Illicit Relationship Chapter 114

111 Ah. Im Tired Little Brother

After working for several hours, Xiao Tian looked at the clock. "It's already 06:00 pm."

Because he worked hard, he didn't realize that it was time to go home.

"Little brother, are you still working?" Shi Fei said after knocking on his office door.

"No." Xiao Tian replied, "Come in."

Shi Fei entered his office and immediately sat on his embrace.

"Ah. I'm tired, little brother" Shi Fei said while placing Xiao Tian's hands on her waist.

"Thanks for the hard work" Xiao Tian embraced Shi Fei and leaned his head on her shoulders. Xiao Tian moved her hair to the left side and kissed the backside of her neck.

When Xiao Tian's lips were on her neck, Shi Fei slowly closed her eyes. After several seconds, she got up and dragged Xiao Tian to the couch. After making him sitting on the sofa, Shi Fei sat on his lap, facing him. She stroked his hair and looked into his eyes for five seconds.

Shi Fei then kissed his forehead, his eyes, his nose before working her way to his lips. When they kissed, they didn't immediately kiss passionately, but they only pressed their lips while still looking into each other's eyes.

They were in that position for about seven seconds before finally, Shi Fei broke the kiss. Two seconds later, Shi Fei kissed him again, but this time she kissed him hungrily as if the world will end tomorrow.

As they kissed, they started taking off their clothes, and after they were naked, they started doing shake-shake-ah-ah-things for about thirty minutes.

After taking a shower together, which ended up with them having sex again in the bathroom for another twenty minutes, they went home.

Xiao Tian immediately headed to his backyard after eating dinner with his mother and aunt.

"This is the best" Xiao Tian laid down on the mat with an electric lamps on each corner of the mat.

Lately, because he was busy, Xiao Tian rarely spends his time in his backyard.

"It's beautiful" Xiao Tian felt calm after seeing the moon surrounded by the stars. "Oh, right. Should tell mother and aunt that I was invited by Rising Stars TV show?"

Not long after that, Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin came and laid down on both of his sides.

"It's wonderful" Ye Xueyin stated after looking at the sky.

"Yes," Ye Qingyu nodded her head.

"Mother, aunt, today I got invited by Rising Stars TV show, and tomorrow I will go to their studio" Xiao Tian decided to tell his mother and aunt that he was invited by Rising Stars TV show.

"Wow! You're amazing, Tian" Ye Xueyin said happily. Lately, her son always gave her a surprise. From suddenly wanted to become the businessman until his business grew smoothly in a short time even though he had never done business before. A well-known magazine had also interviewed him, and now he said that a famous TV show also invited him to be their guest on their TV shows.

Ye Xueyin could hardly believe that the successful young man next to her was her son. Maybe if Xiao Tian has a different appearance, Ye Xueyin would not be able to find out that he was her son.

"It seems that you have achieved your dream," Ye Qingyu said abruptly.

"No, aunt. This is only the beginning. I will make my company bigger than my company right now" even though his company proliferated, Xiao Tian still hasn't satisfied. He wanted to make his company big enough to dominate Shanghai or even the whole of China.

"Good luck then." Ye Qingyu said

Xiao Tian kissed his aunt's cheeks and said, "Un. I will do my best."

Ye Xueyin, who saw her son kissing her little sister, was envy and said, "Tian, mother wants a kiss too."

"Un. Fine" Xiao Tian then kissed his mother's cheeks.

They were chatting until 11:00 pm before entering the house because they were sleepy.



Xiao Tian opened his eyes slowly after hearing the alarm's ringing.

"It's already 06:00 am" Xiao Tian immediately got up and headed to the bathroom.

After bathing, as usual, he had breakfast with his mother and aunt before travelling to Rising Stars studio. With Zi Yin help, Xiao Tian finally reached Rising Stars studio.

Zi Yin immediately brought him to the guest room. The guest room was around 6x6 meters with red couch, table and TV.

Upon entering the guest room, Xiao Tian saw a handsome young man wearing a red shirt and blue jeans.

When the young man saw Xiao Tian, he walked closer to Xiao Tian and said, "Hi. I'm Zhao Sheng. You're Xiao Tian, right? I've never thought that I will meet you here."

Zhao Sheng smiled while patting Xiao Tian's shoulders.

"Hi. I've never thought that I will meet you too" Xiao Tian knew Zhao Sheng because Zhao Sheng was like him, one of five talented young men who succeeded in his business. What made him curious was Why Zhao Sheng chose to become a businessman because, in Young Talented Person magazine, it was said that Zhao Sheng's family was martial art family.

"Mr Xiao Tian, Mr Zhao Sheng, I will make tea and bring some snacks" when Zi Yin was about to head to the kitchen, Zhao Sheng grabbed her hands.

Zi Yin then looked at Zhao Sheng and said, "Mr Zhao Sheng, do you need something else?"

Zhao Sheng touched Zi Yin's cheeks and looked into her eyes. "Big sister Zi Yin, you don't need to make tea or bring snacks. I will not get hungry or thirsty as long as you're near me."

"Mr Zhao Sheng, please stop it. Mr Xiao Tian is looking at us" Zi Yin did nothing when Zhao Sheng touched her cheeks. She knew that something like this would happen to her after meeting him. When she was interviewing him yesterday, Zhao Sheng also teased her a lot but thanked him; she didn't feel nervous when she was in Zhao family. To her, Zhao Sheng was a funny and interesting young man.

'What a playboy.'

Xiao Tian looked at them for two seconds before sitting on the couch.

"Don't worry about him. I'm sure he is the same as me" Zhao Sheng looked at Xiao Tian for a second before returning his attention onto Zi Yin.

"Big sister Zi Yin, how about we have lunch together later?" Zhao Sheng inquired

"I will think about it" Zi Yin immediately headed to the kitchen after freeing herself from Zhao Sheng.

Seeing that, Zhao Sheng sat on the couch.
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