Illicit Relationship Chapter 116

113 Because I Want To Become A Rich Person

After the audience stopped talking, Fu Jiayi said, "Alright. You two, please introduce yourself."

Upon hearing Fu Jiayi's words, Xiao Tian looked at Zhao Sheng as if he was communicating with Zhao Sheng through their eyes to decide who among them would introduce themselves first.

After they nodded their heads as if they agreed on something, Xiao Tian introduced himself first, "Hi, my name is Xiao Tian. I'm nineteen years old."

After introducing himself, a dazzling smile spread across his face.

"Kya... Xiao Tian, I love you."

"Xiao Tian, be my boyfriend."

"Xiao Tian, I'm your biggest fan."

"Xiao Tian, you're amazing."

"Xiao Tian, you're my ideal man."

One by one, the female audiences expressed their admiration or love for Xiao Tian after he finished introducing himself.

"It seems I can't control the excitement of the audiences today" Fu Jiayi could only smile after seeing one by one the female audiences kept expressing their admiration or love for Xiao Tian. She was unable to blame the female audiences because she was also excited after meeting Xiao Tian and Zhao Sheng.

When she knew that today guests were Xiao Tian and Zhao Sheng, she was overwhelmed with delight. For her, they were excellent young men due to their achievements at such a young age. Not only young, good-looking, but they were successful people too.

After the audience stopped talking, Fu Jiayi looked at Zhao Sheng and said, "Mr. Zhao. It's your turn now."

"Hi everyone, I'm Zhao Sheng. I'm also nineteen years old." Zhao Sheng said as he smiled

"Zhao Sheng, please look at me. I'm your biggest fan."

"Zhao Sheng, I love you."

"Zhao Sheng, you're my idol."

Once again, one by one, the female audiences expressed their admiration or love for Zhao Sheng after he finished introducing himself.

Seeing this, Fu Jiayi could only wait until the audience stopped talking.

Several seconds later, after the audiences stopped talking, Fu Jiayi looked at Xiao Tian and Zhao Sheng. "Wow! You two are still nineteen years old but already become a successful person. Please tell me and the audiences why did you choose to become a businessman? Let's start with Mr. Xiao Tian."

"Because I want to become a rich person" Xiao Tian went straight to the point

The host and audiences laughed after hearing his reason. They thought Xiao Tian was a funny and entertaining person.

"If only to become a rich person, why didn't you choose to be a model? I'm sure it's easy for Mr. Xiao Tian to be a model and become popular. Isn't that right, audiences?" Fu Jiayi was curious why Xiao Tian and Zhao Sheng didn't choose to become a model. With their appearance, she was sure if they become a model, they will famous in no time.

"Yes. That's right," the audiences answered at the same time.

"If I choose to become a model, I will not get any income if I don't work. But it's different if I become a successful businessman because I will still get income even though I spend all my day sleeping at home" Xiao Tian explained the reason why he prefers business over other works.

Xiao Tian's words dropped the entire area into dead silence for several seconds. The host and audiences were surprised after hearing his reason. They didn't expect that Xiao Tian had a thought like that. In their view, it was a good reason, no, it was the best reason for choosing business over the other works.

With that, Xiao Tian's impression rose significantly in their hearts.

"What about you, Mr. Zhao Sheng? Please don't tell us that the reason you chose to become a businessman is to become a rich person too because we won't believe it. We all know that your family is an upper-class family, so we're sure money is not a problem for you." Fu Jiayi said as she smiled.

"Well, because I don't want to train martial art every day." Zhao Sheng answered while laughing.

The whole room was filled with the audiences' laughter after hearing Zhao Sheng's words. It was the first time for them to listen to that kind of reason. Usually, if someone chooses to become a businessman, they want to become a rich person or something like that but not for Zhao Sheng. Zhao Sheng decided to become a businessman because he didn't want to train every day. They thought his reason was funny. That was why they laughed.

Zhao Sheng was not angry when he saw everybody laughing. He even laughed louder.

"Is your family not against it?" Fu Jiayi wanted to know how Zhao Sheng was allowed to become a businessman because his family was a martial arts family.

"Well, my grandfather and big brother support me. They want me to live the way I want. My mother is wavering right now, whether to support me or not while my father against it" Zhao Sheng spoke and paused for a second before he continued, "That's why I want to prove to my father that I'm not playing around and I can become a successful person."

"I hope one day, your father will support you." Fu Jiayi felt sad after hearing Zhao Sheng's words. She hoped one day his father would support him. She didn't want something to happen to his company because, in her view, Zhao Sheng was a genius in business. It's rare for people who were only nineteen years old but have succeeded in their business.

"Thank you," Zhao Sheng answered as he smiled.

"Mr. Xiao Tian, who design the clothes in your shop?" Fu Jiayi was informed that he designed all the clothes in his shop. But Fu Jiayi wanted to make sure whether it was true or not.

"All the clothes in my shop are designed by me," Xiao Tian answered honestly.

"There is no one who helps you design the clothes?" Fu Jiayi inquired

"No." Xiao Tian shook his head

"I was informed that you're a student at Sky university, and your major is engineering, so how can you design clothes? Did you take a lesson? Because the clothes you design are very nice. It's even at the same level as professional designers." Fu Jiayi asked

"Yes, you're right. I'm a student at Sky university, and my major is engineering. I didn't take lessons on designing clothes because I don't have any money for that. I've learned it by myself, from watching lots of tutorials on YourTube or reading books " once again, Xiao Tian had to lie because he couldn't tell the truth.

"Wow! If so, you're a genius in designing clothes" Fu Jiayi was stunned after hearing his words. If Xiao Tian design all the clothes because he took lessons on designing clothes, she would believe it easily. But when he told her that he learned all of it by himself, she was amazed. There are many people who still unable to design good clothes even after taking lessons for years, and here, Xiao Tian was able to design good clothes just from self-study. She thought, not only was Xiao Tian genius in designing clothes, but he was also talented in business because everyone knew that his business was successful in a short time.

At Xiao Tian's home.

"Qingyu, look, Tian is so handsome on TV," Ye Xueyin said happily. Today, Ye Xueyin deliberately didn't go to her shop because she wanted to see her son on TV. For her, it was an important moment, that was why she chose not to go to her shop as usual.

A beautiful smile appeared on her face. Suddenly flashes of memory appeared on her head.

"Mother, I want to become a businessman" Xiao Tian held his mother's shoulders and looked into her eyes. There was a seriousness in his eyes when he said that.

Another flash of memory appeared on her head

"Mother, I will become a successful person and make you and aunt happy," Xiao Tian said seriously.

Another flash of memory appeared on her head

"Mother, aunt. One day, I will prove to both of you that I can become a successful person and make you two proud of me," Xiao Tian said with determination.

Another flash of memory appeared on her head

"Mother, aunt, if I become a successful person, please don't work anymore. Let me be one who works for the living" Xiao Tian said in a soft, loving voice

Tears of happiness dripped down her cheeks after remembering what her son had said to her in the past.

"Yes. He is handsome" Ye Qingyu's face broke into a soft smile after seeing her nephew on TV. She didn't expect that her nephew will be famous and became a successful young man.

She then remembered the moment her nephew told her that he would be a successful young man. At that time, she only took it as a joke, but she didn't expect that he would prove to her that really could become a successful young man. Her nephew even became a successful person in a short time.

I'm proud of you, Tian. Ye Qingyu thought to herself.
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