Illicit Relationship Chapter 101

98 Are You Tired?

After they finished taking a picture of Shi Fei and Lin Xing Xue, Lin Xing Xue immediately went home because she had something to do.

At that time, Xiao Tian was happy because he managed to take a picture with Lin Xing Xue and Shi Fei several times.

Xiao Tian immediately headed to his office room to continue working while Shi Fei headed to her office to edit the picture so that it could be used as an advertisement.

Time went by quickly, and it was already 07:00 pm. Xiao Tian immediately headed to Shi Fei's office to tell her that she should go home because he didn't want her to work overtime.


Xiao Tian was knocking on door.

"Come in," Shi Fei knew that the one who knocked on the door was Xiao Tian because usually, he was the last one that leaves the company.

After opening the door, Xiao Tian walked closer to Shi Fei and said, "Why are you still working?" for visiting.

"Oh! I just finished my work. Little brother, check it" Shi Fei showed Xiao Tian the ad she just made.

After seeing the ad, Xiao Tian nodded his head in satisfaction. He had no idea that Shi Fei could make a fantastic ad in a day.

"How is it, Little brother?" Shi Fei asked for Xiao Tian's opinion.

"Excellent" Xiao Tian stated the truth.

"Little brother, because I did such an amazing work, you should reward me?" Shi Fei grabbed Xiao Tian's left hand and looked into his eyes.

At that time, they were the only one who still in the company because the other employees had returned to their homes.

Using his right hand, Xiao Tian touched Shi Fei chin and said, "Yes, you did an excellent job. So, what do you want?"

Upon hearing Xiao Tian's words, Shi Fei raised her skirt to her waist and sat on the workbench. After spreading her legs and sliding her white thong to the other side, Shi spread her pussy widely, allowing Xiao Tian to see her beautiful pussy.

"SEX" Shi Fei answered

"What a horny girl" Xiao Tian rubbed Shi Fei's pussy with his right hand.

"Ahhhh... Yes, I'm a horny lady who wants my boss's cock to penetrate my horny pussy and cum inside my pussy" Shi Fei didn't hide what she wanted and stated the truth to Xiao Tian.

After pulling down his pants to his feet and placing his cock on Shi Fei's entrance pussy, Xiao Tian rubbed his cock on Shi Fei's pussy to make his cock erect faster.

"Ahh. Little brother's cock is rubbing in my pussy" Shi Fei moved her hips forward and backwards to make Xiao Tian's cock erect faster.

After rubbing his cock on Shi Fei's pussy several times, Xiao Tian cock was fully erect, ready to penetrate Shi Fei's pussy.

Upon seeing Shi Fei's wet pussy, Xiao Tian didn't intend to do a warm-up and thrust his cock on Shi Fei's pussy.

"Ahhh." Because there was no one else besides them in the company, Shi Fei moaned loudly.

And then multiple moans echoed on Shi Fei's office room.


After Xiao Tian had quick sex with Shi Fei, he went straight home


Xiao Tian opened the door. He immediately headed to the living room to take a relax on the sofa.

However, when he was in the living room, he saw his aunt watching TV alone. After sitting next to his aunt, Xiao Tian kissed his aunt's cheeks. "I'm home, aunt."

"Welcome home, Tian" Ye Qingyu said as she smiled.

"Aunt, where is mother?" usually, her aunt always watches TV with his mother, but because he didn't see his mother, he wanted to know where his mother was.

"Big sister went to the supermarket to buy groceries" when Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin were about to make dinner, they suddenly saw that many groceries had already been used up.

At first, Ye Qingyu was the one who wanted to buy groceries, not her big sister, but her big sister said that she wanted to buy something too, that's why her sister was the one who went to buy groceries

Because Xiao Tian was tired from working hard all day, so he placed his head on his aunt's lap and straightened his legs.

Ye Qingyu immediately looked at her nephew after her nephew put his head on her lap. Using her right hand, she rubbed her nephew's hair and said, "Are you tired?"

"Un. I'm tired," Xiao Tian replied.

"If you're tired, you can sleep on aunt's lap," Ye Qingyu could see that her nephew was tired. She could see it on her nephew's face. She kept stroking her nephew's hair. She remembered that when her nephew was a child, he liked it when she stroked his hair.

Using his hands, Xiao Tian pulled his aunt's face toward him, intending to kiss his aunt's lips. His aunt showed no reaction of rejecting when he was pulling his aunt's face to him.

Ye Qingyu knew what her nephew was about to do but did nothing and only looked into her nephew's eyes.

Slowly, her face was coming closer to her nephew's face before finally, their lips met.

When her lips were touching her nephew's lips, Ye Qingyu closed her eyes.

Xiao Tian only kissed his aunt for three seconds because he knew that if he kisses his aunt longer, his aunt's back will be hurt.

After kissing his aunt's lips, Xiao Tian's face broke into a soft smile. "Aunt, I love you."

Upon seeing her nephew's beautiful smile, a soft smile spread across her face. "I love you too, Tian."

Xiao Tian then wrapped his hands around his aunt's waist and pressed his head on his aunt's stomach. At that time, he didn't have dirty thoughts. He only wanted to feel his aunt's body, nothing more than that.

Ye Qingyu rubbed her nephew's hair again when her nephew was wrapping his hands around her waist.

Not long after that, Xiao Tian fell asleep on his aunt's lap.

Not long after that, Ye Xueyin returned home. When she was in the living room, she saw her son sleeping on her little sister's lap.

Ye Xueyin walked closer to her son and kissed her son's hair.

"Qingyu, I will cook for dinner now. You don't need to help me." Ye Xueyin didn't want to wake her son, so she told her little sister that she would be the one who cooks for dinner.

"Alright," Ye Qingyu said in a low voice, afraid that she would wake her nephew.
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