Illicit Relationship Chapter 110

107 How Do You Feel After Becoming A Famous Person?

After inaugurating the shop and partying with employees, Xiao Tian and the others went home. Xiao Tian, his mother, and aunt immediately took a shower after arriving at home. Because they were exhausted, they decided to sleep.


The next day, the magazine about Xiao Tian and other talented young men was published. Its title was five talented young people.

When Xiao Tian was on his way to his company, many people praised him as if he were their new idol. Even when he reached his company, he was immediately surrounded by his employees.

The employees didn't expect that their young boss would be famous quickly. Because the employees had no idea that a renowned magazine was interviewing their young boss, they were shocked when Shi Fei informed them that their boss was in the Young Talented People magazine.

Not only handsome, young, successful, but he has become a well-known person too. Without Xiao Tian realizing it, he has become the idol in his employees' hearts. For this reason, they immediately surrounded their boss after seeing their young boss in the company.

However, Xiao Tian, who was used to it, showed no excitement, and only smiled at his employees before heading to his office.

When he was in his office, Xiao Tian immediately sat on the couch. Not long after that, Shi Fei and Lin Xing Xue entered his office.

"Wow! Our famous young boss is relaxing on the couch!" Shi Fei said while holding a magazine in her left hand.

"Fei, little Xue." Xiao Tian's face broke into a soft smile after seeing them.

Shi Fei and Lin Xing Xue walked closer to him before sitting on both sides, Shi Fei on his right side while Lin Xing Xue on the left side.

"How do you feel after becoming a famous person?" Lin Xing Xue inquired.

"Same as usual," Xiao Tian answered.

"Little brother, you're the only one who said that after being famous," Shi Fei spoke as she smiled. She was pleased because Xiao Tian wasn't changed even though he was famous now.

"Oh! Is that so? Well, because being famous only means that people, male or female, will surround you. If being famous mean that I will only be surrounded by female and not male, I would be delighted," Xiao Tian answered.

"Oh! So, this is the reason you're not happy even though you've become a well-known person," Shi Fei giggled after hearing Xiao Tian's words. It was the first time she had listened to such a reason, so she thought it was hilarious.

"Is your head only filled with women?" Lin Xing Xue asked while pinching his cheeks.

Hearing that, Xiao Tian grabbed Lin Xing Xue's waist with his left hand and Shi Fei's waist with the other hand. "Of course not. I was joking, you know. Why should I think about other ladies when there are two beautiful ladies in my embrace."

"Good answer, little brother" Shi Fei's replied

Using her thumb, Lin Xing Xue rubbed Xiao Tian's lips and said, "This mouth always knows how to please a lady, huh."

When Lin Xing Xue was rubbing Xiao Tian's lips with her left thumb, Xiao Tian bit her thumb gently before putting her thumb on his mouth and licking her thumb with his tongue skillfully.

As Xiao Tian was licking her thumb, Lin Xing Xue looked at him intently. She was stunned when Xiao Tian licked her thumb, making her forget to pull out her thumb of Xiao Tian's mouth.

Shi Fei, on the other hand, only looked at Xiao Tian sucking Lin Xing Xue's thumb for two seconds before ignoring it and leaning her head on Xiao Tian's right shoulder.

Shi Fei didn't care what Xiao Tian was doing to Lin Xing Xue. She only leaned her head on his shoulders and closed her eyes.

As Xiao Tian was licking Lin Xing Xue's thumb, he locked his eyes into her eyes as if he wanted to devour her wholly.

Lin Xing Xue's face turned red when she could feel Xiao Tian's tongue, licking and sucking her thumb skillfully. She could feel her thumb wet with his saliva, and some of his salivae even dripped into her palm.

Lin Xing Xue then came to her senses and pulled out her thumb out of Xiao Tian's mouth. "Bad boy! You look like a horny young man just now. You're a famous person now, so you have to maintain your good image."

"Well, it's because you are beauti" before Xiao Tian had finished his words, he was interrupted by Lin Xing Xue

"Beautiful, right? That's why you want to tease me and can't maintain your good image. Am I right or wrong?" Lin Xing Xue knew what excuse Xiao Tian wanted to say. That was why she immediately said it before Xiao Tian could finish his words.

The corner of Xiao Tian's lips twitched after hearing Lin Xing Xue's words. He didn't expect that Lin Xing Xue knew the words that he wanted to say. "Little Xue, how do you know that?"

"Of course, I know," Lin Xing Xue replied.

"Don't tell me you can read my mind?" Xiao Tian said jokingly and pretended that Lin Xing Xue was able to read his mind. "Little Xue, because you can read my mind, you know how big my love for you, right?"

"I know. Your love is as big as lake and as high as a mountain, right?" Lin Xing Xue giggled while covering her mouth. She didn't expect that she could tease him using his words.

There was a black line on Xiao Tian's face after hearing Lin Xing Xue's words. He had no idea that Lin Xing Xue would say the words that he had told her in the past.

"So, you dare to tease me, huh. I will punish you for teasing me. Take this, take this" Xiao Tian laughed while tickling Lin Xing Xue with his left hand.

"Hahaha. Tian stops it. Haha," Lin Xing Xue tried to stop him from tickling her.

"I don't want to" Xiao Tian ignored her words and continued tickling her.

"Tian, stop it, or my stomach will hurt from laughing" Lin Xing Xue grabbed Xiao Tian's hands so that he could no longer tickle her waist.

"Fine. I won't tickle you anymore, but" Xiao Tian spoked and paused for two seconds before he continued, "You have to kiss my left cheek."

"Mmmmuuacchhh," Lin Xing Xue touched his left cheek with her index and middle fingers and pretended as if her fingers were her lips.

"Little Xue, it's your fingers, not your lips," Xiao Tian complained when he didn't get what he wanted.

"But, you didn't tell me to kiss you with my lips, right? You only said to kiss your left cheek. Just think my fingers as my lips" Lin Xing Xue gave him an excuse

"Bad Lady!" Xiao Tian pinched her nose gently and smiled softly.

"I'm indeed a bad lady. Hehe" after saying that a beautiful smile appeared on her face.
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