Illicit Relationship Chapter 117

114 Holy Moly Fucking Shi

After wiping her tears off with her sleeve, Ye Xueyin looked at her little sister and smiled beautifully, "What do you think of my son, Qingyu?"

"Tian is amazing." Ye Qingyu replied

"Un, un. You're right. My son is amazing. He is the most amazing person in the world," Ye Xueyin said proudly while nodding her head. "I know, sooner or later, my son will become a famous and successful person because I'm the one who raises him. I have been raising him with love, so something like this is normal. Well done, Xueyin, well done. You're the best mother in the world."

Ye Xueyin suddenly felt proud of herself due to her son became a successful person.

Ye Qingyu, who was seeing her big sister's behavior, only smiled. "Yes. Big sister, you're indeed an amazing mother. You're the best mother in the world. I hope when I become a mother later, I can become an amazing mother like you."

After saying that, Ye Qingyu suddenly imagined something

*Ye Qingyu imagination:

"Qingyu, my wife. I'm back," a mature, handsome grown man entered the house with a smile on his face.

Hearing that, a beautiful mature lady wearing casual clothes came out of her room. When Ye Qingyu was in front of him, she smiled and said, "Husband, welcome home."

"Wifey. I'm exhausted. Today, there were a lot of works in the company. Please kiss me so that I can recover my energy quickly," a mature, handsome grown man brought his face closer to Ye Qingyu's face, intending to kiss her lips.

Upon seeing that, Ye Qingyu slowly closed her eyes. But before he could kiss her, a voice rang out.

"Father. Welcome home. Father, let's play together" a cute child, or more precisely, a mini version of Ye Qingyu ran toward them, and when she was in front of them, she immediately pulled the handsome grown man's jeans.

The handsome grown man immediately squatted down and smiled, "Oh my little princess wants to play with father? Sure. What are we going to play?"

"Little sister, you shouldn't disturb father and mother. They want to act lovey-dovey, you know," once again, a voice rang out. Not long after that, a handsome child or a mini version of the handsome grown man appeared.

"Shut up, big brother. Father wants to play with me," the cute child replied. She then turned her head toward the handsome grown man and continued, "Isn't that right, father?"

"Un," the handsome grown man nodded his head.

Ye Qingyu then squatted down in front of her son and daughter and said, "Xiao Ning, Xiao Feng, don't fight. Xiao Ning, father will play with you after he changes his clothes, so you go with big brother to the living room and wait there ."

"Father, hurry up and change your clothes because Ning'er want to play with father so badly," Xiao Ning said cutely.

"Un. Please wait in the living room" the handsome grown man replied

"Alright," Xiao Ning nodded her head and headed to the living room with her big brother.

"Wifey, where is Xueyin?" the handsome grown man asked

"Big sister went out to buy something" Ye Qingyu replied

"Oh! Is that so?" the handsome mature man suddenly carried Ye Qingyu in a princess style.

"Kya.." Ye Qingyu was surprised and immediately wrapped her hands around his neck.

They then headed to their bedroom, and after that, he put her on the bed. After lying prone on her body, he rubbed her cheeks and said, "Wifey, you're gorgeous" he then brought his face closer to her face.

When she saw his face getting closer to her face, she slowly closed her eyes.

They kissed for three seconds before Ye Qingyu broke the kiss, "Tian, no more than a kiss or else our son and daughter will know"

"Alright. But tonight, we will have a sweet time, right?" Xiao Tian said

*Back to reality:

Ye Qingyu immediately patted her cheeks to get rid of her wild imagination.

'No, no. Tian is still a student, and I'm not ready to have children. But, it seems nice to have kids with him.'

Ye Qingyu's face turned red after thinking about it.

"Qingyu, why is your face turning red?" Ye Xueyin inquired

"Nothing, nothing," Ye Qingyu immediately answered and shook her head.

At Stars Clothes company.

Inside Shi Fei's office, Lin Xing Xue and Shi Fei were watching the Rising Star TV show.

"Xue, little brother looks so handsome and elegant, right? He is so perfect" Shi Fei said abruptly

"Un, he is handsome and elegant" Lin Xing Xue knew that Xiao Tian was a good-looking young man, but at that time, Xiao Tian was so dazzling in her eyes.

In her eyes, Xiao Tian suddenly looked like an angel with two beautiful white wings on his back. Slowly, one by one, everyone disappeared until finally, only Xiao Tian was in her eyes. Every time Xiao Tian looked at the camera, Lin Xing Xue felt as if he was staring at her directly. And when he was smiling, slowly, a soft smile spread across her face.

"Xue, Xue, Xue. Did you hear what I said?" Shi Fei patted Lin Xing Xue's shoulders. She asked Lin Xing Xue a question, but Lin Xing Xue didn't respond.

Lin Xing Xue came to her senses after Shi Fei patted her shoulders repeatedly. "Hmm. What is it, Fei?"

"How about we give him a surprise when he returns to the company later?" Shi Fei thought Xiao Tian would like it if she and other employees give him a surprise when he returns to the company later.

It was the first time for Xiao Tian to appear on TV, so Shi Fei wanted to make it a special moment for him and the other employees.

"Alright. We will give him a surprise later" Lin Xing Xue thought it wasn't a bad idea to give him a surprise. With a surprise, it will provide him with a sign that many people love him and support him with all their hearts.

"Alright, I will tell the other employees," Shi Fei came out of her office to tell the other employees about her idea.

'Tian, you're amazing. I'm proud of you.'

Lin Xing Xue's face broke into a soft smile.

Inside the tailor room

All the tailors were watching the Rising Star TV show with a smile on their faces. They were delighted when they saw their boss on TV.

"Our young boss is awesome."

"Yes, you're right. Our boss is still young, but he has become a successful person."

"Wow! It makes me feel proud to work in his company."

"Yes, me too."

"And our boss is also not stingy. He even gave us a bonus on payday yesterday."

"Yes. We know about it. We all get bonuses from our boss because he is satisfied with our work. Our boss is indeed a man of his word."

"Now that our boss has become a famous person, should I ask for his autograph?"

"Hahaha. We almost meet our boss every day. Isn't it better to take pictures rather than asking for autographs?"

"Ah! You're right."

"Alright, stop watching, and let's get back to work."



At Stars Clothes shop.

Almost all the employees were watching Rising Star TV show on their smartphones

'Wow! Our young boss is becoming more famous."

"Our boss is the best person in China."

"The next time I meet our boss, I will take a picture with him and show it off to my friends."

"Ah! Me too,"

"Ah! Our boss looks so handsome."

"It's because our boss is a handsome young man."

"Yes. I know that, but right now, he is more handsome than usual."

the male employees only smiled after seeing their boss on the Rising Star TV show.

"What are you doing?" a voice rang out

Hearing that, all the employees turned their heads to the source of the sound.

"Ah manager, we are watching our boss on the Rising Star TV show right now," one of the employees said

After seeing that there was no costumer, the manager sighed and said, "Alright, but make sure to stop if a customer comes. If our boss knows you all like this, he will be angry."

"Yes, manager." one of the employees said

After that, the manager returned to her office.

Somewhere inside the luxury room, there was a beautiful young lady watching TV alone in her room.

"Wow! Little brother, you're awesome. Now you are famous like a celebrity." A beautiful smile appeared on the young lady's face after seeing Xiao Tian on the Rising Star TV show.

At the unknown person's home

"What? Isn't that Xiao Tian?" a young man who was watching TV alone in his room said in surprise.

At the unfamiliar person's home

"Isn't that prince Xiao Tian? Wow! He is on the Rising Star TV show" a young girl around eighteen years old said

"Xiao Tian?! Hehehe is on TV?" a young man around nineteen years old said. The young man immediately grabbed his smartphone and called his friends

"Yo. What's up?"

"Are you watching TV right now?"

"No. I'm eating right now. What's going on?"

"Xiao Tian is on Rising Stars TV show."

"What? Wait a minute" after turning on the TV and seeing Xiao Tian on the Rising Star TV show; he immediately said, "Holy Moly Fucking Shit. It's Xiao Tian."

They then told their friends. From one person to two people, from two people to four people and so on until finally someone posted about Xiao Tian on Sky University's website forum.

Many people began chatting about Xiao Tian on Sky University's website forum.

"Everyone, are you watching Rising Star TV show right now?"

"No. Why?"

"Watch it, right now."

"Holy moly. Isn't that Xiao Tian? The famous bookworm prince?"

"He is invited by Rising Star TV show? Does that mean he is a successful person now? Does that mean he has become a rich man now?"

"Does anyone know why he is invited by Rising Stars TV show?"

"What? You don't know?"

"I don't know. Tell me!"

"Are you living under stone?"

"Fuck you! I'm not in Shanghai right now. I'm in my hometown, so it hard to get the news."

"He has a business now. His company name is Stars Clothes Company, and he has one shop right now?"

"What? Really?"

"He even appeared in Young Talented Person magazine."

"Wow! He is awesome."

"I just found out today. lol"

"Hey, I also just found out today. Haha"

"Me too."

"Me three."

"Me four."

"Me five."

"Fuck, stop it! What the fuck is me three, me four, or me five? Where the hell did you learn those words?"





And with that, not only Xiao Tian became a celebrity at Sky University, but the whole of China knew that there was a successful young man from a lower-class family, and that young man's name was XIAO TIAN.
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