Illicit Relationship Chapter 113

110 Rising Star Tv Show

"Excuse me. I'm Zi Yin from Rising Star TV show. I'm looking for Mr. Xiao Tian. Is Mr. Xiao Tian here?" before coming to the Stars Clothes shop, Zi Yin went to Stars Clothes company, but Shi Fei told her that Xiao Tian was not in the company and suggested her to look for him at Stars Clothes shop. That was why she went to the Stars Clothes shop, hoping she could meet him.

The employees were shocked after hearing Zi Yin's words. Rising Star TV show was a TV program that only invites successful people to their show.

Hearing Zi Yin's words, the employees knew that she wanted to invite their boss to their TV show. The employees didn't expect that their young boss would get invited by Rising Star this fast.

Yesterday their boss was in a popular magazine, and now, a person from a famous TV show wanted to invite their boss to their TV show.

Our boss is fantastic. The employees thought to themselves

"Let me bring you to our boss," one of the employees said

Zi Yin was happy when she knew that Xiao Tian was in the shop. She immediately followed the employee with a smile on her face.

"Boss, Miss Zi Yin from Rising Stars TV show is looking for you," the employee said after she was in front of Xiao Tian.

"Thank you," Xiao Tian said as he smiled

After that, Xiao Tian and Zi Yin headed to one of the empty rooms

After entering the room and sitting on the couch, Zi Yin extended her right hand to handshake with Xiao Tian.

"Hello, Mr. Xiao Tian. I'm Zi Yin from Rising Stars TV show" Zi Yin introduced herself

"Hello, Miss Zi Yin. What brought you here?" Xiao Tian inquired

Zi Yin took out a letter from her bag and gave it to Xiao Tian. "Mr. Xiao Tian. We would like to invite you to our TV show. This is the invitation letter."

After opening the letter and reading it, Xiao Tian put the letter on the table. Xiao Tian was wavering whether to accept it or not because he was afraid if he were to accept it, the host will ask him about his past life or why he has Xiao as a surname like the Young Talented Person magazine did to him. Xiao Tian is already famous, so he thought there was no point in accepting the invitation.

Zi Yin, who saw Xiao Tian's expression, knew that he was wavering.

"Mr. Xiao Tian. Don't worry. If you were to accept our invitation, we would only ask you about your business, no more than that" Zi Yin knew what was on Xiao Tian's mind. That was why she wanted to convince him that they will not ask him about his past life if he were to accept the invitation.

"Really?" Xiao Tian still didn't believe her words. Anyone who knows his surname will ask him why he has Xiao as a surname. That was why he wanted to make sure that they will keep their words if he were to accept the invitation.

"Yes. Mr Xiao Tian doesn't need to worry about it. I've got the question which will be asked by our host later." Zi Yin took another paper from her bag and gave it to Xiao Tian. "You can file a complaint if we make you uncomfortable or disadvantaged in our TV show later."

Xiao Tian took the paper and began to read it.

"How old are you?.......

Why did you want to become a businessman?..........

Since when you want to become a businessman?......"

After reading all the questions, Xiao Tian put the paper on the table.

"Are you sure the host will only ask about this?" although almost all well-known TV shows give the list of questions that will be asked by the host to the person they invite, sometimes the host asks something that is not on the list. That was why Xiao Tian wanted to make sure that something like that won't happen to him if he were to accept the invitation later.

"Yes. You can complain or sue us if you feel like we make you uncomfortable or disadvantaged" Zi Yin was happy because Xiao Tian was getting interested in the invitation. If Xiao Tian were to accept the invitation, she was sure that their TV show's rating would rise significantly because successful people under the age of twenty are rare.

"Mr. Xiao Tian. From the first time our TV show was launched until now, none of our guests have complained to us. That's because we always keep our promises." Zi Yin added

"Sure. I will accept this invitation" Xiao Tian decided to accept the invitation after hearing her words.

If I were to accept the invitation, it would good for my company. Well, she said that I could sue them if they make me feel uncomfortable or disadvantaged, but I hope they will keep their words because I don't want to sue someone or this TV show. Xiao Tian thought to himself.

"Thank you," Zi Yin was pleased because she managed to invite a successful young businessman. Even though she had invited many successful people in the past, but Xiao Tian was different because Xiao Tian was still under twenty years old.

All those who have been invited in the past were over twenty years old, and Xiao Tian was the only one under twenty years old.

They then talked for an hour before Zi Yin left.

Not long after that, Xiao Tian also left because he still had worked at his company.

After arriving at his company, Xiao Tian headed to his office.

When he was about to enter his office, Shi Fei, who was seeing him, walked closer to him and said, "Oh, little brother. A woman was looking for you this morning. Her name is Zi Yin. I told her to go to the Stars Clothes shop because you were not at the company this morning."

"Yes. I met her at the shop this morning. She wanted to invite me to Rising Stars TV show tomorrow." Xiao Tian replied

"Wow! You're awesome little brother." Shi Fei was delighted for Xiao Tian, and she thought that she didn't choose the wrong person.

"Is that so? Oh, where is little Xue?" Xiao Tian inquired

"She is working at the cosmetic shop today" Lin Xing Xue had informed Shi Fei that today Lin Xing Xue couldn't work at the company. Shi Fei was lonely today because Lin Xing Xue and Xiao Tian were not in the company since morning.

After arriving at the company, Shi Fei immediately searched for Xiao Tian but unable to find him. The employees told her that Xiao Tian had not yet come to the company. That was why she was delighted after seeing Xiao Tian.

"Oh! What a pity. Alright, Fei, I'm going to work" Xiao Tian kissed Shi Fei's forehead before entering his office.

Using her right hand, Shi Fei touched her forehead for about four seconds before a beautiful smile appeared on her face.

"Little brother, why did you only kiss my forehead before entering your office? Bully! You should kiss my lips too," even though her voice sounds unhappy, but the smile on her face didn't disappear. "Forget it! At least, he kissed my forehead. I can ask him to kiss my lips later."

She then headed to her office to continued working again.
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