Illicit Relationship Chapter 109

106 Dont Do Something Stupid Again

After finish interviewing Xiao Tian, Jian Yin and Dan Hui bid goodbye.

Lin Xing Xue, Shi Fei, Ye Qingyu, Ye Xueyin, and Yun Xin Er immediately walked toward Xiao Tian when they saw him coming out of the shop.

They asked him many things, but because Xiao Tian wasn't in the condition to answer their questions, Xiao Tian only smiled and told them to ask in another time.

Lin Xing Xue and Shi Fei stopped asking questions after seeing his expression. They had no idea why Xiao Tian wasn't happy after being interviewed by a well-known magazine. He should be pleased because when the magazine about him is released, he will become a famous person, and it's good for his company too. But Xiao Tian seemed upset as if he preferred not to be interviewed by the popular magazine.

Many young people dream of being interviewed by Young Talented Person magazine because if they are interviewed by Young Talented Person magazine, it's proof that other people recognize them as a young and successful people.

Yun Xin Er was more or less grasped the reason why Xiao Tian wasn't happy after being interviewed by the famous magazine because she was curious about it too. However, she could still hold herself back because she knew, the moment she asks about it to him, their relationship will go bad. That was why she only gazed at him and not say a single word.

Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin, who saw Xiao Tian's expression, were clenching their fists and gritting their teeth.

With a smile on their faces, Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin changed the topic, intending to make Xiao Tian's mood become better.


Somewhere inside the car.

"He won't spread a bad rumor, right?" Jian Yin had a worried face. She was afraid that Xiao Tian would spread a bad rumor about her or the company she worked for.

"Don't worry. I think Xiao Tian won't spread a bad rumor about you or the company" Dan Hui tried to help his co-worker calm herself. "Even though he was annoyed by your questions, but you stopped asking more questions after he asked you to stop."

"Well, it's because.....how should I put it into words. Ah! Terrifying. Yes, it's terrifying. Even though his smile was bright like the sun, but the moment I saw his smile, I felt as if I would regret it later if I ask him more questions about his past life or Xiao family," Jian Yin explained.

"Forget about it. There is still one more person that we need to interview before going home," Dan Hui said while checking the quality of the recordings and photos he took when they interviewed Xiao Tian.

"Oh! Do you mean Zhao Sheng?" Jian Yin inquired

"Yes. That's right" Dan Hui replied as he nodded his head

"Isn't Zhao family a martial art family? Why did Zhao Sheng become a businessman?" Jian Yin wanted to know why the heir of the Zhao family became a businessman.

Zhao family was well-known family in China because their martial art was one of the best martial art in the whole of China. Even the government requested the Zhao family to teach their martial art to China's military.

For this reason, many families in China have to think twice if they want to make trouble with the Zhao family. Even prominent families like Li and Xiao families need to give some face to them when they have some problems with the Zhao family.

It's not like Li and Xiao's families are afraid of the Zhao family. But if Li or Xiao's families go to war with the Zhao family, even though they might win the war, they will pay a massive price for it because not only is Zhao family martial art top-notch, but they have many connections in the government.

"I also don't know anything about it" Dan Hui was also curious about it.

The whole of China knew that Zhao Sheng is a genius in martial art. He is a genius that appears once every 500 hundred years.

Every time Zhao Sheng's father taught him martial arts, he could master it in no time. He even perfected some of their family's martial arts movements. Zhao's family was happy when they found out that Zhao Sheng was very gifted in martial arts. Zhao's family even made a party for Zhao Sheng, intending to tell everyone that the Zhao family has genius in martial arts.

For this reason, Zhao Sheng's father was furious when he told his father that he desired to become a businessman a year ago. His father even beat Zhao Sheng until he couldn't leave the bed for three weeks.

His father didn't want him to become a businessman because he thought a businessman is useless for their family.

They get money from teaching their family martial art, and the government also pays them handsomely for teaching their martial art to some of the military people.

"Jian, don't do something stupid again because the Zhao family is not an ordinary family." Dan Hui gave his co-worker a warning.

Even though he knew that the reason Jian Yin asked many questions to Xiao Tian regarding his past life was due to their manager's order, he thought it was better to disregard their manager's order rather than upsetting the Zhao family.

Dan Hui believed, for the Zhao family, their manager was a small person because even though the company they work for doesn't belong to the Zhao family, the Zhao family can still get their manager fired by only using their connections. Zhao's family could even make their manager unable to get another job forever

"I understand" Jian Yin also didn't intend to annoy Zhao Sheng when they meet later. Actually, she was afraid to meet Zhao Sheng because of his family.

Rumor said that the Zhao family's house was guarded by martial art masters in shadow, and they could kill you without you realizing it.

I hope I can get home in one piece. Jian Yin thought to herself.
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