Illicit Relationship Chapter 108

105 Our Boss Will Be Famous

'Young talented people' magazine was very famous in China. It was a weekly magazine specializing in a successful young people in China.

Ye Qingyu, Ye Xueyin, Shi Fei, and Lin Xing Xue were surprised after hearing Jiang Yin's words. At the same time, Yun Xin Er acted normally, because she knew journalists from magazine companies or TV stations would come to interview him. However, she just didn't expect that it would happen so quickly.

Xiao Tian, on the other hand, only smiled and looked at Jian Yin and Dan Hui.

Jian Yin and Dan Hui were shocked when they saw Xiao Tian's calm expression. It was the first time for them to see someone still having a calm mind after knowing that they would appear in the popular magazine.

Jian Yin had interviewed many people in the past three years. Even though they had tried their best to hide their excitement, Jian Yin could still know that they were thrilled when she was going to interview them.

But Jian Yin was unable to see the excitement on Xiao Tian's face. Xiao Tian was able to maintain his good image as if he was born to become a successful person.

'This young man is different from the other people I've interviewed so far. Not only young, successful, but he is also good-looking. How can such a perfect person exist in this world.'

Jian Yin's mind was running wild, and she was unable to turn her gaze from Xiao Tian's charming smile.

Jian Yin came to her senses after Dan Hui patted her shoulders.

"Sure," Xiao Tian answered.

After saying that, Xiao Tian, Dan Hui, and Jian Yin entered the shop.

'My son will be famous soon.'

Ye Xueyin covered her mouth, and tears suddenly appeared in her eyes. She was pleased because soon her son will be a well-known young man, and it would have a positive impact on his business.

'I didn't expect that popular magazine like 'Young Talented people' want to interview him. Look like other people have recognized him as a successful young man. I thought he was joking when he told me that he would become a successful person, but it turns out that he didn't lie. His company even snowballs in a short time. Tian, aunt hopes you will not change after you become a renowned businessman.'

Ye Qingyu's face broke into a soft smile when she saw Xiao Tian, Dan Hui and Jian Yin entered the shop.

"Xue, our boss will be famous soon," Shi Fei said to Lin Xing Xue abruptly. "It will be good for the company."

"Yes," Lin Xing Xue nodded her head.

Lin Xing Xue was delighted because soon Xiao Tian would become a renowned businessman, but at the same time, she was also worried. She was afraid that Xiao Tian would change after he becomes a well-known person, or he would forget her.

Usually, people who become famous suddenly change. That's why Lin Xing Xue was worried.

While Lin Xing Xue had a complicated feeling, Shi Fei, on the other hand, didn't have such a feeling like that.

As I thought, little brother is different from other men. Well done, Fei. Well done. You made the right decision to become his mistress. Now you only need to raise your status. Shi Fei thought to herself.

After Xiao Tian, Dan Hui, and Jian Yin prepared everything; they began interviewing Xiao Tian.

At first, the interview went smoothly until suddenly Jian Yin asked something that Xiao Tian's hate the most.

"Mr. Xiao Tian. Why do you have 'Xiao' as a surname? What is your relationship with the big Xiao family?" Jian Yin was startled when she knew that the person she was going to interview has 'Xiao' as his family name.

Her manager also ordered her to ask it to him. Her manager wanted to know whether Xiao Tian was a child that got thrown out from the Xiao family sixteen years ago or not. If Xiao Tian was that child, her manager commanded her to ask about the accident sixteen years ago or the reason why Xiao Tian was expelled from the Xiao family.

Xiao Tian clenched his fist after hearing Jian Yin's words. First, it was Li Wen, and now they also wanted to know about his family. Xiao Tian was annoyed by her question, but he has to keep his cool because if he has a problem with a famous magazine, it will be bad for his company.

Xiao Tian only desired to have a happy life with his mother and aunt, but there were always people who want to ruin his peaceful life.

Xiao Tian drew a deep breath and exhaled it as slowly as he could as if steeling himself for something dangerous. And after calming himself, he smiled and answered, "Miss Jian. What are you talking about? I don't have a relationship with that big Xiao family. We only have the same surname. There are many Xiao families in Shanghai, right?"

"There are indeed many Xiao family in China, but in Shanghai, there is only one Xiao family," Jian Yin replied.

'What? So, this is the reason for the audiences' uproar when I revealed my name at the piano competition. How could there be only one Xiao family? Is this the Xiao family's doing?'

Xiao Tian didn't expect that there was only one Xiao family in shanghai. He thought there were many Xiao family in Shanghai.

"What? Mr. Xiao Tian doesn't know about it?" Jian Yin and Dan Hui asked at the same time. They were shocked after understanding that Xiao Tian didn't know that there was only one Xiao family in Shanghai.

They remembered that Xiao Tian was a student at Sky university, and he was also lived in Shanghai, so they thought it was weird not to know about it.

"Miss Jian, let's stop talking about the Xiao family or my past life. Isn't the main purpose of this interview about my business? Why do you want to know about my past life?" Xiao Tian didn't want to continue talking about the Xiao family or his past life.

Xiao Tian knew that it could lead to something that he detests the most. That was why he wanted to end the conversation about a past life or Xiao family.

"Mr. Xiao Tian, we also need this information for the magazine. We need to write about yourself, too, not only your business." Jian Yin still wished that she could gain some information regarding why Xiao Tian has Xiao as a family name.

"Miss Jian. Let's stop discussing Xiao family or my past life," Xiao Tian said with a smile on his face. But there was a scary aura around him even though he was smiling.

"Mr. Xiao Tian, one more question. Why did Mrs. Ye Xuey---" Jian Yin wanted to ask him one more question. If Xiao Tian answers the question, she would know a little about what had happened in the Xiao family sixteen years ago.

If it turns out that Xiao Tian is from the Xiao family, with her writing skills, she could make the magazine about Xiao Tian become a big hit. She was sure if that happened, she would get a promotion and some big bonus.

But it seemed her wish wouldn't come true because once again, she was interrupted by Xiao Tian.

"Miss Jian, let's focus on talking about my carrier or.." Xiao Tian stopped talking for two seconds before continuing, "you want to lose your current job."

Xiao Tian suddenly not interested in being interviewed after knowing their primary purpose was not his business but his past life or why he has Xiao as a surname.

"Ah! I'm sorry. I won't ask about it again," Jian Yin had no choice but to stopped questioning his past life.

She didn't want Xiao Tian to spread a bad rumor about her or the company where she works. Not only can she get fired, but if the company gets a bad reputation because of her, she didn't know what the company will do to her.

Jian Yin decided to interview Xiao Tian about his business. After several minutes, they finished interviewing Xiao Tian.
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