson about our family principle from the beginning again" Zhao Che spoke and paused for a second. He then turned his head toward Xiao Tian and continued, "Young man, see you again."

"Xiao Tian, don't forget to come to our home." Zhao Sheng said as he bid goodbye.

"Un. I will come to visit in the future" Xiao Tian had planned to visit their home in the future because he thought if he were to befriends them, maybe in the future, they will help him if he encounters a problem.

"Good. I will be waiting" Zhao Sheng was happy when Xiao Tian decided to visit his home in the future because he thought he and Xiao Tian could become a good friend "Ah.. grandfather stop it. you will tear my ears."

"Oh! That is not a bad idea. Should I tear your left ear or right? or." Zhao Chen touched his chin and continued, "or maybe both of your ears? Which one do you prefer?"

Hearing his grandfather's words, Zhao Sheng shivered for a second. "Stop it, you stupid old man! You are scaring me with your words."

"Oh! didn't you say that in this world, nothing will scare you? So, you're afraid of me now?" Zhao Chen said with a smug face, intending to make fun of his grandfather.

Seeing his grandfather's face, Zhao Sheng was unhappy and said angrily, "Old man, wait five more years... no three more.. no, no I mean, two more years. I will beat you so you won't dare to talk with me with that smug face."

"Oh! So, you will beat me in two years. Interesting, interesting. I'm looking forward to it" Zhao Chen was delighted because it meant that his grandson would learn martial art again. One of the reasons he always makes fun of grandson was to make his grandson keep learning a martial art, and the other purpose was because it's interesting seeing his grandson's face when he teases his grandson.

In the Zhao family, everyone always listens to his words, and no one dares to oppose him, which makes him feel bored. His grandson was the only person who dares to oppose him. Due to that, they finally had a close relationship with each other.

"Just you wait, old man. I will kick your butt in two years. Haha. Just imagining it already make me happy. Hahaha," Zhao Sheng laughed while crossing his hands over his chest

"You know that I'm the strongest person in our family, right? It's not easy to beat me," Zhao Chen said proudly.

"Strongest my ass! I, Zhao Sheng, is a genius in martial art. Beating you in martial art is as easy as flipping my hands. In two years, I will be the strongest person in our family. Hahaha," Zhao Sheng said as he laughed.

"Hahaha. You're indeed an interesting person, grandson. Hahaha" Zhao Chen also laughed loudly

Xiao Tian, who heard their conversation, was smiling. He thought many exciting would happen if he often meets that duo grandfather and grandson.
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